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Break out the bubbly—it’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new year! We’ll help you plan the perfect celebration, start the new year off on the right foot, and figure out how to finally keep those resolutions.

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    35 Genius Products That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Failing to plan is planning to fail, so set yourself up for success by choosing the right gadgets to achieve your goals in the new year.

    30 New Year’s Jokes That’ll Have You Laughing into 2021

    Ring in the new year with these hilarious New Year's jokes.

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    16 New Year’s Resolution Cartoons That Are Hilariously Spot On

    Many of us try to make the same New Year's resolutions year after year—don't deny it—and these cartoons prove exactly...

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    30 Stores Open on New Year’s Day 2021

    Plenty of big-name retailers and restaurants will be open on January 1, regardless of the federal holiday.

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    20 Lucky New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

    Looking for every—and any—New Year's charm that'll bring you the luck you lust after? Take inspiration from these January 1...

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    50 Inspirational New Year’s Quotes for 2021

    Start the new year off right with these inspiring thoughts.

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    The Best New Year’s Resolution, According to Your Zodiac Sign

    Ready to put 2020 behind you? Here’s how to make sure that 2021 is exponentially better.

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    21 Best New Year’s Eve Movies to Ring in 2021

    From classic rom-coms to holiday horror, celebrate the big night with these flicks that ring in the New Year in...

    18 Weirdest Things Dropped to Count Down to the New Year

    New York City may have started the first ball drop on New Year's Eve, but these other locales deserve credit...

    What Gyms Don’t Want You to Know About Their New Year Deals

    Keep that New Year's resolution without making a costly mistake.

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    47 Shelter Dogs That Need Forever Homes in 2020

    These adorable dogs are looking for their forever families. Welcome one of them into your home before the new year...

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    How to Make a Good Toast—From an Etiquette Coach

    Before raising your glass to celebrate the new year, polish your toasting skills with tips from an etiquette coach.

    Why I Stopped Making New Year’s Resolutions

    Was it me failing my resolutions? Or were my resolutions failing me? Here’s how a shift in perspective helped me...

    13 Tricks for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions, from People Who Actually Did

    Want this year to be the one where you actually keep those goals you set for yourself? Take it from...

    19 Popular New Year’s Resolutions Experts Say to Never Ever Make

    Don't want to be a February Failure this year? Here's how to make resolutions that will make you a happier,...

    Why Is Chinese New Year 2020 the Year of the Rat?

    Before you launch headfirst into the new year, understand the origins of Chinese astrology and find out what 2020 has...

    10 Ways to Declutter Your Mind This Year

    Drop-kick your anxiety in the new year with these mind-clearing tricks. They may sound simple, but they have the power...

    The Reason We Drop a Ball on New Year’s Eve

    The tradition goes back more than a century—but who decided a ball had anything to do with the New Year?

    The Sneaky Way You’re Sabotaging Your Own New Year’s Resolutions

    Every new year, we pledge that this will be the year we keep our resolutions—and then we don't. Why is...

    11 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Actually Save You Money

    If saving money is near the top of your New Year's resolutions, you'll save time and money by following this...

    This Is When the World’s First New Year’s Resolutions Were Made

    We need to travel way back in time to find the origins of this tradition.

    26 of the Best New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around the World

    New York City might get the most press, but there are plenty of other great spots that throw some incredible...

    The Best New Year’s Eve Celebration in Every State

    Here's where to ring in 2020 in every state in the United States.

    What New Year’s Eve Parties Used to Look Like More Than 50 Years Ago

    These vintage photos show how people rang in the New Year from the 1920s through the 1960s.

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    Why Do So Many People Eat Pork and Sauerkraut on New Year’s Day?

    Find out the reasons this classic combo is enjoyed by many on January 1.

    Why Do We Kiss at Midnight on New Year’s Eve?

    It turns out this late-night tradition goes way, way back.

    What Is a New Year’s Plant?

    New Year's Day was traditionally a time for gift-giving.

    The New Year’s Resolutions 14 CEOs Are Making for 2020

    From drinking too much coffee to sleeping with their phones, CEOs struggle with a lot of the same things that...

    The New Year’s Resolutions 11 Professional Organizers Are Making for 2020

    Even the pros have messy fridges, overflowing closets, and way too many pictures on their phones. Here's how they plan...

    14 Family-Friendly New Year’s Celebrations Around the Country

    Who says grownups get to have all the fun on New Year's Eve? These special events around the country are...