This Reusable Cloth and Water Are All You Need to Remove Tough Makeup

Still using makeup wipes in 2023? Meet the next best thing: The Original MakeUp Eraser.

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After a long day, removing makeup can seem like the most difficult task of all—and makeup wipes are often considered the easiest, quickest option. But all that rubbing and tugging on delicate skin only leads to premature wrinkles and rashes.

Plus, how many wipes does a person go through in a lifetime? Hundreds? Thousands? They aren’t the best for your skin or the environment. They’re not biodegradable or recyclable, so they end up clogging pipes and polluting natural water sources. It can take up to a century for one makeup wipe to break down. Do the planet and yourself an act of love and add The Original MakeUp Remover to your nighttime routine.

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What is the MakeUp Eraser? 

At first glance, The Original MakeUp Eraser looks like any other microfiber towel. But really, it’s so much more. It’s an ultra-soft cloth developed to remove even the toughest waterproof mascaras. The best part is there’s no cleansing balm or facial cleanser required. All you need to experience the erasing magic is warm water.  

Traditional bath towels and microfiber cloths don’t absorb makeup, they smear. Even the thinnest layers of makeup require more face wash and scrubbing while you’re still left with a raccoon ring of eye makeup and breakouts in the morning. The Original MakeUp Eraser is made of hypoallergenic, hair-like fibers that pull dirt and makeup out instead of smearing it in.

With over 26,000 ratings on Amazon and a 4.6-star average, the makeup remover cloth has easily become a staple in user’s skin care routines.

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How to use the MakeUp Eraser 

Before using the makeup eraser cloth, run it through a laundry cycle with other towels to activate the fibers. After it’s been washed, all you need to remove makeup is the cloth and water. It can be used as the first step in your makeup-removing routine or combined with cleansing balms or micellar water.

To start, wet a section of the cloth (about 3 inches for a full face) in warm water and wring out any excess. The warmer the water, the more effective the cloth. Using the fiber “eraser” side, take off makeup in circular motions the way you would with a makeup wipe. No need to use harsh pressure as the cloth will remove makeup in just a few gentle swipes.

Once surface-level makeup is wiped away, flip the cloth to its long fiber side to exfoliate. Use the same circular motions. Marvel at your clean face, then hang the cloth to dry. Remember not to leave the cloth wet and bunched, as that can attract unwanted bacteria.

After a few uses, the makeup eraser can either be washed by hand or thrown in the washing machine. It’s reusable and travel-friendly, making it a natural addition to a travel toiletry case or overnight bag.  

The best Amazon reviews 

Not convinced that all it takes is The Original MakeUp Eraser and water to remove a full face of products? Neither were these reviewers—at first. Here’s why they’ve officially ditched makeup wipes and other makeup removers for good.

“This is hands down the best thing I use for makeup remover,” says five-star reviewer Amber L. “It works great to take makeup off and not pull lashes out. I have sensitive skin and this has not broken me out at all.”

Verified reviewer Sally S. calls the MakeUp Eraser “amazingly effective,” writing:  “I don’t wear makeup all the time, often because I hate taking it off at night. I’m now wearing makeup more than ever because of how easily my MakeUp Eraser takes it off. When the cloth is wet enough, it’s so easy for me to get the makeup off that it almost seems to be melting off my face by magic…it’s almost spooky.”

Melayne L. Karnitz was unsatisfied with makeup wipes, washcloths and micellar water before discovering The Original MakeUp Eraser. “I feel like I am finally getting all the gunk off my face without scrubbing or drying soaps,” she writes. “My eczema is softer, and my breakouts have decreased. The little pimple I had the other day was gone after two days and didn’t transform into a monster, which would usually happen to me. The redness and dry skin have disappeared, too. I love this towel!”

Where to buy the MakeUp Eraser 

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Head to Amazon to discover The Original MakeUp Eraser for yourself in a variety of colors and patterns. You can also shop the cloth at Ulta, Nordstrom and through the brand’s website. The $20 price tag may seem a little steep, but when you remove disposable makeup wipes from your routine, the cloth pays for itself many times over.

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