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Just about everyone is strapped for money, time or both. These food tips will help you learn how to save money at the grocery store, keep food fresh for longer and give you a better understanding of all your ingredients.

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This Viral TikTok Explains How to Perfectly Poach an Egg

One of the trickiest kitchen tasks just got a whole lot easier.

This Is the Best Hack for Your Costco Rotisserie Chicken

Getting every single bit of a Costco rotisserie chicken used to be a struggle, but not anymore. This hack can...

Does the Viral TikTok Hack for Cutting Hard-Boiled Eggs Work? We Put It to the Test

Has TikTok figured out how to cut hard-boiled eggs quickly and cleanly, or is this viral hack nothing but hype?

What Is Yellow Watermelon? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Refreshing Summer Fruit

Yellow watermelon will make your summer brighter in more ways than one

This Hack Shows How to Flip an Egg Without Breaking the Yolk

No more sacrificing an entire carton of eggs for breakfast

These Are the Top 10 Most Wasted Foods

You know avocados are on this list.

Solved! Here’s Why Your Hard-Boiled Eggs Have Green Yolks

If you're wondering why your hard-boiled eggs sometimes have green yolks, here's how to go for the gold

What Is Gluten-Free Flour, Exactly?

You don't need wheat for a delicious, easy-to-use baking ingredient. Learn more about the most popular gluten-free flours and how...

How to Wash Grapes the Right Way

You need more than a quick rinse to really clean those grapes

If You Don’t Eat Sweet Potatoes Every Day, This Might Convince You to Start

Sweet potatoes are just as versatile as white potatoes but pack even more of a nutritional punch. So what are...

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12 Surprising Egg Substitutes You’ll Swear Are the Real Thing

Egg prices are high, but your cooking doesn't need to suffer! Try one of these easy egg substitutes for a...

What Is Miso, Exactly?

A short guide to miso, the savory Japanese ingredient that'll punch up the flavor of your favorite dishes

Can You Really Make Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Oven—and Should You?

The stovetop may not be the only way to cook your favorite type of eggs! Here’s what you need to...

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11 Best Meal Subscription Services to Make Dinnertime a Cinch

We're breaking down the options to help you find the best meal subscription for you.

Confirmed: This Is Where to Store Tomatoes for Peak Freshness and Flavor

We're settling the debate on how to store tomatoes so they're perfectly ripe, red and flavorful

Oat Milk vs. Almond Milk: Which Is Better for Your Health?

They're two of the most popular nondairy milks, but which wins in the showdown? We're diving in to the oat...

Is Corn a Vegetable, a Grain or a Fruit?

We think of this beloved American food as a vegetable, but could it really be a grain or fruit? The...

Is Pumpkin a Fruit or a Vegetable?

It's just as tasty in sweet treats as it is in savory dishes, so is pumpkin a fruit or a...

If You Don’t Eat Blueberries Every Day, This Might Convince You to Start

This popular fruit may be tiny, but it packs a powerful nutritional punch, making it valuable for your long-term health

The Ultimate Budget Grocery List: 100+ Cheapest Groceries

The cost of groceries has jumped more than 12% in the past year. Here's how to make a budget grocery...

I Meal Plan Every Week—and It Saves Me Thousands of Dollars a Year

An hour of meal planning each week saves me about $500 a month. Here's how I do it.

How to Order a Medicine Ball Tea at Starbucks (If You’re Under the Weather)

People swear by the Starbucks Medicine Ball as a cure-all. Here's how to order it in all its delicious glory.

Can You Really Make Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave?

Sure, you can stick anything in the microwave, but it’s not always a good idea. Find out what cooking experts...

The Best Fast-Food Chicken Nuggets, Ranked

Chicken nuggets are a menu staple at fast-food restaurants. We sampled eight options to find out who makes the best...

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How to Refrigerate Almost Every Type of Food

Want to reduce food waste and save money on groceries? Learn how to store food properly in the refrigerator.

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How Long Does Food Last in the Fridge?

How long food lasts in the refrigerator shouldn't be a mystery. Experts reveal just how long each type of food...

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Can You Put Glass in the Freezer?

Storing food in glass containers is easy, sustainable and practical. Here's what you need to know about putting glass in...

These McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys Are Selling for Thousands of Dollars

The McDonald's Happy Meal toy price for the limited edition adult Happy Meal can be surprisingly high.