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30 Best Hanukkah Gifts for Eight Great Nights

Whether you pass out eight small gifts or one big one, we have loads of fabulous Hanukkah gifts for everyone on your list.

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Whether you call it Hanukkah or Chanukah, you’ll agree it’s one of the most fun and inspirational holidays on the Jewish calendar. Also known as the Festival of Lights, the holiday includes traditions such as nightly candle lighting, yummy fried foods like potato latkes, dreidel games and gifts. So. Many. Gifts. For some families, Hanukkah presents are given only to children. Others exchange on not one night, but on all eight nights of the celebration.

That’s a lot of presents to buy, which means you’ll need a lot of gift ideas. There’s one thing to remember when shopping for Hanukkah: Buy with heart. Sure, a big tech gift is always amazing, but Hanukkah also provides an opportunity to be thoughtful with small but meaningful picks. Try not to stress too much—after all, if you don’t get it right on the first night, there are seven more tries.

When is Hanukkah?

Fun Hanukkah fact: The holiday is always changing dates. This year, Hanukkah begins at sundown on Thursday, December 7 and lasts through sundown on Friday, December 15. That grants eight nights’ worth of celebration.

Why do we give gifts on Hanukkah?

Interestingly enough, giving gifts is something of an American Jewish phenomenon, rather than part of the original holiday. Traditionally, gifts were monetary and in the form of Hanukkah “gelt,” the Yiddish word for money. That segued to chocolate gelt coins, spinning the four-sided top known as the dreidel to win gelt and other ways of exchanging small amounts of money.

But as it is now, Hanukkah is a holiday to exchange gifts with friends and family members of all ages. Everyone interprets the customs differently, so there are no hard and fast rules as to when to give gifts or when to open them—it’s all up to you and your family.

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Hannukah Candles
via merchant

For the HGTV fan: Rite Lite Premium Chanukah Candles

Hanukkah gifts don’t have to look serious. Home design aficionados will want stylish candles to light their Hanukkah menorah. These stunning blue and white candles have an intricate design that looks like fine porcelain and jazzes up any tablescape. A portion of sales are donated to the Jewish National Fund, making this a noteworthy gift that gives back.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
via merchant

For the foodie: La Tourangelle Organic Olive Oil

Some light the Hanukkah menorah using olive oil or reserve it for potato latkes, donuts or olive oil cake. Either way, gift your favorite foodie this cold-pressed organic olive oil as a nod to the holiday tradition.

La Tourangelle also debuts new products every year, with their latest being the Smooth & Fruity variation that makes even a basic lettuce salad taste gourmet! Food items make for great Hanukkah gifts that incorporate holiday staples.

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Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine
via merchant

For the aspiring mixologist: Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine

Can’t head out for overpriced cocktails? No worries. Bartesian cocktail machine creates instant and amazing drinks you make at home. Simply dial through the menu, insert a capsule, choose your preferred strength (or mocktail!) and press the button.

The bottles of spirits you previously placed in the unit supply the perfect amount of alcohol. Opt for a classic Long Island Iced Tea, Whiskey Sour or more playful mixes depending on your mood. Read on for some gift ideas for your boss.

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Dradel Waffle Maker
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For the teen chef in the family: Dash Dreidel Waffle Maker

Looking for Hanukkah gifts for teens to get them involved in the holiday festivities? You can’t go wrong with Hanukkah gifts that revolve around food, especially scrumptious waffles. Dash’s bright blue mini waffle maker churns out creations with a cute dreidel design on one side, but it isn’t just for waffles. Consider loading it with donut batter for an extra festive take on the classic Hanukkah dish.

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For the fan of modern decor: 3D “Happy Hanukkah” Sign

No fire needed here! Display this handmade acrylic 3D sign inside or outdoors. You can also customize the text and colors to suit anyone’s style. After working as a funeral director for 20 years, Etsy shop owner Holly Whittington says she “gained great respect for all religions and faiths” and creates designs “that are inclusive to all faiths and help celebrate time-honored traditions in a dynamic, unique way.” Learn more about all the Hanukkah colors to gift wrap your Hanukkah gifts.

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Eight Nights Of Hannukaj Gift Box Set
via merchant

For the nosher: Harry & David Eight Nights of Hanukkah Gift

This Star of David-shaped box is filled with everything from chocolate to fruit to brownies. Each night, the recipient opens a part of the container to reveal a new kosher treat. It’s one of those Hanukkah gift baskets the entire family can enjoy. It’s also a thoughtful hostess gift they can serve at the holiday shindig.

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Keraclay Stoneware Menorah Set Ecomm Via Westelm
via merchant

For the zen friend: Stoneware Menorah Set

There’s something wonderfully peaceful about lighting a candle in ascending order each night until you reach eight. This clay menorah isn’t ornate but rather looks like the peaceful stones you might stack on a journey to inner peace, Hanukkah style. The individual holders, which are handmade from speckled clay in Brooklyn, double as statement pieces around your home. Want to try your hand at a little DIY? Check out these ideas for handmade gifts.

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Geometric Hanukkah Tablecloth
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For the Martha Stewart fan: Hanukkah Tablecloth

Some people need every element of their table to be perfect, and this geometric dreidel-print tablecloth will do the trick. The best part? It’s wrinkle-resistant, lightweight and stain-resistant for inevitable messes during family dinners. What a wonderful way to dress up your house and say Happy Hanukkah.

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Goddaughters 14k Gold Citrine Ring Ecomm Via Qvc.com
via merchant

For your mom: Goddaughters 14K Gold Citrine Ring

Angela Deegan, designer and founder of Goddaughters Jewelry describes her stunning designs as being wearable art for the soul. She also has such a positive vibe to her that her jewelry seems to emanate a whole lot of love and good energy. It makes this a perfect gift idea for mothers! This magnificent ring has an ornate filigree and an impressive-sized citrine.

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Hanukkah Medallion Cotton Linen Wine Bag Ecomm Via Potterybarn
via merchant

For the oenophile: Hanukkah Medallion Wine Bag

Anyone can bring a bottle of wine to a party, but bringing a fine vintage nestled in this stunning reusable cotton and linen wine bag elevates your gift-giving cred. It features an intricate blue and white design centered around a subtle Star of David. Pair the tote with more Hanukkah gifts for wine lovers to win the title of best guest, ever.

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Happy Hanukkah Beaded Pillow

For your friend who’s all about being extra: Happy Hanukkah Beaded Pillow

When traditional holiday decorations won’t do, this sparkly beaded pillow is a show-stopping piece so beautiful she’ll be tempted to leave it on the couch year-round. The luxurious accessory features lush velvet and glass beads for the perfect amount of bling. For even more sparkle, check out these jewelry gifts.

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Candy Box
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For those with a sweet tooth: Sugarwish Personalized Treats

While Sugarwish started out by offering loads of candy (and there are still 70+ varieties). The brand now serves up savory treats, cookies and popcorn. Simply send a gift card to a family member who lives far away (or to anyone in need of holiday cheer), and they can customize a box to suit their sweet tooth. Pssst, there’s a Hanukkah option and plenty of Kosher picks as well!

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Star Of David Cufflinks
via merchant

For the well-dressed man: Star of David Lapel Pin

Some guys prefer cufflinks while others won’t go to a meeting or event without a pocket square. Then there are those who choose to show off their style and heritage with a well-placed lapel pin. This sterling silver Star of David version quietly makes a statement while allowing him to proudly declare his faith. Or read about more Hanukkah gift ideas for men.

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Hanukkah Chocolate Gelt
via merchant

For the chocolate lover: Hanukkah Gelt Chocolate Coins

Why give out a limited amount of Hanukkah gelt when you can share the (chocolatey) wealth instead? This one-pound bulk bag has 90 foil-wrapped gold coins, which you can use to decorate Hanukkah gifts, play dreidel, give out as party favors, and of course, keep some for yourself! We also pulled together some Amazon Prime gift ideas.

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Naot Alize Boots Ecomm Via Nordstrom.com
via merchant

For your stylish sis: Naot Alize Boots

While you’re probably going to want to keep these combat-style boots for yourself, you’ll earn a lot more brownie points by treating your sister to a pair. Naot shoes are all handmade in Israel from sustainable and renewable sources. These Hanukkah gifts are not only adorable looking but also podiatrist-approved.

And while this style seems to have complicated laces and a buckle, there’s a hidden zipper, making them easy to pull on and take off. If she’s more of a sneakerhead, check out these cute chunky sneakers.

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Kush Queen Bath Bombs
via merchant

For your stressed-out coworker: Kush Queen Bath Bombs

I review a lot of products every year. And sometimes I fall in love with something and want to use it forever and ever. That’s the case with these luxurious bath bombs, which are a perfect stress reliever around holiday hosting.

I love the way these bath bombs fizz merrily in the bath water and release both a fantastic scent and mood-inspiring color that tint the water. Check out the Relax Bath Bomb with lavender, chamomile and frankincense. This coworker gift is sure to inspire more me-time.

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Saatva Aero Quilt
via merchant

For your host: Saatva Aero Quilt

If you’re planning on visiting relatives for the holiday season, you should probably bring a thoughtful gift. The Saatva Aero Quilt is incredibly soft, lightweight and beautifully made. It’s a nice add-on for your host’s guest room, and if you play your cards right you’ll get to be the first to use them! It’s designed for maximum airflow, has hypoallergenic fill and doubles as a bedspread.

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Curvd Everyday Earplugs
via merchant

For the city dweller: CURVD Everyday Earplugs

As anyone who’s ever lived in a noisy city can attest, a city that never sleeps makes it hard to get any sleep or unwind after a rough day. CURVD earplugs are made out of super soft silicone and shaped to fit the natural curves of anyone’s ears (multiple buds are provided so you can choose the perfect fit). In case you’re wondering, I tested out a pair and while not all sound was eliminated, the busy street sounds were muted to a much more manageable level. If they prefer tunes, perhaps opt for some wireless headphones.

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Hanukkah Baby Romper
via merchant

For the well-dressed baby: Hanukkah Baby Romper

For the super cute mini-me in your life comes a cozy and beautifully designed baby romper. Sizes range from newborn to 3T so baby can get the perfect fit for the holiday season. You can even add a matching headband for more photo opps. Here’s a huge list of gift ideas for kids if you want more inspiration.

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Cold Press Juicer
via merchant

For the dedicated health enthusiast: Cold Press Juicer

For the juice purist, few things are as satisfying as creating the perfect fruit/veggie/greens concoction. But making lots of juice usually means wasting a lot of produce along the way. The Amzchef juicer is pretty amazing in that you can save on prep time by adding pieces of fruit or veggies up to two inches.

It’s also easy to clean, which in my book makes it most irresistible. If you’ve ever scraped fruit gunk out of the juicer, you know how appealing it is to be able to easily clean the hopper when you’re done.

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Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet
via merchant

For yourself: Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Whether you actually love playing tennis or just love jewelry, a sparkler for your wrist is always a good idea. Why wait for someone else to treat you? This stunning tennis bracelet has more than 75 lab-grown diamonds for 2.75 carats total weight. And in case you’re worried that a traditional 7-inch bracelet is too small for your wrists, Grown Brilliance also creates custom-size bracelets for any wrist. Treat yourself to some jewelry wipes too.

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Hamilton Beach Professional Style Electric Deep Fryer
via merchant

For the latke perfectionist: Hamilton Beach Professional Style Electric Deep Fryer

For eight days and nights every year, our vow to eat healthier foods kind of goes out the window as we indulge in deep-fried potato latkes and perfect donuts. If the kitchen chef in your life is planning to host a lot of holiday parties this year, you can treat him to the perfect kitchen gadget (or an air fryer alternative).

This is a serious deep fryer with a basket, so those scrumptious latkes can drain after frying. Is it healthy? Nope. Is it a really fun addition to anyone’s Hanukkah holiday kitchen? Oh, yeah!

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Olive Branch Braiser Le Creuset
via merchant

For the home chef: Le Creuset Olive Branch Collection Braiser

Want to wow the family cook who makes all your holiday meals season after season? Invest in this best-selling Le Creuset embossed pot that lasts forever (literally, there’s a lifetime warranty). The enameled cast iron design perfectly whips up a variety of dishes including a traditional braised brisket, and even better, is dishwasher-safe.

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Mikasa Lemons Dinnerware
via merchant

For the eternal optimist: Mikasa Lemons Dinnerware

Sometimes life hands us lemons. During those times it’s a great idea to throw a great big dinner party for family and friends and remind ourselves just how fortunate we are in everything else. This upbeat and beautiful set of dishes has a joyous lemon pattern that will look great on almost any table. Hanukkah gifts like this one are also a nice reminder that even during bad moments, we can find ways to celebrate life with those we love.

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Hanukkah Memory Game
via merchant

For the kids’ table: Hanukkah Memory Game

What better way to help the kids learn the traditions and motifs of Hanukkah than this adorable memory game? It comes with 12 pairs of blocks with carefully illustrated designs on them. Store them in the included cotton muslin bag to break them out at every family gathering. Here are more classic board games to keep the competition going.

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Wolf Gourmet Multi Function Cooker
via merchant

For your Shabbat observant friend: Wolf Gourmet Multi-Function Cooker

From braising meat (in the stainless steel roast pan) to slow cooking a classic cholent (the overnight bean stew traditionally eaten for lunch on the Jewish sabbath), the Wolf multi-function cooker does it all. This means you can slow cook from the night before so there’s no need to cook on Shabbat.

The iconic red switch also adds a note of style to anyone’s kitchen, making this a stunning and functional gift. In fact, since this is a Wolf kitchen appliance, it will probably end up living on the counter since the stainless steel design definitely adds a ton of style to any kitchen. It also makes for an excellent housewarming gift.

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Happy Chrismukkah Embroidery Kit
via merchant

For the mixed faith family: Happy Chrismukkah Embroidery Kit

Get original with this Chrismukkah embroidery kit. It makes a sweet, personalized gift or home decor token to display. It mixes the menorah with Santa’s hat, plus a chance to embroider the family name. Unfamiliar with the unofficial holiday? Read more about Chrismukkah and what it means.

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Travel Makeup Case
via merchant

For your makeup-loving daughter: Travel Makeup Case

For those of us who have a bit more makeup than others, keeping track of everything can be a chore. I tend to group my products by type and find that using travel beauty cases is the best way of seeing what I actually have. What I love about this travel organizer is the fact that there are multiple smaller cases contained within.

It’s an Amazon beauty product for pretty much everything. This would make a perfect Hanukkah gift for girls or anyone who might have way too many eyeshadow palettes!

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Fabfitfun Seasonal Box
via merchant

For your trendy friend: FabFitFun Seasonal Box

If your favorite friend can’t seem to get enough subscription boxes, she’ll fall in love with FabFitFun’s newest seasonal box which is fully customizable. She’ll be able to choose from bestselling or trend-friendly brands to create a fun gift that keeps on giving. You can also treat your friend to a gift card and let her choose her own plan.

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Muse Marlene Blue Light Eyeglasses
via merchant

For the work-from-home friend: Muse Marlene Blue Light Eyeglasses

Many of us still spend a lot of time on Zoom meetings either attending, hosting or moderating. And that means that for those of us who wear eyeglasses, there are loads of opportunities to look even cuter. These Muse Marlene blue light glasses would make thoughtful and funky Hanukkah gifts for someone who wears glasses. You can even purchase them with non-prescription lenses. That’s perfect for work during the day and family photos later.

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