Here’s How Much Money Princess Diana Reportedly Got from Her Divorce to Prince Charles

Diana lost a lot when her time as a royal came to an end, but she did come out with a MUCH fuller bank account.

PRINCESS DIANATim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

When a royal marriage crashes and burns, it’s clear that being a princess doesn’t necessarily mean a fairy tale ending. Even Princess Diana and Prince Charles had to go through the same tough, tedious legal hurdles as any other couple going through a divorce. The only difference is, the stakes are higher when you’re dealing with the heir to the British throne.

Diana and Charles announced their separation in 1992, 11 years after tying the knot, but it took another four years to reach an agreement for the divorce settlement. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly wouldn’t have minded Diana retaining her title of Her Royal Highness, but Charles insisted she drop it when the marriage came to an official end. Without it, Diana would need to curtsey to anyone in the royal family—technically even her sons, William and Harry. These are 9 more things Princess Diana lost after her divorce—and what she actually got to keep.

Despite the smack in the face of losing her royal title, Diana did have something to gain: a whole lot of money. Her lawyer and Buckingham Palace announced that she’d be getting the cash in one lump sum instead of having Charles pay ongoing alimony, and the amount was nothing short of staggering.

Neither side ever officially disclosed the details, but London newspapers leaked that she’d reportedly received $22.5 million, plus another $600,000 salary to pay for her private office. Of course, when you have the net worth of the royal family, that’s just a drop in the bucket. Next, find out the 10 conspiracy theories that still surround Princess Diana’s death.

Marissa Laliberte
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