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15 Inspiring Kamala Harris Quotes

Kamala Harris shattered the glass ceiling in becoming our country's first female vice president. But she knows she won't be the last.

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12 Famous Presidential ‘Quotes’ That Are Actually Completely Fake

No: George Washington never chopped down a cherry tree, and Lincoln did not make up his mind to be happy.

The Jackie Kennedy Painting Everyone in East Hampton Is Obsessed with This Summer

A portrait of former First Lady Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy at the tender age of 19 is at the center of...

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10 Jokes That Prove Barack Obama Is Maybe the Funniest President Ever

Being president of the United States requires a sense of humor. We celebrate the former Comedian-in-Chief’s birthday (on August 4)...

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11 Quotes from President John F. Kennedy That Will Make You Want to Be a Better Person

He was born nearly a century ago, but his words can still inspire us and move us to act.

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19 Times the President Was the Funniest Person In America

From Lincoln to Roosevelt and Reagan to Obama, every president has to play comedian-in-chief when duty calls.

8 Jimmy Carter Quotes That Will Make You Proud to be American

Jimmy Carter, the 39th U.S. president and 2002 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, turns 91 in October. Here's what...

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14 Abraham Lincoln Quotes That Are Truly Modern Rules to Live By

One hundred fifty years after his assassination, Abraham Lincoln remains one of America’s most influential presidents. These words of wisdom...

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13 Vintage Presidential Campaign Posters That Will Take You Back

In its new book, the Library of Congress celebrates the past two hundred years of presidential campaign poster art.