4 Things You Should Never Ask Siri

Updated: May 09, 2024

It might be in your best interest not to discuss these topics with Siri.

All iPhone users know that Siri is like that personal assistant you always wished you had but could probably never afford. She’s always there for you, always listening and always ready to help on command. If Siri seems too good to be true, it’s because sometimes she is. As with anything, there are pros and cons, and in Siri’s case, the cons can be especially dangerous. While Siri may be a loyal and an always willing conversation partner, make sure to steer clear of these four topics. And if you want to make sure Siri isn’t listening to you, here’s how to turn off voice assistants.

What shouldn’t you ask Siri?

Don’t ask Siri about anything medical related

Any questions regarding symptoms, a possible diagnosis, or any remedies for potential conditions should be avoided as wrong information given by Siri could be hazardous. “Instead of taking Siri’s advice, seek a medical professional right away,” according to Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery. “Relying so much on Internet curated responses could only result in worsening the case as those answers do not always fall in the reliable and accurate side.”

You should especially never ask Siri to call an ambulance, even in the most sarcastic tone. Siri will not be able to pick up on a joke and will take the request seriously. “Less than a year ago, an ambulance and two police cars had shown up at my house and we had no idea why,” explained Andrew Cunningham, founder of DailyPest. “Until we confronted my 13-year-old daughter and her friend in her room giggling with their iPhones.”

It’s also important to note that saying certain numbers will trigger Siri such as the emergency number 911. This includes 999 in the United Kingdom, 108 in India, and 17 in many African countries. If you announce these numbers to Siri, she will not hesitate to call. This could get you in trouble if there isn’t actually an emergency. Don’t miss these other things in your home that could be spying on you.

Don’t ask Siri about any suspicious activity

Authorities have been known to tap into devices and record anything suspicious. Asking Siri questions such as how to hide a dead body or where to buy illegal drugs, will leave a digital footprint and can ultimately be used against you if you happen to get in trouble with the law later on. As reported by Business Insider, a man accused of murdering his roommate back in 2012 allegedly asked Siri where he could hide a dead body. His phone records show that he used Siri to help him locate the most ideal spot. His conversations with Siri were used against him in the trial. While most of us are not actually looking to hide a body and would probably only ask these questions in a joking manner, it’s best not to leave any sort of possibly incriminating evidence behind. Check out these creepy things your smartphone knows about you.

Don’t ask Siri if you can eat a certain plant

Definitely do not rely on Siri to help you to differentiate between plants and berries which may be poisonous as said by Cunningham. Without the help of a professional physically looking at or testing the plant, there isn’t a way to truly gauge an accurate response. If you’re questioning whether or not something is edible, it’s best just to avoid it for now.

Don’t ask Siri to perform any banking tasks

When it comes to serious banking tasks, leave Siri out of it. Siri is currently able to conduct very basic financial functions after the user allows Siri to connect with bank or credit apps. “The problem lies in voice assistants’ security vulnerabilities,” said Jim Pendergast, Senior VP of altLINE Sobanco. “These are still newer pieces of technology. Not to mention your voice can easily be recorded and captured by cybercriminals, then deployed on devices to fraudulently drain or transfer money from your accounts, all remotely. If your only major security layer is voice recognition, this doesn’t exactly bode well.”

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