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10 Cats That Look Just Like Tigers

Get ready to do a double-take with these house cats that look like they belong in the wild.

a side by side comparison of a cat and a tiger
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We think we can speak for many people when we say most of us would not want a tiger in our home. Besides the obvious legal barriers for owning a pet tiger, we imagine they would drain your bank account with those cat food charges, they would probably need their own bedroom, and we’d be too fearful to sleep at night with a tiger sleeping next door. But tigers really are beautiful. Their poise and grace are mesmerizing so it’s understandable why the look of them may be appealing. These cat breeds look just like tigers all while being safe to have in your home, trainable, and most importantly, loveable. After you read about these amazing cats that look like tigers, read up on these rare cat breeds you probably didn’t know about.

bengal cat
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You may have heard “Bengal” before in reference to Bengal tigers so it’s no wonder that these domestic cats with the same name are almost a spitting image of the wildcat. Bengal cats were actually bred in the 1960s as a cross between a wild leopard cat and various domestic cat breeds. They are medium-sized with a thick tail, long body, and strong back legs that allow them to leap great heights. But their fur really gives them that tiger look with stripes that resemble the wildcat and circular patterns that look like those found on a leopard. They are even hypoallergenic! For all the allergy-prone individuals, don’t miss more hypoallergenic cats that won’t make you sneeze.

Toyger Cat on isolated Black Background
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Toyers are actually known as the “tiger cat” so clearly you can’t get much closer than this guy. This cat was actually bred to look like a tiger by crossing a Bengal with a stray cat roaming the streets of India. Toygers have lots of stripes with orange, gold, and red tones throughout. These cats do require a lot of physical activity so it’s important to evaluate if you are able to meet their needs before adopting, but they are quite sweet, making them perfect for families. For more pets with uncanny wildlife resemblances, check out these dogs that look like foxes.

Portrait Of F1 Savannah Kitten Resting On Bed At Home
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Did you do a double-take? Savannah cats truly do look like they belong out in the wild. While they have a glaring physical similarity to tigers, they actually have the personality of your average house cat. If you’re a cat owner, make sure you aren’t making one of these dangerous mistakes that could actually harm your cat.

Egyptian Mau cat female cat
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Egyptian Mau

Native to Egypt (surprise!), Egyptian Maus were classified as a sacred animal. Many ancient Egyptian works of art depict this breed in a superior way. With more of an ashy color, their dark stripes give them the appearance of a tiger. They are also known for their astonishing agility and speed. If these cats that look like tigers have you wanting to see more wildlife doppelgangers, try these dog breeds that look like wolves.

Ocicat cat near flower on white wall background, housecat indoor, copy space
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Ocicats are incredibly muscular and stealthy. Their name is derived from the Ocelot, a small striped wildcat, and is the only cat breed selectively bred to look like a wildcat. For more cuddly cats, try one of these most affectionate cat breeds.

Cheetoh Cat
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How cute is this name? Cheetohs are very energetic and love to play. The markings on their fur give them a cheetah-like look, but tiger stripes can also appear on their fur. Only bred for the very first time back in 2001, the Cheetoh has established a reputation of being sweet, easily trained, and loyal. Maybe you can even train your cat to do one of these life-changing things, like walk on a leash.

Chausie, abyssinian cat on white background
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Another high-energy cat for the list! Chausie’s need to be stimulated enough, otherwise they become restless and can be destructive around the house. While they don’t sport tiger stripes like some of the others, their eyes, pointed ears, and angled legs give them a tiger-like shape. If you decide to adopt one of these cats that look like tigers, make sure you get one of the best dry cat foods according to vets.

Two-year-old ruddy male Abyssinian cat
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Abyssinians are strong and lean. They need lots of physical activity but are also highly intelligent and incredibly loving. One thing to note about the Abyssinian is that they typically don’t do well with other cats. They want to be the only cat that gets the attention in your home, similar to most younger siblings. Learn the best ways to pet-proof your kitchen space before bringing a cat into your home.

Duo of two Pixie Bob cat kittens sitting straight up and laying down
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Believe it or not, these cats that look like tigers have a very dog-like personality and despite their name, they actually have zero relation to the bobcat. Pixiebobs can be pretty large for a housecat, weighing up to 18 pounds and their spotted coat will make it feel as if there is an actual wildcat living in your home. Don’t miss more large cat breeds that make the cutest pets.

American Bobtail Cat On Grass
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American Bobtail

This tiger-like cat has a huge heart. American Bobtails love company and receiving lots of attention. They are actually recommended as therapy cats due to their calm demeanor. Like the Pixiebob, the American Bobtail has a more dog-like personality than your typical grumpy housecat. Now that you’ve all about these cats that look like tigers, see if you can find them on this list of the cutest cat breeds as kittens.

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