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34 Best Hanukkah Gifts for Eight Great Nights

Whether you share eight small gifts or one big one, we have loads of fabulous Hanukkah gift ideas for everyone on your list!

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33 Best Hanukkah Gifts For Eight Great Nights, Via, Via, Via

Hanukkah gift ideas for your favorite people

Whether you call it Hanukkah or Chanukah, you’ll agree it’s one of the most fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. Hanukkah, aka the Festival of Lights, includes traditions such as nightly candle-lighting, dreidel games, yummy fried foods such as doughnuts and potato latkes, and gifts. So. Many. Gifts. For some families, Hanukkah gifts are exchanged on not one night but on all eight nights of the holiday. That’s a lot of presents to buy, which mean you’ll need a lot of gift ideas!

While we have a bunch of those for you, from cool kitchen items to dreidel-themed leggings, there’s one thing to remember when buying for this holiday: Buy with heart. Sure, a big tech gift is always amazing, but Hanukkah is also a great opportunity to be thoughtful with small but meaningful gifts. And try not to stress too much. If you don’t get it right on the first night, you’ve got seven more tries. And don’t worry: These gifts for men, women, and kids are sure to be a hit.

One important note: Hanukkah is early this year! It starts on Sunday, November 28, and goes through Monday, December 6, so you’ll want to get started on your shopping ASAP.

We’ve curated some great tips and tricks to bring joy home this season. Read on to make sure your whole family gets into the holiday spirit this year.

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Dreidel Mini Waffle MakerVia

Dash Dreidel Waffle Maker

Best for: waffle-style latkes

Sure, you could put typical waffle batter in this easy-to-use dreidel design waffle maker by Dash, but why stop there? Consider loading it with your latke batter for a lighter take on the classic deep-fried Hanukkah dish.

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Opal Hamsa NecklaceVia

Serendipity Opal Hamsa Necklace

Best for: hamsa fans

A delicate, lovely opal hamsa pendant graces a 16K gold-plated brass chain to symbolize protection, power, and strength. For hamsa fans who like to layer jewelry, this eye-catching gem of a necklace makes the perfect complement to any outfit. Reviewers give it all five-star ratings.

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Lulas Garden hanukkah Succulent BoxVia

Lula’s Garden Store Verdant Garden

Best for: plant moms

This trio of gorgeous succulents makes small sips of water last like the miracle of the Hanukkah oil and looks absolutely adorable in window or presented on a small table. Plus, the Hanukkah-specific packaging makes it appropriate for Festival of Lights-themed White Elephant gift exchanges.

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The Dirty Cookie Shot Decorating KitVia

The Dirty Cookie Shot Decorating Kit

Best for: Cookie monsters

While baking and frosting holiday cookies isn’t really a Hanukkah thing, this cute cookie-decorating kit turns it into one. Each kit contains half a dozen kosher, vegan “cookie shots,” plus all the fixings. What is a cookie shot, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like: a cookie in the shape of a shot glass. Fill it with ice cream, milk, cold-brew coffee, or (ahem) alcohol, and enjoy! For another fun family activity, try these Hanukkah crafts with the kids.

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Ella Judaica Safed Hanukkah Candlesvia EllaJudaica/

Ella Judaica Safed Hanukkah Candles

Best for: Arty friends

While there’s no requirement to have candles that are extra, it really does make the holiday that much more beautiful. These multicolored candles are handmade in Northern Israel using premium wax. They also come in various colorways and look like tiny stained-glass windows when lit. By the way, in case you’re not quite sure, this is why Hanukkah changes dates every year.

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Corto Virtual Olive Oil Tasting ExperienceVia

Corto Virtual Olive Oil Tasting Experience

Best for: Home chefs

The Hanukkah story involves olive oil and what better way to commemorate the holiday’s miracle than with a virtual olive oil tasting experience? They’ll join a certified olive oil expert for an hour-long immersive session, during which they’ll try a flight of carefully curated oils (sent straight to their doorstep) and learn how to detect quality and flavor. This could be a fun gift for your boyfriend that you could actually do together.

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Print On Boutique Hanukkah Workout Leggingsvia PrintOnBoutique/

Print on Boutique Hanukkah Workout Leggings

Best for: Fit and festive friends

They’re cute, they’re comfy, and they’re all about the holiday. Decorated with a Hanukkah-themed pattern of gifts, dreidels, and menorahs, they’ll delight those in the know and act as a great conversation starter for anyone at the gym or yoga studio. Add a sweatshirt or matching socks if you want to create an entire theme as a larger gift for a best friend.

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Maple Landmark Wooden Dreidelsvia MapleLandmark/

Maple Landmark Wooden Dreidels

Best for: Those who love to support made-in-the-USA businesses

For the Hanukkah purists who want to play dreidel or introduce the game to the next generation, here is a lovely wood set that was crafted in Vermont. It comes with instructions, so don’t worry if you don’t remember the rules.

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Samsung Galaxy Smarttag+Via

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+

Best for: The worrier

Along with all the holiday travel comes the panic of misplacing everything. Oy. This Bluetooth-powered SmartTag is an affordable tech gift that attaches to everything from keys to luggage, allowing them to keep track of everything. It’s also really easy to set up and use. This would make a great gift for your father-in-law who is always misplacing things.

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Challah Days Collection Matching Family PajamasVia

Challah Days Collection Matching Family Pajamas

Best for: Social media mavens

Matching-pajama pics are not reserved exclusively for Christmas. This super cute set has options for the entire family and will have Grandma kvelling as she scrolls through your Instagram feed.

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The Mensch On A BenchVia

The Mensch on a Bench

Best for: Your favorite niece

Moshe the Mensch made his first public appearance on Shark Tank in 2014, and he’s been a Hanukkah favorite ever since. In addition to teaching the importance of the holiday, Moshe and his family are on a mission to inspire others to be mensches (good and honorable people) and to bring fun and laughter to the whole family. While you’re shopping, check out these thoughtful gifts for dad, the greatest mensch of all!

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Nixon Regulus Digital WatchVia

Nixon Regulus Digital Watch

Best for: Glamping fans

This deceptively geeky-looking watch is actually a style statement disguised as an ordinary digital wristwatch. There’s a fiber-reinforced case for extra durability, an LED-backlit display, and a water-resistant body so they can go swimming or diving without worrying about where to keep their watch. This would be a great gift for your husband if he loves the outdoors.

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Cat & Jack Dreidel Graphic ShirtVia

Cat & Jack Dreidel Graphic Shirt

Best for: Aspiring astronomers

While there’s technically no known dreidel constellation, this T-shirt makes us believe there should be. In fact, we really wish Target would make this design for adults as well. For toys that will knock his socks off, check out this mega list of gifts for boys.

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Rifle Paper Co. High Peaks Of The Adirondack Forest Soy CandleVia

Rifle Paper Co. High Peaks of the Adirondack Forest Soy Candle

Best for: Homebodies

This soy candle smells almost as beautiful as it looks. We’d like to imagine this is what the mountain range in the Sound of Music smells like—crisp, fresh, and free. Also, it’s from Rifle Paper Co., which means that the exterior features one of their stunning signature floral prints. Everyone will oooh and aaah over this gift and wish it was theirs. If you’re doing a Secret Santa gift exchange at the office, this could also be a good option.

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Charlotte Tilbury Mini Hollywood Flawless FilterVia

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Hollywood Flawless Filter

Best for: Beauty buffs

While there’s no Hanukkah gift equivalent to a stocking stuffer, small and thoughtful gifts are often part of the festivities. In this case, a product from this cult brand will help anyone look more radiant. You know how everyone looks better in candlelight? This nifty product smooths out flaws and helps anyone look more radiant.

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Illy Iperespresso Y3.3Via

Illy iperEspresso Y3.3

Best for: Coffee lovers

Know someone who goes gaga over chic kitchen gadgets and also happens to be a caffeine fiend? If so, you’ll definitely want to pick up this gorgeous espresso machine designed by an Italian architect. It’s sleek, compact, and easy to use, and it makes both espresso and coffee via a capsule system.

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The Box By Dr. AvaVia

The Box by Dr. Ava

Best for: The skin-care obsessed

This is the ultimate subscription box for the person in your life who’s looking for the fountain of youth. Each box contains products and innovative beauty tools that mimic in-office procedures. We’re talking state-of-the-art lotions and potions and tools that provide the effect of microneedling. Sign up for one box or for a full year of deliveries for the ultimate splurge.

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Osmosis Epic Skin ToolVia

Osmosis Epic Skin Tool

Best for: Your mother-in-law

Speaking of skin care, there’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on a product only to realize your skin isn’t actually absorbing it. This cool tool will make sure that never happens by helping the active ingredients penetrate skin more deeply while simultaneously increasing circulation, firming, and reenergizing the skin. Epic, indeed!

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Ancient Prayer Channeling Your Faith 365 Days Of The YearVia

Ancient Prayer: Channeling Your Faith 365 Days of the Year

Best for: Those who love daily inspiration

And now, a very personal recommendation from me—the author of this story on Hanukkah gifts and this book! It offers daily bits of wisdom, inspiration, and advice that tap into ancient prayers for inspiration. But don’t just take my word for it: Jewish celebs including Matisyahu and Mayim Bialik have their own copies!

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Batman Bat Tech BatcaveVia

Batman Bat-Tech Batcave

Best for: Little superheroes

It’s a good thing that Hanukkah falls relatively early this year because that means you can scoop up one of the gifts on every kid’s wish list. This 33-inch-tall Batcave was already featured on Amazon’s 2021 Toys We Love list, as well as the Toy Insider’s Hot 20 list. Bonus: It’s basically loads of toys within a toy, so you can easily pretend that this one gift encompasses all eight nights’ worth of gifts.

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Estelle Colored Glass Stemmed Wine GlassVia

Estelle Colored Glass Stemmed Wine Glass

Best for: Eternal hosts

Be the best guest ever by combining your hostess gift with your Hanukkah gift. Every piece in the Estelle Colored Glass collection is hand-blown and comes in a variety of jewel tones and soft pastels. Pick cobalt blue if you want to go with the holiday theme and have an extra stylish L’Chaim!

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Coach Chain Belt Bag With QuiltingVia

Coach Chain Belt Bag with Quilting

Best for: Fashionistas

Treat the style-forward gal in your life to something wholly impractical but completely gorgeous. The warm sunset shades of this cute quilted bag set off a 1970s disco vibe that would go perfectly with pretty much anything. You can’t go wrong giving this as a Hanukkah gift to your wife.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop StudioVia

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

Best for: Tech purists

Loyal Windows users will tell you there are few moments as exciting as when Microsoft drops a new collection of laptops and tablets. In this case, they’ll be jonesing for the Surface heritage design. It has a powerhouse core with three different postures, so you can use it at different angles, as well as built-in Slim Pen storage and charging. In case you’re wondering about the Hanukkah gift connection beyond the splurge, Microsoft described this beauty as “designed to light up the best of Windows 11.”

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Peruvian Connection Bexley Alpaca CardiganVia

Peruvian Connection Bexley Alpaca Cardigan

Best for: Your mom

The next time your mom tells you to wear a sweater because she’s chilly, you can remind her about the stunning cardi you bought her as a Hanukkah gift. This cropped cable cardigan (try saying that three times fast) is knit of soft alpaca fleece and is incredibly warm. It also comes in two great neutrals that will go with anything.

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Tommy Bahama Mer Sea Classic WrapVia

Tommy Bahama Mer-Sea Classic Wrap

Best for: Jet-setters

It’s a wrap! It’s a travel pillow! It’s the perfect Hanukkah gift! This whisper-soft ruana folds up into its own pouch that doubles as a travel pillow. You should probably buy an extra in case you decide that you need one, too.

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Nutribullet Magic Bullet Air FryerVia

Nutribullet magic bullet Air Fryer

Best for: Fry fans

Just because it’s customary to eat fried foods on Hanukkah does not mean that they have to be dripping in oil. This 2.5-quart air fryer is easy to use and has a small footprint, so it won’t take up too much countertop real estate. It’s a kitchen gadget they’ll wish they had years ago.

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Finamill Pepper Mill & Spice GrinderVia

FinaMill Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder

Best for: Foodies

Spice, spice, baby! For the person who won’t settle for bland meals, this grinder allows them to grind and mix their favorite peppers and spices—without potential cross-contamination.

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Godinger Golden & Marble MenorahVia

Godinger Golden & Marble Menorah

Best for: Fans of holiday glitz

This showpiece menorah only looks simple. It actually boasts a modernist marble base and gold-toned, aluminum-accented candle holders. While it’s stunning as a Hanukkah centerpiece, it’s pretty enough to display year-round.

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Mad Mattr Bakery SetVia

MAD MATTR Bakery Set

Best for: Creative kids

Keep the kids occupied while you prep dinner or while the grown-ups are talking about “boring stuff.” This set of super-soft compounding molds and shapes lets them create their own make-believe doughnuts, which will keep things a lot more interesting for them.

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Humblesuds Natural Cleaning Productsvia HumbleSuds/

HumbleSuds Natural Cleaning Products

Best for: Those with sensitive skin

Is it wrong to be wholly obsessed with a cleaner that comes in a 16-ounce refillable glass bottle and safely and effectively cleans using five proven, powerful plant- and mineral-based ingredients? Who cares! It smells so good and cleans so well. Pro tip: Put together a gift basket of HumbleSuds’ top three cleaners for your friend who tries to avoid harsh cleaning ingredients.

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Mesolyft Rejuvenating Moisturizing GlovesVia

Mesolyft Rejuvenating Moisturizing Gloves

Best for: Family members who want to turn back the clock

Have you heard about the healing potential of red light therapy? If so (and also if not), you’ll want to know more about these gloves. Instead of keeping your hands warm, these rejuvenating gloves improve the appearance of the skin on your hands (fewer spots and crepiness) and also decrease inflammatory and oxidative processes while increasing the metabolism of the cells. In simpler terms, they feel like an amazing hand massage and keep hands looking supple without any side effects. The person who loves this would probably also go gaga over these anti-aging creams dermatologists trust the most.

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Kawaii Girl Flatiron Shimmer PowderVia

Kawaii Girl Flatiron Shimmer Powder

Best for: Beauty multitaskers

During Hanukkah, it’s perfectly reasonable to add as much shimmer as possible to your look. Flatiron, the newest shimmer powder in the collection is a copper and iridescent green combo with a definite Hanukkah vibe. Kawaii Girl cosmetics are also Leaping Bunny certified, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.

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Jjwinks Room Service Maxi NightgownVia

JJWinks Room Service Maxi Nightgown

Best for: Loungers

If you’ve ever wondered why pajamas only come in bedroom-only or granny-approved, you’ll want to have a look at these. Every top in the collection has a “light hug” shelf, which allows you to lounge around braless without worrying about overexposure. Our fave is this super cute nightgown that can be worn even to lounge around without feeling self-conscious.

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Ryobi One+ 18v Cordless 6 Tool Combo KitVia

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit

Best for: DIY experts

One of the most fun things about the new generation of Ryobi tools is the fact that they are created with crafters and do-it-yourself experts in mind. What’s included in this kit? The better question may be: What’s not? There’s a drill/driver, an impact driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, a multi-tool, a work light, batteries, an 18V charger, and a carrying bag. There are also multiple uses per tool, so buying one set that includes six tools and two batteries probably count as eight separate gifts!

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