This Cuticle Balm Will Soothe Your Dry, Cracked Fingers in No Time

Updated: Mar. 29, 2023

It's the best, mess-free way to keep fingers hydrated throughout the seasons.

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As more people become their own manicurists and bring the salon experience home, it’s important to remember that cuticle care is crucial. Nail polish remover, gel removal and even the weather can start to take a toll on your hands after a while, causing cuticles to crack and bleed. It’s painful, whether you’re experimenting with gel polish or forgetting to wear gloves in the winter.

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up the manicures. If you want something a little stronger than a regular hand cream, bring life back into your fingers with the Olive & June cuticle balm.

What is cuticle balm?

When the skin around your nail beds gets dry, it can lead to painful hangnails, cuts and an overall unsightly look. Plus, it takes away from your cute, spring manicure. Dryness can also occur if you wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer multiple times a day or spend a lot of time outside. Like any other part of your body, your hands need hydration and the cuticle balm delivers.

Cuticle balm is essentially a lip balm for your nails. It hydrates your cuticles without the slipperiness of lotion or cuticle oil. Olive & June packaged the balm into a deodorant-like stick, making it convenient, portable and functional for everyday use. Although liquid cuticle oils, like the Cuccio Naturale oil, work great, a cuticle balm also prevents risk of spills.

Sunflower and meadowfoam seed oils are the two key ingredients in the balm’s moisturizing formula. The product is also vegan and cruelty-free for those that prefer natural beauty brands. Not a fan of scented lotions? There aren’t any strong fragrances here.

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How to use Olive & June cuticle balm

According to the brand, the best time to apply cuticle balm is before bed. That way, fuzz and dirt don’t cling to your skin when you leave the house. The stick application makes it easy to apply and keep handy on your nightstand for the next use. But you can also leave it in your car (as long as it doesn’t melt) or in your office drawer for cuticle emergencies. You’ll be amazed how quickly it becomes your best beauty secret.

If your cuticles are starting to develop dry, cracked skin, it means they’re calling out for moisture. Apply the cuticle balm around your nail beds and massage the product into dry skin. If your cuticles are extremely dry, it’ll likely take a few uses before you see quality results. However, most reviewers said they saw results in a matter of days.

Because dry skin hardly ever appears in one place, the balm is also safe to use in other areas. Sweep some product on dry knuckles, elbows or even knees to add some hydration. One user even found that it worked as a lip balm when she was in a pinch. 

Take the balm on the go, stowing it in your makeup bag or purse. You can even swipe it on before your next Russian manicure appointment as a precautionary step. Hydrated cuticles may even help your manicure last longer.

The best user reviews

Have you started doing manicures at home? Check out these five-star reviews that seal the deal on the cuticle balm’s benefits.

“I have very dry skin and my cuticles suffer,” writes verified buyer, Kylie B. “This cuticle balm has been amazing at making them soft.”

In the winter, verified reviewer, Elizabeth’s, nails and cuticles painfully dry out with the cold weather. “This is the best medicine for my cuticles!” she raves. “I have only used it for a few days…it’s already working wonders! Highly recommend”

Five-star reviewer, Sara A., struggles with dry cuticles because of the climate in her area. “A recent salon manicure left my cuticles ragged and inflamed,” she says. “Two weeks of cuticle balm applied nightly and my cuticles are hydrated and look like the after pictures. Amazing!”

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The cuticle balm is a nail care necessity. Add it to your nighttime (or anytime) routine for $16 from the Olive & June website

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