Quince Luggage Review: I Tested This Suitcase Bundle for the Ultimate Travel Duo

Updated: May 09, 2024

For this in-depth Quince luggage review, I tested two hard-shell suitcases on a back-to-back five-day cruise and five-day road trip.

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My trusty carry-on luggage has accompanied me on countless trips—from two nights to two weeks—on planes, trains, buses and road trips. While I am most certainly an overpacker, I have mastered the art of fitting everything I need into one carry-on and one backpack. But when I made plans to embark on a five-day cruise to the Bahamas immediately followed up with a five-day road trip with friends across the mid-west, I knew I needed a bigger bag (or two). That’s where the Quince hard-shell suitcase bundle came in.

A 10-day trip may not sound long enough to warrant two suitcases, but I needed enough outfits for daytime and dinners in hot, tropical weather, the cold of springtime in Chicago and sweater weather in Nashville. I was ready for a luggage upgrade, and in my Quince luggage review, you’ll see why I can’t imagine bringing any other luggage on my next travel adventure.

What is Quince luggage?

Quince is a company built on the promise of delivering luxury-quality essentials without steep luxury price tags. The brand prides itself on its core values of sustainability, transparency and accountability. Quince’s affordable prices are possible because the brand doesn’t rely on a traditional supply chain and products ship straight from factories to customers’ homes. It carries a wide range of items, from home decor to clothing, that includes an impressive array of hard-shell luggage, travel accessories and travel bags.

Quince’s luggage has a reputation for being lightweight, spacious and easy to maneuver with a well-designed interior—a combination that should make for a smooth, easy travel day. The brand’s selection of suitcases has also earned a lot of attention for how similar it looks to more expensive pieces from Away, another well-known luggage brand.

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I Tried It

Quince Carry-On and Check-In Luggage

Available in four travel-ready colors, this luggage set is lightweight, yet durable.

Quince luggage features

Quince’s luggage is sleek and chic and comes in four different sizes, all of which are made from durable polycarbonate.The brand carries 20-inch and 21-inch carry-on pieces and 24-inch and 27-inch check-in pieces, all of which come in several colors, like black, tan, blue and dark green. Quince makes both expandable and standard versions, as well as a carry-on with a front pocket.

Aside from size, a front pocket and the option for expansion, Quince’s luggage is consistent across the board in terms of materials, functionality and special features. Each piece is equipped with an internal compression system to help maximize the interior space, buttery smooth YKK zippers, 360-degree spinner wheels, a telescopic trolley handle, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved combination lock and a removable laundry bag to separate dirty laundry. The 21-inch carry-on has an 18-inch by 12.5-inch internal pocket for additional storage, and the check-in has a 24-inch by 17.5-inch internal pocket.

I opted to try out a two-piece bundle that included the 21-inch carry-on and 27-inch check-in, which felt like the ideal mix for my fast-paced trip in varying climates. Each piece came in its own dust bag and the small suitcase nested perfectly inside of the larger one. The hard-shell exterior felt durable, though I suspected it would get scuffed and scratched pretty quickly. It’s made from lightweight polycarbonate, and the interior lining is made from water-resistant polyester.

How I tested it

When testing Quince’s 21-inch carry-on and 27-inch check-in, I focused on three key areas: packing, transporting and durability and special features.


Quince Luggage Review Nina Derwin SseditNINA DERWIN FOR RD.COM

Packing for this trip was daunting because I was beginning my travels with a five-day cruise to the Bahamas that set sail from Miami before heading on a road trip of sorts from Chicago to Nashville via St. Louis. I knew I had to pack for a pretty broad assortment of climates, ranging from tropical beach weather to a chilly Chicago spring. I needed enough space to pack my favorite wool and cashmere sweaters right alongside my bikini and my warm socks next to my flip-flops. I ended up taking an electric mix of outfits, and even before I started putting my clothes into the suitcases I knew that I definitely overpacked.

As soon as I started packing, I realized that I didn’t have to stress about space in either bag. The internal compression system—which is a staple across all Quince luggage, regardless of size—makes it easy to pack and equally easy to stay organized. It seemed like no matter how much I tried to stuff into the carry-on, I never had any trouble zipping it closed. I didn’t use any of my go-to Amazon travel accessories, like packing cubes or shoe bags, because it simply wasn’t necessary.

Quince Luggage Review How I Tested It Nina Derwin Ssedit ANINA DERWIN FOR RD.COM

I had the same experience with the larger bag, except I probably should have used packing cubes. The check-in is so massive that it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it. Additionally, I did quite a bit of shopping on my trip, and even though the check-in suitcase wasn’t anywhere near stuffed to the brim, it was already nearing the airline’s 50-pound weight limit for checked luggage. If you tend to overpack like I do, just be mindful not to make it too heavy unless you don’t mind paying steep overweight baggage fees.

Transporting and durability

As soon as I started wheeling my bags around the airport, I noticed how easy they were to maneuver. I alternated between wheeling them beside me on all four wheels and pulling them behind me on just two, and both ways felt equally effortless. The wheels were super smooth, even on carpeted cruise ship floors, and the grip on the handle was surprisingly comfortable.

In the past I have noticed that even some suitcases with 360-degree wheels don’t swivel without a little finagling, but the Quince pieces rotated really nicely. When other members of my travel group opted for a luggage cart, I actually found it easier to wheel my luggage.

Though I checked the check-in bag and brought the carry-on during the first flight, I ended up being offered the opportunity to check the carry-on for free on my second flight. It fit perfectly in the overhead compartment and was easy to roll down the aisle, but it was nice to have my hands free while I waited for my flight.

Both bags had acquired minor scratches and scuffs by the time I picked them up from baggage claim, but that was to be expected. I’ve come to realize that this is one of the most noticeable differences between hard and soft luggage. Hard luggage immediately shows signs of wear and tear. Ultimately, I don’t mind the scuffs because all of my things were kept safe and remained organized inside my suitcases.

Special features

Quince Luggage Review Special Features Nina Derwin SseditNINA DERWIN FOR RD.COM

At first glance, Quince luggage appears to be very simple, without any frills. However, the pieces have a few noteworthy special features, especially for travelers who pack and repack frequently. The internal compression system is well-designed and invaluable, but I was particularly impressed by the water-resistant lining. A full bottle of sunscreen exploded in my bag—the result of my not closing it properly—and I was surprised by how easy it was to clean. Each suitcase also comes with a removable laundry bag that really came in handy.

I was also impressed by the smooth YKK zippers and easy-to-use TSA-approved combination lock. The luggage came with instructions for how to set it, and it took just a few seconds to choose my own combination. The zippers click right into the lock, so outside of the TSA, no airline personnel can get into the bags.

Quince Luggage Review Special Features Nina Derwin Ssedit ANINA DERWIN FOR RD.COM


  • Durable, hard polycarbonate shell
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Easy-to-use TSA-approved combination lock
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with removable laundry bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Interior compression system
  • Water-resistant lining
  • Smooth YKK zippers
  • Small suitcase fits inside large suitcase for storing



What is Quince luggage made of?

Quince luggage is made from lightweight, yet durable, hard polycarbonate. The interior lining is made from water-resistant polyester, and it has dependable YKK zippers. The telescoping handle is constructed from aluminum and has a soft rubber grip.

How do I clean Quince luggage?

Quince recommends using a soft, damp cloth, warm water and mild soap to remove dirt or stains. Each piece of Quince luggage also comes with an anti-scuff sponge designed to remove scuffs, which are inevitable during travel, especially for checked luggage. Be sure to avoid using hard sponges or harsh chemicals that can potentially damage the polycarbonate shell.

What other reviewers had to say

Other real-life reviewers are discovering the wonders of the affordable suitcases in their own Quince luggage reviews.

“This is a simple, lightweight little carry-on with a well-designed interior,” writes Quince reviewer Pamela A. about the 21-inch carry-on. “It accommodates a surprising amount of stuff and is so easy to maneuver through an airport (and to swing up into that overhead compartment). Perfect for my travel needs!”

Regarding the 27-inch check-in, reviewer Michelle B. writes,” I love this check-in suitcase. It is so big my husband and I do not need to bring two bags anymore. This one bag will fit everything for us both when we travel. The quality of this is excellent, and I cannot believe the price I paid for such great quality.”

Product comparison: Quince vs. Away luggage

Before I owned luggage from Quince, I was using a piece of carry-on luggage from Away paired with a travel backpack for shorter- to medium-length trips. Now that I have both brands of hard-shell luggage side by side, it’s impossible to ignore the similarities in how they look and function. Both brands use hard polycarbonate, have 360-degree spinner wheels and include an internal compression system that helps you fit more into the bag. The outer shells feel almost identical to the touch and, in my experience, are equally durable in terms of scratches and scuffs. You may even want to consider investing in a set of luggage tags, because it can be tricky to tell the two brands apart at baggage claim.

Both pieces perform well and make my travel days easier, as they’re both easy to maneuver. The carry-on fits easily into the overhead storage bins, and their compression systems are a great alternative to packing cubes. (I do, however, strongly recommend packing cubes and a travel jewelry case for the 27-inch Quince suitcase to help you stay organized.)

The most noteworthy difference between the two brands is that Quince luggage is more lightweight when empty than the equivalent model from Away. This is particularly important if you, like me, pack within an ounce of the airline’s weight limit. Quince luggage is also significantly more affordable than Away luggage. Quince’s smallest carry-on piece is $119.90 while the comparable model from Away is $275. Ultimately, Quince delivers a better value for the money, though both are among the best luggage brands on the market and excel in just about every other way.

Final verdict

After multiple flights, traveling by car, unpacking and repacking on a cruise ship and hauling them on and off luggage racks in three different hotel rooms, I found myself truly impressed by Quince’s luggage bundle. Both suitcases offered more than enough space, and their wheels glided effortlessly, even on stiff cruise ship carpets. The pieces are durable, yet super lightweight, and the zippers are impressively smooth.

If you tend to take shorter trips, definitely opt for the 21-inch carry-on because it holds more than you think it will. For longer trips or trips like mine with multiple climates, the 27-inch check-in is a smart solution. There are other sizes that may fit your needs better, too. Given the price, this duo is a no-brainer for anyone who has travel plans on the horizon. Ultimately, I love these two pieces and will take one or both on all my trips for the foreseeable future.

Where to buy Quince luggage

Quince Carry On And Check In LuggageVIA MERCHANT VIA MERCHANT

I Tried It

Quince Carry-On and Check-In Luggage

Affordability and quality are the names of the game with this luggage set.

The only place to buy Quince luggage is directly from the Quince website. The bundle that I tried includes the 21-inch carry-on and 27-inch check-in for $299.90. Quince luggage ranges in price from $119.90 for a 20-inch carry-on to $219.90 for a 27-inch expandable check-in when purchased individually, but you save roughly $20 by purchasing the two-piece luggage set. With both sizes on hand, you’ll always be prepared for a last-minute trip!