5 Money-Saving Hacks to Save on All Your Streaming Services

Updated: Apr. 27, 2023

With the prices of Disney and Hulu on the rise, consider some of these tips to save money on all of your favorite streaming services.

In 2022, there are more streaming services offering more shows, movies, and content than ever before, and as inflation continues to rise, it should come as no surprise that the prices of these popular streamers are creeping up as well.

In December, a number of streaming services will see price increases, but that doesn’t mean your subscriptions have to break the bank. There are some practical tips for saving money on your streaming service subscriptions in the wake of these continually rising prices that help keep costs down while ensuring that you are never without something to watch.

What streaming services have seen price increases?

While some of the impending price increases are minimal, others are a bit more substantial and may prompt many people to re-evaluate continuing their subscriptions. Some of the most noteworthy price hikes from streaming services include:

  • December 1: Apple TV+ will increase from $4.99 to $6.99 per month.
  • December 3: Sling TV will increase the pricing on Blue and Orange plans from $40 to $55 per month.
  • December 8: Disney+ will increase from $8 per month to $11 per month for its ad-free plan.
  • December 8: Hulu + Live TV will increase from $76 per month to $83 per month.

These aren’t the first price hikes we’ve seen from these streaming providers and they certainly won’t be the last. There’s more competition between platforms due to the growing number of streaming services out there. Also, as a result of inflation, production costs are also on the rise. For other streaming services that aren’t currently implementing price increases, it’s not a matter of if they will happen, but when.

How to save on streaming services

While there’s no way to stop streaming prices from increasing, there are certain steps you can take to drive down your household’s monthly streaming service costs.

1. Say goodbye to live TV

If you cut the cord on cable TV only to sign up for a live TV subscription, it may be time to consider how often you’re watching live TV. The cheapest Sling TV plan is soon to be $55 per month, so unless you’ve got live TV streaming around the clock, it’s difficult to get your money’s worth. If you’re reluctant to surrender your local TV stations, you can always get an antenna for your television for a one-time fee.

2. Cancel your least-watched subscriptions

Think about which streamers you’re using the least. Chances are there’s at least one streaming service that you signed up for some years ago but barely watch anymore, whether it’s because you’ve finished enjoying the shows you love or because you no longer watch the shows you once did. Even canceling one subscription to a streaming service can save you hundreds over the course of a year.

3. Pause subscriptions temporarily

Some streaming services will give you the option to pause subscriptions when you aren’t using them. For example, Sling TV will allow you to pause your service for up to three months, which can save you quite a bit of cash, especially during the summer when you may be traveling and not watching as much content.

4. Opt for basic subscriptions

While ad-free viewing is nice, it’s not a necessity. Before streaming services ever existed, television always had commercial breaks. Choosing lower-cost basic plans, like Netflix with ads, can save you several dollars a month, and give you built-in snack or bathroom breaks while you’re watching.

5. Keep an eye out for free trials

With a few exceptions like Disney+, most of the popular streamers offer free trials at least a few times each year. If you strategically sign up for these trials, you can watch entire seasons or series in one fell swoop without ever having to pay for a subscription. If you decide to go this route, just remember to cancel your trial before you’re charged the monthly fee. Alternatively, some streaming platforms are absolutely free all the time. Check out some free streaming services to save money all year round.