Sleep Number True Temp Blanket Review: I’ll Never Go Back to Regular Cooling Blankets

Whether it's sub-zero outside or in the middle of the dog days of summer, the Sleep Number True Temp Blanket keeps my body temperature perfectly balanced.

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I usually wake up multiple times at night, flinging off my lightweight comforters when I’m sweating or scrounging for more covers when it gets too cold. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly have the ideal bedtime setup for a hot or cold sleeper.

My bed doesn’t boast a luxury cooling mattress. My mattress is cheap memory foam that traps body heat and barely breathes. That’s why regular cooling blankets just won’t cut it for me—and I’ve tried at least half a dozen.

Imagine this light sleeper’s shock when I successfully slept through an entire night with zero interruptions—no pricey bed cooling systems necessary. My new fix for tossing and turning? The Sleep Number True Temp blanket.

What is the Sleep Number True Temp blanket?

Despite its cooling capabilities, the Sleep Number True Temp blanket isn’t a cooling blanket. Instead, Sleep Number calls it “temperature-balancing bedding.” Because of the light weight and ability to regulate body temperature, the Sleep Number True Temp is like the “Goldilocks” of blankets. It’s perfect for hot sleepers, cold sleepers and folks like me who flip-flop between the two.

Durable stitching—similar to that on weighted blankets—makes it a perfect choice for folks who prefer to machine wash their bedding. The sleek, satin-like material feels cozy and expensive. It looks elegant on my bed when paired with throw pillows, and I love that the comforter is available in five different colors.

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True Temp blanket features

Sleep Number’s True Temp blanket uses active-particle technology to regulate the bed’s temperature. Instead of “cooling” the body, the blanket actively relocates heat and humidity. Because of this, it’s ideal for balancing bed temperatures in both warm and cold seasons. Despite the lightweight feel, this distinction makes it more like a cooling weighted blanket than a traditional summertime cooling blanket.

Unlike the editor-reviewed Dangtop blanket that feels cool to the touch, the True Temp blanket continuously adapts to help keep your temperature just right throughout the night. Those who need extra cooling properties should consider pairing the blanket with other True Temp products like pillows, sheets and mattress covers.

How we tested it

I put the True Temp blanket to the test over the course of several nights. The first night, I used the blanket without altering my bedroom temperature—it ran about 73°F. That’s just hot enough to make me sweat under my usual down comforter.

At first, the shiny material reminded me of a sleeping bag. It was cool to the touch and I wasn’t sure whether I’d like the sleek, cold feel of it during the night. However, after settling into bed and allowing the blanket to adjust to my body temperature, I noticed that I didn’t feel hot or cold. Instead, I was perfectly centered between the two extremes. Even better, I slept through the night with zero instances of night sweats.

The second night, I used a cooling fan in tandem with the Sleep Number blanket to test out its temperature-balancing properties. Despite the relatively chilly 60°F temperature in my room, I slept comfortably. Again, I didn’t feel too hot or cold. The blanket retains heat without turning my bed into a sweaty mess.

After a few nights with the True Temp blanket, I was pleasantly surprised. The blanket delivered on its promise of balancing my body temperature in both warm and cool climates. As someone who likes to sleep with the feeling of a blanket draped over me, even in warm weather, I can’t emphasize how giddy I was that I stayed mostly sweat-free over the course of testing it.

The best part? I can use it during every season, so I don’t have to stuff it in a linen closet for half the year.


  • Active particles move heat away from the body
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Retains ample heat in cooler temps
  • Machine washable and dryer-friendly
  • Comes in both queen and king sizes
  • 300 thread count cover
  • Sleek satin feel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Labels help discern short and long sides of the bed
  • One-year warranty
  • 100-night trial
  • Free shipping


  • Some reviewers report pilling
  • Slippery fabric can slide around
  • Makes some noise during movement
  • May not sufficiently cool extremely hot sleepers

What other reviewers had to say

Rated 4.7 out of five stars on Sleep Number’s website, the True Temp blanket has thousands of five-star reviews. Like me, shoppers seem to enjoy the lightweight feel, temperature-regulating abilities and overall look of the blanket.

“When our True Temp Blanket arrived our first reaction was ‘Gee this is very light for a blanket’,” writes a verified purchaser. “It covered our split king well and has a nice soft look. The proof was in the using though. We find that it works as promised.

It is light and comfy AND provides great sleeping comfort and temperature control. It keeps us warm and comfy on cold nights as well as warmer nights (we live in Florida). I have an issue with night sweats and this combination of sheets and the True Temp blanket ensures that my previous issues are on a decrease.”

Product Comparison

While I enjoy cozying up under my True Temp blanket, it’s not the only product out there that helps hot sleepers. Those looking for a true cooling blanket may prefer the editor-tested Dangtop blanket. It’s a more lightweight option that’s cool to the touch for those who prefer snoozing under a chilly throw.

Both the Tommy Bahama blanket and Cozy Earth’s cooling blanket are also good options. The Tommy Bahama version offers more heft and a traditional cotton feel, whereas the Cozy Earth blanket is made with viscose from bamboo which gives it a soft, slippery texture.

While I love the lightweight feel of the True Temp blanket, there’s also a weighted blanket version for those who prefer more heft to their covers.

Final Verdict

As I mentioned earlier, the True Temp blanket isn’t a cut-and-dry cooling sleep product. Those who are expecting to feel like they’re sleeping in a polar vortex will be disappointed. However, those seeking a multi-season blanket that looks pretty, lasts years and feels expensive will love snuggling up underneath. It may not offer cooling properties, but the active particles do an outstanding job of keeping the night sweats (or shivers) at bay.

After trying out the Sleep Number True Temp comforter for several nights, I definitely see why it’s one of our readers’ favorite products. From the durable construction to the luxe feel, I’m head-over-heels for my True Temp comforter.

Where to buy the Sleep Number True Temp blanket

Sleep Number True Temp Blanketvia merchant

Available on Sleep Number’s website, the Sleep Number True Temp blanket rings up at a relatively modest $160. It’s also frequently on sale, currently 20% off for a savings of $32. Despite not being a traditional cooling product, I’ll choose the True Temp over a cooling blanket any day—it truly is the “Goldilocks” of bedding!

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