As your trusted friend, we’re here with the “Reader’s Digest version” of social issues that impact the world around you. From gun violence statistics to the history behind the black power fist, and how to be an LGBTQ ally, our explainers will break it all down.

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    How to Be an Ally to the Asian American Community

    Are you outraged by the recent surge of anti-Asian hate crimes throughout the country? Here's what you can do to...

    In the Wake of Hate Crimes, Who Will Stand Up for Asian Americans?

    Too often, others see Asian Americans as unworthy of concern or allyship. It's time that changed.

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    How to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine at Kroger

    The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is ramping up. Here's how the process works and what you need to do to...

    This Doggie Daycare Cared for Essential Workers’ Dogs During the Pandemic. Now the Community I...

    An act of kindness by a local business owner is being repaid tenfold by the community he serves.

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    How to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine at CVS

    The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is ramping up. Look for shots at local retailers, including CVS pharmacies. Here's how to...

    Here’s How to Help Texas Right Now

    After being hit with an unprecedented winter storm, Texas residents are in need of aid. Whether you can volunteer on...

    Behind the Free Britney Movement: Why Fans Want to Free Britney Spears

    This is what happens when a beloved pop icon isn't allowed to have control over her own life.

    Dozens of My Friends Have Had Coronavirus—Here’s What They Want You to Know

    One by one, I've watched friends and family members contract, spread, and battle coronavirus. They've shared their stories in the...

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    Can You Test Positive for COVID-19 After Getting the Vaccine?

    If you got the COVID-19 vaccine, you're not in the clear just yet. Here are the possible scenarios where you...

    Here’s Where You Can Buy Reusable Face Masks

    If you've been searching for reusable face masks and N95 masks due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we found out...

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    Are 2 Face Masks Better Than 1 for COVID-19 Protection?

    Wearing a face mask can prevent the spread of COVID-19, but can two masks offer more protection? Double-masking may help,...

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    How to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine at Costco

    Costco is one of many retailers that will be offering COVID-19 vaccines. Here's how the vaccination process works and what...

    Why You Shouldn’t Share Photos of Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card

    If you've already done this, you might want to take it down!

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    These Are the Two Safest Airlines You Can Take Right Now

    Customers who actually flew during the pandemic last year shared their thoughts about the experiences on the airlines they chose.

    I Broke Up with My Fiancé Over Election Conspiracy Theories

    While this woman could put up with some degree of differences, too much got to be too much. Plus: What...

    This Is the Only Thing That Helped Me Stop Doomscrolling

    When the news is always urgent and always awful, it’s easy to get sucked in. But when it starts to...

    23 Good News Stories That Came Out of 2020

    This roundup of great and inspiring news stories will give you the warm-and-fuzzies. Never forget all the positivity and good...

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    This Is What the First Amendment Really Means

    Contrary to what many people believe, freedom of speech only applies to certain situations. Do you know what your First...

    If I’d Attacked the Capitol, I’d Probably Be Dead by Now

    There’s a big difference between how the Capitol rioters and the Black Lives Matter protesters were treated. Here's why we...

    What It Was Like to Escape a Wildfire In the Middle of the Night

    Two retirees recount their narrow escape from their home during a wildfire in Oregon.

    I Unfollowed My Entire Family on Facebook—And I Don’t Regret It

    Severing that last virtual tie between my abusive family and me finally set me free.

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    Can You Impeach a President After Their Term Is Over?

    While the U.S. Constitution doesn't directly address the issue, historians believe there is precedent to do so.

    What Is “Doomscrolling”—And How to Stop the Cycle

    Up late reading bad news on your phone again? Here's how to stop the unhealthy habit of doomscrolling.

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    12 Things That Could Get You Banned from a Plane

    From major news stories to first-person accounts, here are some real reasons people have been barred (or almost barred) from...

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    How to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine at Walmart

    Walmart is just one of many retailers that will be offering COVID-19 vaccines. Learn how the process works and what...

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    9 Things You Won’t See in Nail Salons Anymore

    Nail salons are starting to open back up, but there are going to be some changes you may not be...

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    13 Things That Will Be Cheaper in 2021

    Take heart—these expenses will dip now that our rough COVID-19 pandemic year is over and we turn a fresh calendar...