You Shouldn’t Go Another Day Without These Editor-Loved, No-Tear Tights In Your Closet

Updated: Mar. 11, 2024

Had enough of runs in your stockings? Editor-approved Sheertex tights are here to save the day.

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Too often, tights turn into an annoying fashion problem. They’re either too thin to provide any real warmth or too fragile to last ten minutes outside the house. Leggings are more reliable, but not everyone is going for the athleisure look. How many pairs of tights does the average person go through each year? Ten? Twenty? Finally, there’s a solution for thin, snag-prone hosiery. Sheertex rip-resistant tights aren’t your average pantyhose—they’re practically indestructible.

According to the company, over two billion pairs of pantyhose are thrown away each year, which isn’t hard to believe. But thanks to the sheer strength of Sheertex tights, you’ll only need one pair for years to come.  

What are Sheertex tights? 

Stephanie Hope Sheertex Tights 3 Sheertex TightsStephanie Hope/

Sheertex tights, which come in a variety of patterns to fit anyone’s personal style and aesthetic, are virtually tear-proof. They’re perfect for everyday wear and completing a capsule wardrobe, and here’s why.  

Sheertex created a custom, super-strong knit fabric made from the same materials found in mountain climbing and sailing equipment. The fabric is so tough, it’s made to withstand the bumps and grinds of everyday life without so much as a single loose thread. No need to remove pilling—the fabric is that durable. Despite its toughness, the Sheertex knit is still thin enough to provide a classy, sheer look. 

Whether you want patterned semi-opaque tights, thigh-high socks or even sheer maternity tights, the brand has tons of rip-proof options. While the Classic Sheer is its most popular, you can also shop Sheertex tights in varying levels of opacity. Each style also has different levels of rip and run resistance, snag resistance and leg compression.



  • Proprietary fabric resists rips, runs and snags 
  • Most models feature a compression waistband 
  • Comes in sizes XS to 3XL 
  • Available in a variety of patterns and fits 
  • Saves money from constant hosiery purchases 
  • 90-day Rip Resist guarantee


  • More expensive than disposable tights, but Sheertex is incredibly long-lasting 

Why we love it 

Although paying up to $100 for a pair of tights may seem steep, the brand often has ongoing sales. Plus, the splurge pays for itself in just a few uses. You’ll be amazed at how much money is saved from otherwise buying multiple pairs of $10 disposable hosiery. With the extra money, consider buying a classic dress to complete the look. 

They don’t just last a long time, the tights are also designed to be comfortable and snug around the waist. Because the waistband and fabric are built with compressing components, you won’t need to layer shapewear under clothes. Reader’s Digest Executive Editor Megan Wood wears skirts year-round and can attest to the power of Sheertex. “After almost a full year of consistent wear and machine washes, Sheertex tights have stood the test of time,” she says. “They even hold up when my dog scratches my legs for attention.”  

The Classic Sheer Tights are a bestseller and for good reason, but every pair is versatile, strong and will never go out of style. On laundry day, set them to clean by throwing them in a machine-safe laundry bag. If you want to put them to the test, there’s even a 90-day Rip Resist Guarantee

Associate Editor Stephanie Hope is “seriously obsessed” with her Sheertex tights. “I have been wearing my Sheertex tights for well over a year and there isn’t even a single rip, tear or run in them,” she says. “I can pull them all the way up without worrying about tearing them with my nails. Not only are they essentially indestructible, but they provide the perfect opacity and keep everything tight and secure around my waist.”  

And even if you do manage to snag them, don’t fret—Sheertex’s 90-day Rip Resistant Guarantee is there to put your mind at ease. Tights damaged within 90 days of purchase can be replaced, completely free, to cut down on the amount of waste winding up in landfills. Talk about a good-for-you, good-for-the-earth policy.

But don’t just take our word for it! 

Stephanie Hope Sheertex Tights 2 JveditStephanie Hope/

It’s no wonder why thousands of people will never go back to using regular pantyhose. Just check out these raving Sheertex reviews. 

Maya K. loves her tights so much, she recommends them to her friends, too. “The pantyhose is comfortable, but the best feature is the waistband,” she writes in her five-star review. “I love that it’s like yoga pants: wide and slimming. It doesn’t pinch or bunch at the waist, creating a ‘muffin top’ or lump look under dresses.”  

“I will never buy other tights,” says reviewer Taylor Torres. “I have big thighs and even if I’m the most careful person in the world, regular tights break immediately and I just kind of dealt with it. Sheertex looks amazing and doesn’t rip when I’m putting them on…I’m obsessed!”  

Reviewer Jamila Rae Edwards has destroyed multiple pairs of stockings and tights with her stiletto nails. “Naturally, the first thing I did when I got my Sheertex was test them out on my nails. Problem solved! Very happy with this purchase,” she raves.  

Where to buy Sheertex tights 

Ready to break up with disposable hosiery for good? Head to Sheertex’s website to shop the full collection. Once you go Sheertex, you’ll never go back.