RD Book Club Members Are Obsessed With This Clever LED Reading Light—And So Is Our Editor

This reading light is exactly what you need when a book is too good to put down. 

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In a world that’s so attached to technology, one of life’s simplest pleasures is curling up with a good book. When the sun sets and the latest Colleen Hoover book is too hard to put down come bedtime, replace your phone’s harsh blue light or nightstand lamp with the Glocusent book light. It’s better than an average reading light for bed—and both Reader’s Digest Book Club members and our editor can attest to its glow. 

Reading is Deputy Editor Reina Galhea’s wind-down of choice. “I’m guilty of regularly falling asleep with my nose in a book,” she says, “and it’s a pain to have to get up to turn off the overhead light when I’m oh-so-cozy in bed.” She’s tried nightstand lamps before, but the bright light can be obtrusive to sleeping partners. “The Glocusent Neck Reading Light solved both of those problems with ease. It’s the best reading light for bed I’ve found—no competition.”

For bookworms, there’s always one more chapter to be read. And for those without an Amazon Kindle, trying to see in the dark can put a strain on your eyes. Whether you’re indulging in personal reading or keeping up with the RD Book Club, try this reading light for bed. 

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What is a reading light for bed? 

close up of a Book LightReina Galhea/RD.com

Reading is important, but using the wrong light at night can strain your eyes and make you groggy before you’ve even turned a page, so it’s more difficult to reap the benefits of reading. The Glocusent book light has three color options, including yellow, warm white and cool white, and three brightness levels. Its glow is strong enough to illuminate the page, no squinting required. 

This particular light wraps around the back of your neck like a neck pillow instead of clamping and creasing your book’s pages. There’s a brightness level switch as well as a color temperature switch, so you can achieve the perfect cozy bed atmosphere to dive into an anticipated read. The lamp also comes in eight colors to match all your favorite book covers. 

One of the lamp’s best features is that it charges with a USB Type-C cable, so there’s no need to chase down cheap batteries when you’re out of power. Plus, you can rely on up to 80 hours of light on the faintest setting and up to 12 hours on the brightest setting.  

And the neck light isn’t just useful for reading—it also shines a light on crafting projects, illuminates dark rooms, helps with under-sink maintenance and assists with late-night bathroom runs. Because it’s hands-free, the light acts as the ultimate helper, whether you’re crossing the kitchen or completing a stitch of embroidery.


  • Hands-free illumination
  • Rechargeable 
  • Up to 80 hours of light
  • More convenient than a book light clip 
  • Adjustable arms
  • Useful for much more than just reading
  • Beloved by Reader’s Digest Book Club members and editors
  • 91,000 Amazon ratings and a 4.7-star average


  • Partners who are light sleepers may still find the lowest setting too bright 
  • Might feel bulky or tiresome around your neck when worn for too long

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Why our editor loves it

“The Glocusent Neck Reading Light fixes the fatal flaw of every other book light I’ve used—instead of clipping awkwardly to your book and getting in the way of page turning, it sits around your neck like a scarf,” says Galhea. “I use the warm tone on the lowest setting—often with only one of the two lights on—and it’s plenty to illuminate my pages without disturbing my snoozing husband.”

Here’s how it compares in a pitch-black room:

Book Light on a bookReina Galhea/RD.com

If you’re the night owl in the relationship, the light won’t disturb your partner in bed. Another pro tip from Galhea: “When leaning against a pillow, wrap the light around your shoulder like a backpack strap so there’s no pressure from the light on the back of your neck. It stays perfectly in place thanks to those adjustable arms.”

Although the light promises up to 80 hours of power, Galhea has only had to charge it less than five times in the past two years. Yes, really!

Reader’s Digest Book Club members love it, too

Our editor isn’t the only one obsessed with the Glocusent book light. RD Book Club members—all of whom are avid readers themselves—can attest to the way it’s enhanced their reading experience.

I bought this last year on Amazon and love it! Best reading light I’ve ever had,” writes Tammy Wieland Nelson in a comment on an RD Book Club post. “Perfect gift for a reader!”

Jeanne Hilgert Hansen is a fan of the light’s rechargeability and multiple degrees of brightness. “I received one for Christmas,” Jeanne writes in an RD Book Club comment. “It was from my granddaughters who got it on Amazon. I absolutely love it.”

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Where to buy the reading light

Led Reading Light 2via merchant

Ready to finally revisit the pile of books from last year you’ve been meaning to get to? The Glocusent reading light is available on Amazon for under $25. Happy reading! 

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