This Is the Number One Safest Country to Solo Travel In

Updated: Dec. 11, 2023

Can you guess which country took the title of safest country for solo travelers?

Solo travel is as popular as ever. Whether as a digital nomad, a vacationer or a full-time traveler, the options and places to adventure as a solo traveler are endless. However, as enriching as solo travel can be, safety tends to be a top concern for travelers by themselves.

That’s where luggage storage company Bounce comes in. Through thorough analysis, the company has broken down the best countries for solo travelers to visit, including the safest ones for solo adventurers. While you’re at it, you can also explore these family-sized suitcases to cut baggage fees.

What is the safest country to solo travel in?

Young African female traveler attempting to find her way through the streets of urban Tokyo with a smartphoneAzmanL/Getty Images

According to Bounce’s analysis, Japan is the safest country for solo travelers. Thanks to an extraordinarily low crime rate, cities like Tokyo and Osaka allow solo travelers to feel “right at home,” Bounce writes.

Out of a safety index of 100, the country scores 76.9, meaning travelers can certainly expect to experience “peace of mind,” if they travel to Japan solo. Following Japan, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia are the next three safest countries to solo travel in.

What other countries are best for solo travelers?

Bounce’s analysis determines what countries are the overall best as well as the best in specific categories for solo travelers. For the overall best country to solo travel in, Croatia took the top spot. The country’s immaculate waters, gorgeous national parks, beaches and trails along with an array of outdoor activities, a plethora of restaurants and affordable accommodations all helped the nation clench the number one spot.

For solo travelers who can’t get enough of attractions, Bounce determines that Iceland is the way to go. The nation is home to innumerable stunning natural attractions like volcanoes, geysers and fjords, not to mention the country’s iconic Blue Lagoon.

If food is your traveling priority, Singapore takes the cake. The nation also has the highest temperatures year-round of the countries that Bounce analyzed for travelers who prefer toastier climates.

And, if affordability is the focus, Nepal and Sri Lanka have some of the most ideal options. Nepal came in as the country with, on average, the cheapest hostel stays, while Sri Lanka had the lowest average cost of public transit within the analysis.

What are the top countries overall for solo travelers?

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Bounce used a series of criteria to determine the best countries for solo travelers overall. First, online articles and lists were used to create an initial list of countries generally denoted as “good” for solo travelers. Then, factors of things to do, affordability, accommodations, safety and weather were taken into account. Each country was then scored out of ten based on the factors and sub-factors before an average was taken across the scores to receive the company’s “final overall solo travel index.”

This is the full list of the top 20 countries Bounce determined are the overall best for solo travelers:

  1. Croatia
  2. Malta
  3. Slovenia
  4. Portugal
  5. Iceland
  6. Greece
  7. Hungary
  8. Spain
  9. Singapore
  10. Israel
  11. Austria
  12. Italy
  13. Jordan
  14. Switzerland
  15. Sri Lanka
  16. Thailand
  17. Finland
  18. Australia
  19. Morocco
  20. Costa Rica

All in all, these countries certainly provide opportunities for solo travelers to have “one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of someone’s life,” as the company says. And before jet-setting off to any destination, take a look at the ultimate travel checklist that is a must-have for any trip.


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