I Tried a Saatva Mattress, and It’s Ideal for Couples Who Can’t Agree on Firmness Levels

There's a lot to love about the award-winning Saatva classic mattress. But is the innerspring bed worth the investment? Here's my honest Saatva mattress review.

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Here at Reader’s Digest, we don’t mess around with our sleep. In fact, we’re obsessed with finding the absolute best sleep aids for sweet dreams, including practical necessities like the best mattresses and sheets.

We’ve tested the biggest mattress brands in the business, from popular online picks like the Nectar mattress to the non-toxic Avocado Green mattress. So, it was only a matter of time before we tested the best-selling online luxury innerspring, the Saatva mattress.

I’ve been an exclusive memory foam mattress sleeper for years, so the thought of an innerspring mattress felt like a big decision—on top of all the other mattress concerns, of course. What if the delivery isn’t as smooth as a boxed bed? What if it’s not as plush? As an award-winning mattress, however, Saatva’s long list of accolades made it easy to make the switch from memory foam to an innerspring mattress. Here’s my honest Saatva mattress review.

What is a Saatva mattress?

Think of the best hotel mattress you’ve ever slept on. Was it plush, yet firm, to the touch? Did it support your neck, shoulders and back to give you the best night’s sleep ever? The Saatva mattress is kind of like that—but better.

Saatva boasts a large portfolio of luxurious mattresses. I tested a queen-sized Saatva classic mattress in luxury firm, which is the middle child of the brand’s plush soft and firm classic mattress. As a hybrid mattress, it boasts the support of an innerspring and the plush feel of a memory foam mattress. It’s packed with layers, starting with a 3-inch contouring “Lumber Zone Quilting” for extra support. Then, the middle layers consist of memory foam for ultra-firm back support and responsive coals to reduce sleep disruption caused by movement (if your partner is a restless sleeper, you know how frustrating this is).

The Saatva classic mattress in luxury firm scores a five to seven on the firmness scale, which is the optimal balance of plush comfort and superior support. This feature is also extra important if you struggle with any type of back pain. As if it could get better, the classic mattress in luxury firm is quite literally the best Saatva option for any type of sleeper (side, stomach, back), and ideal if you and your partner can’t agree on a firmness level.

This mattress is a real treat for hot sleepers, too, thanks to a dual-coal design for properly dispersing body heat and a breathable organic cotton cover. It’s also one-sided, so there’s no need to worry about flipping it every few months.

Saatva Classic Mattressvia merchant VIA MERCHANT

I Tried It

Saatva Classic Mattress

You'll feel like you're sleeping at a luxury hotel every night, thanks to the Saatva mattress.

Saatva mattress features

  • Supportive, yet soft, mattress
  • Firmness level: five to seven
  • Organic, breathable cotton cover
  • Dual-coal design for optimal airflow
  • Antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Free of fiberglass and chemical flame retardants

How we tested it

Saatva Classic mattress via merchant

My Saatva mattress arrived about 10 days after ordering. Though I’ve loved the convenience of boxed beds I’ve bought online, I was thrilled to have this bad boy delivered and set up on my bed frame for free, courtesy of Saatva. Plus, they removed my old mattress—that alone makes this mattress an extra-sweet treat. While some mattresses give off a chemical-y smell during the break-in period, Saatva smelled like, well, absolutely nothing. We’re off to a strong start!

Now for the fun part: sleeping. For my Saatva mattress review, I wanted to see what this award-winning mattress was all about, so I slept on it with just a fitted sheet and some warm blankets. That’s right—no plush comforter or cooling mattress pad for me. I did, of course, layer on my waterproof mattress protector.

The first night, I was shocked by how firm the mattress was—and that’s a good thing. I prefer firm mattresses whereas my partner prefers a plush, kind of  “sinking in” feel to beds. As a mattress designed for couples who can’t agree on a firm-to-plush ratio, I was intrigued to see what we thought after a few sleeps.

First impressions

My honest first impression was that it’s incredibly supportive, and I didn’t once feel my lower back sinking. At this point I was worried it wouldn’t be as cozy as my previous memory foam mattress, but more on that later. I honestly didn’t know what to expect with a mattress that claims to be the perfect balance of luxuriously plush and supportively firm. Still, I wanted to see how it held up after the break-in period of several weeks.

Over the course of the first few nights, I woke up well-rested and pain-free. As a side sleeper, my neck and shoulders are the biggest culprits of my sleep problems. Saatva is an absolute dream for how firm, yet cozy, the mattress is. I also never woke up in the middle of the night, which is a win-win. I’m told I feel like a furnace when I sleep, so as a hot sleeper, I can confidently confirm that Saatva doesn’t add to my overheating. However, Saatva isn’t a cooling bed by any means. The double-coal design simply allows for proper airflow to prevent overheating.

As for my partner’s sleep experience? We both agreed we’ve never slept better since we can’t feel each other move around in the middle of the night, thanks to the responsive coils that reduce motion transfer.

Over time

After a few weeks, my Saatva mattress became slightly plusher by the night. This was a pleasant surprise, considering how firm it was the first few nights. I do prefer firm mattresses solely because of how supportive they are on my back, but I also love the feeling of being delicately cradled by a plush boost. The best way I can describe it is like sleeping on top of it, not sinking in. My Saatva mattress review showed me, and my partner, that it’s truly the best of both worlds.


  • White-glove delivery included
  • Free removal of your old mattress
  • Two height options: 11.5 and 14.5 inches
  • Three comfort level options: plush soft, luxury firm and firm
  • Available in eight mattress sizes
  • No toxic chemical smell
  • 365-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty


  • On the pricey side, but worth it for a mattress that lasts decades


Is Saatva a good mattress for back pain?

Several reviewers who suffer from back pain note the Saatva classic mattress in luxury firm works well for them. It may be worth checking out the firm option (vs. luxury firm) for extra-supportive sleep. There’s no “sinking” into the luxury firm model, which is important for easing back pain.

What comfort level is Saatva?

Saatva offers a variety of mattresses at a variety of comfort levels. There are three to choose from: plush soft (comfort level three), luxury firm (comfort level five to seven) and firm (comfort level eight).

What comfort level do hotel mattresses use?

For the most part, hotel mattresses have a medium-to-firm comfort level. This firmness is ideal for all types of sleepers like side, back and stomach sleepers.

What other reviewers had to say

With over 3,200 reviews, it’s clear the love for the Saatva classic mattress is strong. Here’s what a few happy sleepers have to say in their Saatva mattress reviews:

“Best mattress I’ve ever owned,” writes five-star reviewer, Bruce M. “I have so many things wrong with my back that neurosurgeons won’t operate. I’ve had to resort to prescription medications to have some relief. The first night that I slept on my new Saatva classic I got up the next morning with extremely less pain. I slept six straight hours without waking up. I hadn’t slept that long in years. I’m happy to say that I have been able to reduce the [number] of pain meds that I take. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone with back problems.”

“I can’t speak more highly about my new Saatva classic mattress in luxury firm,” adds Patricia A., a five-star reviewer. “It’s beautiful, high quality, comfortable and gives me the best sleep without hurting my back. I actually returned the plush soft for the luxury firm. The exchange was seamless. I didn’t realize at purchase that the mattress was made upon order and the delivery was seven to 10 days. I did not mind the wait, and I was very pleased to learn that the mattress was manufactured here in the U.S.”

Product comparison

It’s worth noting how Saatva differs from other online mattress brands like the hybrid DreamCloud—and yes, even the Amazon Zinus mattress. For starters, it’s not a boxed bed that inflates after unboxing. Saatva is hand-delivered and set up for free. Second, it’s not a memory foam mattress. While it has an inner memory foam layer, it’s an innerspring hybrid mattress that provides super-strong back support along with the plushness of the oh-so-popular memory foam mattress.

As for how it compares to the rest of Saatva’s mattress portfolio? The rest of Saatva’s collection addresses common sleep problems with its cooling mattress, adjustable firmness mattress and memory foam mattress. To put it plainly—the Saatva classic is a more versatile option that offers the best of both worlds for couples who can’t agree on their preferred firmness levels, as well as providing comfort to all sleepers (side, back, stomach). Plus, it’s the most popular mattress the brand offers—it’s that good.

Final verdict

If you couldn’t tell by now, my Saatva mattress review taught me I don’t have to sacrifice soft, plushness for a strong, supportive mattress. I also feel confident knowing this mattress is going to last me a very long time. It’s like sleeping in a luxe hotel every night, except it’s my apartment and I never have to check out.

It’s also worth mentioning that my partner and I completely disagree on the firm-to-plush ratio of a mattress. As a sleeper who prefers plushness to firmness, he claims he hasn’t gotten a better night’s sleep since trying the Saatva. Now I just need to upgrade our bedding.

Where to buy the Saatva mattress

Saatva Classic Mattressvia merchant VIA MERCHANT

I Tried It

Saatva Classic Mattress

This Saatva hybrid mattress has the support of an innerspring and the plush feel of memory foam.

Whether you’re replacing your current mattress or moving to a new place, let this be your sign to invest in a Saatva mattress. Find it on the brand’s website where it goes for $1,995 for a queen. It’s certainly not a cheap mattress, but a new bed is an investment, after all. Investing in Saatva could save you thousands from having to replace a cheap mattress over and over. Bonus: Saatva tends to have major markdowns, and you could score a deep discount when you buy a mattress at the right time.

My Saatva mattress review taught me that a luxuriously plush, yet supportive, mattress does exist—and the lifetime warranty makes the purchase more than worth it. Throw in some cozy new sheets for an extra-luxe sleep. Sweet dreams!

Saatva mattressvia merchant

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