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    The No. 1 Tipping Mistake You Don’t Realize You’re Making

    Even the most polite diners may miss this important rule of tipping etiquette

    Colossal Presents the America’s Favorite Teacher Competition: Celebrating Excellence in Education

    In the heart of education's grand tapestry, we find exceptional teachers...

    12 Surprising Facts About Fingerprints, Including Why We Even Have Them

    Why do we have fingerprints? While impressive, it's not just to unlock a smartphone or catch a bad guy. Here's...

    26 Famous People’s Names You’re Probably Mispronouncing

    Sorry, but you've likely been pronouncing the names of these famous celebs and historical figures incorrectly. Here, we're setting the...

    The Secret Meaning Behind the Numbers on Your Egg Carton

    An egg carton's expiration date is not as reliable as it seems. Here's how to tell if eggs are fresh.

    If You See a Gold Porch Light, This Is What It Means

    Like red, green and purple porch lights, gold porch lights also have a meaning behind them

    How to Send Food Back at a Restaurant Without Being Rude, According to a Chef

    Not satisfied with your meal? It's perfectly acceptable to (politely) send food back at a restaurant. Here's when and how...

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    Does the Color of Windshield Wiper Fluid Matter?

    Windshield wiper fluid's only job is to assist in cleaning the windshield so you can drive safely. But does its...

    You Can Make a Costco Return Without a Receipt—Here’s How

    Costco is making our lives easier once again

    21 Confidence-Boosting Songs to Make You Feel Invincible

    Want to boost your self-esteem? Go out and conquer the world with these songs about confidence.

    This One Habit Will Make You a Better Houseguest

    Follow this etiquette expert's genius two-minute tip to ensure you're invited back time and again

    How to Stand Up for Yourself and Get What You Deserve

    Learning how to stand up for yourself is a key to boosting your confidence

    16 Holiday-Party Etiquette Mistakes You’re Probably Making—and How to Avoid Them

    Sure, you know the big missteps to avoid at the annual Christmas bash. But what about these subtle holiday-party etiquette...

    How to Build Emotional Strength for Maximum Confidence

    With these expert techniques, you can develop the self-assurance and emotional strength to face whatever life throws at you

    New Survey: This Is the No. 1 Most Gullible State in America

    Do you believe everything you read? If you live in this state, you might!

    That’s Why We Do That! The Uncommon Origins of Common Habits

    These things seem so commonplace, we barely think about them. But how did they get started, exactly?

    The Delicious History of Hot Chocolate

    The tasty beginnings of a beloved winter tradition: drinking hot chocolate

    Think a Coin Toss Is 50/50? Think Again

    People have been relying on the coin toss for quick, unbiased decision-making since ancient times. But is a coin flip...

    The “Legs on the Floor” Riddle: Can You Solve It?

    Don’t get tripped up by the viral "legs on the floor" riddle

    Song Stuck in Your Head? Here’s How to Stop Those Pesky Earworms

    We've all had a tune linger in our head for much longer than we'd like. Here's why earworms happen—and what...

    The “Penny Has 5 Children” Riddle: Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

    Penny has five children and a penchant for giving her kids some rather unusual names. You know the first four,...

    How to Pluralize Last Names for Holiday Cards—Especially Tough Ones Ending in “S”

    'Tis the season for holiday cards! Here's how to properly write plural last names, whether you're signing them or addressing...

    These Are the 2023 Words of the Year, According to Dictionaries

    What word defined the past year for you? Find out if your guess matches the actual word of the year...

    You’re Blushing! The Science Behind Those Rosy Cheeks

    Turning beet red is never fun, but the science behind why people blush, a uniquely human phenomenon, sure is fascinating

    How to Write a Sick-Day Email—Plus Templates to Use When You’re Under the Weather

    When you feel miserable, it’s hard to craft the perfect sick-day email. We’ve done the hard part for you, so...

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    How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others for Healthier Self-Esteem

    Don't compare your "real" to someone else's highlight reel

    How to Become Smarter and Wiser: 16 Strategies to Boost Your Brainpower

    You can improve your focus and memory, better your creative problem-solving ability and get smarter with some simple and easy...

    How to Win Connect 4 Every Time, According to the Computer Scientist Who Solved It

    Ready to discover new expert-approved Connect 4 strategies? Learn how to win Connect 4 and conquer your opponent every time.

    10 Positive Phrases Americans Find Cringiest in 2023

    Don't feel bad if you roll your eyes at these overly optimistic phrases. You are not alone!

    This Is Why Your Sneakers Have an Extra Hole

    Ever noticed that extra shoelace hole on your sneakers? It's there for a reason, and you should be putting it...