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From beauty hacks to product tips, we’re here to help you figure out make-up essentials and how to look your best–no expensive products required.

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How to Take a Gorgeous Selfie Every Single Time, According to Beauty Experts

Never have a #selfiefail again with these picture-perfect secrets from top beauty pros.

14 Secrets to Never Looking Your Age—from a Celebrity Makeup Artist

In her latest book Beauty From the Inside Out, Bobbi Brown reveals the secrets behind timeless beauty—and they go way...

How to Find the Best Blush for Your Skin Tone

The right blush can wake up your entire face—but finding the best shade is essential. These tips from beauty pros...

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Applying Makeup at Your Desk? The 8 Gross Things You Didn’t Realize You’re Doing

You might think that keeping a makeup bag in your desk drawer is convenient for that last-minute swipe of lipstick...

The $11 Drugstore Mascara Top Makeup Artists Can’t Stop Buying

We asked celeb makeup artists to reveal their fave drugstore mascara and were shocked that they all said the same...

8 Secrets to Finding the Perfect Foundation Formula, According to a Makeup Artist

With an endless flow of products, formulas and unique applicators launching each month, it's easy to become overwhelmed when thinking...

The 11 Most Effective Natural Beauty Products You Can Buy

Store shelves are packed with "natural" beauty products, but which ones are a must for good health? Our experts reveal...

How to Find the Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Finally get the open, lifted eyes you've been wanting.

10 Easy Beauty Tricks Lazy Girls Will Appreciate

A minimalist beauty routine with maximum impact? Yes, please! Here, pros reveal how to speed up and simplify your approach...

9 Genius Ways to Organize Your Makeup Bag, According to Makeup Artists

Are an avalanche of beauty products taking over your makeup bag? Here, beauty pros spill their trade secrets, simple solutions,...

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Here’s What Your Favorite Perfume Is Really Saying About Your Personality

Forget the eyes. The true window to your soul may just be your signature fragrance.

7 Must-Follow Hacks for Packing Makeup in a Carry-On

The top beauty gurus share exactly how to fill your makeup kit for easy, breezy beauty on your next big...

7 Lipstick Shades Every Woman Needs in Her Makeup Bag

Pucker up! With only a handful of staple lipsticks, you can create the perfect look for any occasion.

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What Your Favorite Lipstick Color Says About Your Personality

Whether you prefer a dab of clear lip balm or a full lip of brilliant red, your choice of lip...

Does Your Face Need a Vacation from Makeup? What a Derm Says

Ever since your first swipe of lipstick at 13, you've been painting your face faithfully every day. Does you skin...

8 Gorgeous Eyeliner Looks That Go Beyond Basic Black

When you get tired of black wings or a natural-looking smudge, make your eyes pop with these looks.

Makeup Artists’ Fixes for Clumpy Mascara, Smudged Eyeliner and Other Minor Beauty Hassles

Whether you've smeared your cat eye or smudged your polish, these clever hacks will erase your makeup mishaps when you...

9 Beauty Products for Men that Should Be in Every Guy’s Medicine Cabinet

Forget your four-in-one shower gel — it's time for all men to upgrade with these nine essential beauty products.

9 Beauty Hacks that Make You Look Wide Awake, Even When You’re SO Not

Let's face it, mornings can be hard. But that doesn't have to show on your face. Here's a mix of...

The Most Flattering Makeup for Every Eye Color

The right choice of eye shadow, liner, and mascara can make your peepers truly mesmer-eye-zing (see what we did there?)

8 Mascara Mistakes that Make Your Eyelashes Look Clumpy

Ever wonder why your lashes look so spidery? These mistakes make your mascara a clumpy mess.

8 Quick Makeup Tricks to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Consider this your excuse to hit snooze just one more time.

My Non-Negotiable Beauty Rule, According to 38 Experts

Want to know what the beauty pros swear by? From dermatologists to plastic surgeons to makeup artists, we've got you...

You’ve Probably Been Using These 9 Beauty Products All Wrong

You may have your makeup routine down pat, but correcting these small errors could kick up the glam factor and...

8 Make-Your-Life-Easier Beauty Tools You Need to Own

We're not saying these beauty tools will give you supermodel looks, but don't be surprised if you start snapping more...

Yes, You Can Do This 10–Step Korean Beauty Routine

Korean beauty regimens require discipline, but when you're ready for the best skin of your life, Korean beauty pro Vicky...

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8 Rules for Having Sanitary Makeup and Beauty Tools

If you aren't careful, your favorite beauty products could be making you sick—seriously!