Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Travel Without a Heat-Protecting Makeup Bag

Updated: Mar. 15, 2023

Warming up under the summer sun is great for you, but disastrous for your makeup. Skip the meltdown this summer with this clever makeup bag. 

Too much sun isn’t a great thing, especially for your makeup. If your toiletry bag isn’t protecting its contents from the blazing heat while you travel, it’s time you tried the OTM makeup bagIt’s the first makeup organizer to keep its interior at room temperature, regardless of outdoor conditions.

Whether you want to tote the bag to the pool for touch-ups or need a place to store your phone at the beach, the OTM makeup bag collection is the chicest way to do so. Available in three sizes, the bags fit perfectly inside a carry-on or underseat luggage. They easily earn a spot on our list of travel essentials

What’s special about the OTM makeup bag? 

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The OTM makeup bag collection is a must-have for frequent travelers and makeup lovers. There are three styles to choose from in two different colors to match your needs and aesthetic. Inspired by jet-set glamour, the bags are the perfect match to most luggage sets

The best feature in the OTM collection is the Pristinium lining. The patented technology is heat resistant and protects the bag’s contents from overheating. Even while lounging poolside with your makeup bag in tow, everything inside is maintained at a safe temperature.  

The Cannes bag is the largest size with a bucket build, double zipper closure and gold chain hardware. The Monaco is a traditional toiletry bag shape with two inner pockets. The St. Tropez is the petite size, perfect for makeup brushes or just the essentials. All are available in chic black or champagne shades.  

For an extra-opulent touch, each bag is constructed using vegan saffiano leather. Luxury designers often use saffiano leather, which is leather that’s been stamped and waxed for a scratch-resistant, durable finish. It’s easy to clean and the vegan aspect of OTM’s collection is better for you and the planet. The design is then finished with gold hardware for a truly luxe look. 

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How to use the OTM makeup bag 

A lot of thought and time goes into curating the perfect collection of travel makeup. Adhering to liquid limits, luggage space and outfit choices can make the selection exclusive and expensive. The last thing you want is to discover your makeup has melted or broken halfway through a vacation.

Each OTM bag is optimized for space and convenience. Whether you choose the spacious Monaco or the petite St. Tropez, there’s no risk of damaged makeup. Load your bag of choice with your favorite foundations, mascaras and lipsticks. Or use the bags to house skin care, sunscreen or other items that need to be temperature regulated.  

When some makeup or skin care overheats, it can go bad or separate making it utterly useless. By keeping facial valuables tucked in the OTM makeup bag, you can spend less money replacing makeup and more on your next luxurious vacation



  • Heat-resistant lining maintains the interior’s temperature even when under the sun 
  • Available in three styles and two colors 
  • Reduces the risk of damaged makeup on vacation 
  • Can also hold other items like your phone, medicine or heat-sensitive belongings


  • Pretty pricey for a makeup bag, but its unique elements make it better than traditional makeup bags 
  • Stains on vegan leather can be tough to clean 

Where to buy an OTM makeup bag 

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Heading on vacation soon or just want to protect your makeup in a chic case? Shop the OTM makeup bag collection on the brand’s website with prices ranging from $90 to $249. Your makeup has never been cooler!

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