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40 Christmas Crafts for Kids to Get Them in the Holiday Spirit

These Christmas crafts for kids will keep little ones busy and help you decorate your home. Talk about a Christmas miracle!

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Collage of different kids Christmas crafts divided by thin white lines
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Crafting all the way

There’s nothing quite like crafting for getting into the holiday spirit—it’s a fun Christmas tradition, especially when you get your kids involved! Christmas crafts for kids ensure hours of family fun, laughter, and creativity—and, not to mention, some pretty awesome DIY Christmas decorations to hang around your house. Remember to always supervise younger children with scissors, paint, and glue.

Have these Christmas crafts for kids got you ho-ho-hoing in delight? Then, you’ll adore these Christmas party games, Christmas books for kids, and Christmas bingo to continue the festive mood throughout the holiday season. So if you ever find yourself starting to question just exactly what is Christmas again, never fear—just grab a pair of scissors, some glue, and construction paper, and the holiday magic will find you and your kids once again.

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hand painted Christmas star ornaments for mom and dad on festive tree
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Mom and Dad Star Ornaments

Your kids will love making these personalized star ornaments just for Mom and Dad. Simply have them paint a wooden star gold and white and once dry, write “Mom” and “Dad” across the center. Loop some yarn or twine through the top to complete. A Cancer would totally make these sentimental ornaments—find out how you should decorate for the holidays, according to your zodiac sign.

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Christmas angel made from a disposable cardboard plate, a plastic spoon and paper
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Paper Plate Angel

Hark, the paper plate angels sing! For this Christmas decoration idea, paint a paper plate blue and cut it into three pieces to form the dress and wings. Attach yellow construction paper to the plastic spoon as hair and glue together. It’s just about the easiest Christmas craft for kids you can find.

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homemade DIY easy Christmas cards designs with cut-outs Santa Claus, snowmen, snowflakes, reindeer, Xmas trees with baubles, wreaths, penguins, buttons
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Christmas Cards

There’s no Christmas craft for kids quite as special as a handmade holiday card. Help your kids spruce up their card-making game this year by using construction paper and buttons to create fun paper card cutouts in the shapes of Christmas trees, reindeer, wreaths, ornaments, and more. Not sure your crew is up to the task? Try one of these free printable cards instead.

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Child making decorations of orange peel for Christmas
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Orange Peel Garland

After peeling (and eating) an orange, lay out the skin and use Christmas-themed cookie cutters to cut out shapes. From there, thread a string or twine to form the garland. Oranges aren’t the only fruit fit for Christmas—did you know that it’s a Chinese tradition to eat an apple on Christmas?

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Christmas trees made from pasta, cardboard plates, hot glue and paint or spray
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Pasta Christmas Trees

Move over, blue spruce! This is a whole new Christmas tree idea. Help your kids spray paint uncooked pasta noodles in green and silver and hot glue the pasta together to form tree shapes. Don’t forget the bowtie noodle on top! After crafting, it might be time to take a road trip and check out the best Christmas towns in each state.

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girl coloring in green a cone as if it is small toy pine tree, natural materials and handmade presents, zero waste holidays
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Pinecone Christmas Trees

A Christmas craft for kids that’s both eco-friendly and adorable? Sign us up! Have your kids scavenge pinecones in the backyard. Then, use hot glue to attach the pinecones to corks to act as the stump. Dip in green paint to complete. These may take the cake for best artificial Christmas trees.

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Child is holding a Christmas ball in his hands
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Christmas Cardboard Balls

All you need for this Christmas craft for kids is colored string and cardboard. Help your child cut out notches all along a circle of cardboard, then insert string and criss-cross to make an abstract snowflake shape. Display on the mantel, the dinner table, or even the Christmas tree where it could make for a creative Christmas tree topper.

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Diy Christmas pasta wreath on blue background
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Pasta Wreath

Kids will love this fun twist on the classic Christmas wreath idea. Use craft glue to adhere bowtie pasta to a foam wreath form. Spray paint to apply color and for an extra special holiday surprise, attach red bows and roses.

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Christmas Santa Claus in chimney made from toilet paper hub, colored paper, marker, glue, fishing line and cotton pad.
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Chimney Santa Claus

This Christmas craft for kids transforms recycled toilet paper rolls into chimneys with red construction paper and a black marker. Use the same tools to create Santa’s hat and feet.

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The child is making Christmas presents. Christmas gift box and snowman sweets
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Marshmallow Snowman

The snowman has forever been a symbol of winter fun and Christmastime—and the history of the snowman proves it. Celebrate this with a fun Mason jar craft. Have your child fill a Mason jar with mini marshmallows to form the snowman’s body. Then, glue buttons and ribbon to the outside for this creative take on an old classic.

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The child makes a toy on the Christmas tree snowman paper. Glue, paper, scissors on a wooden table.
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Swirly Paper Snowman

Help your child cut white paper into a spiral to form the snowman’s swirly body. From there, draw eyes, a mouth, and a carrot nose at the top. Don’t forget to cut out a construction paper hat to complete the craft.

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Reindeer stick gift on wooden table
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Reindeer Popsicle Stick

But do you recall…the most famous (Popsicle stick) reindeer of all? Rudolph has never looked cuter. Help your child glue together alternating red and green Popsicle sticks to create the frame. Then, cut out Rudolph’s head, arms, and feet from brown construction paper and glue them to the Popsicle sticks.

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Christmas snowman merry gift on wooden table
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Circle Snowmen

What’s round, white, and absolutely adorable? This Christmas craft for kids! All your kid will need is colored construction paper, scissors, and glue, making it absolutely kid-friendly. And talk about creative—your child can craft and decorate these little bundles of snowy joy as they see fit.

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Mixed race girl holding paper snowflakes
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Paper Snowflakes

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include the most classic of all Christmas crafts for kids—the paper snowflake. No matter how simple this craft is, the magic of unfurling the paper to see the incredible patterns created will always be a Christmas miracle.

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The child makes a greeting card Christmas paper collage
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Christmas Tree Card

This craft will have your kids singing “O Christmas Tree” all day long. Have your child design the Christmas tree of their dreams using green construction paper and stickers.

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little child making winter decoration "Christmas Tree" from paper, crumpled paper or napkins, and cotton disc
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Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Cut green pieces of tissue paper into squares and have your child crumple and glue them together to form the shape of a Christmas tree. For an extra special touch, cut up a white cotton pad and use it as snow. The holidays are all about personal touches—continue the tradition with these personalized Christmas stockings.

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Handmade Christmas toys from a toilet tube roll on a green background
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Toilet Paper Toys

What do Frosty, Santa, and a Christmas tree all have in common? They’re made out of toilet paper rolls! For this craft, all your child will need is glue, construction paper, and paint.

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Little girl holding a heart made of felt
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Felt Heart Ornament

While this Christmas craft may require a little help from Mom or Dad, your child can still get involved by picking out the colors of felt and, if they’re older, even cutting out the felt into heart shapes. Have a parent finish the job by hand stitching together to form a sweet, handmade ornament.

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Origami Advent Calendar, Paper Craft. Girl Looking Upon Paper Houses With Number And Paper Tree
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Origami Advent Calendar

Use cardstock to form little origami houses to act as an advent calendar. Hide a sweet treat or toy underneath each house and allow children to “open” one house a day.

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Snowman made on a popsicle stick
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Popsicle Stick Snowman

Talk about a kid-friendly craft! Santa’s little helpers will love decorating a white Popsicle stick with pom-poms, googly eyes, and construction paper to create mini snowmen.

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Handmade Christmas greeting cards on wooden table
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Snowmen Greeting Cards

All your child will need for this Christmas craft are white buttons, blue cardstock, a white pen, and some creativity. Have your child glue three buttons in a row to create the shape of the snowman. Draw stick arms, hair, snow, and more using the white pen.

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Children making Christmas snow globe decorations with glass jars, glitter and pine cones
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Christmas Tree Snow Globes

What’s the only thing better than a holiday-themed snow globe? A DIY holiday-themed snow globe, of course! To create the Christmas tree, paint a pine cone green and decorate it with sequins and glitter and attach to the bottom of a Mason jar lid. Then, fill the Mason jar with glitter and add glycerin (that secret snow globe ingredient!). Screw on the lid, flip over, and watch the holiday magic commence.

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Little girl making Christmas Tree Calendar out of toilet paper rolls
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Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Calendar

To make this fun, upcycled Christmas craft, first, tape recycled toilet paper rolls in a pyramid shape. Then, cover in green construction paper. Finally, decorate each of the rolls with numbers 1 to 25 to finish the advent calendar.

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Overhead view of child hands creating a snowman toy at Christmas
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Paper Plate Snowman

For this Christmas craft for kids, have your child use cotton pads to build the shape of the snowman before decorating with markers, ribbon, and some mini pom-poms for snowy effect.

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DIY winter card with Christmas tree
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Christmas Tree Greeting Cards

Fold a piece of paper in half and cut triangles to create the paper Christmas tree. Do this a second time, then stack for a 3D effect. Decorate with a brown construction paper stump and twine bow on top.

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heart made out of candy canes on a blue background
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Candy Cane Hearts

Simply glue two candy canes in the shape of a heart to a piece of decorated paper.

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Garland with Christmas trees from paper forms for muffins
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Cupcake Wrapper Garland

Glue three cupcake wrappers stacked on top of each other to form mini Christmas trees. Once dry, glue to a piece of string to complete the garland.

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Snowmen made of buttons on cards
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Button Snowmen

Glue three buttons to a piece of paper to form the body and add a black construction paper hat to complete the look.

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Mother and daughter doing crafts at home with accessories to make a Christmas tree
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Duct Tape Ring Christmas Tree

Paint empty duct tape rings green. Once dry, glue together in a pyramid shape to form a Christmas tree. Decorate with pom-poms and glittery stars.

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The child draws details Christmas Santa stick puppets
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Santa Puppets

First, cut out a triangle using red construction paper and glue to a Popsicle stick. Then glue half a cupcake wrapper to make Santa’s beard, a white circle to form his head, and add a small white circle on top to complete his hat.

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Homemade Christmas tree ornament made with ice cream sticks and buttons

Christmas Tree Ornament

This homemade Christmas tree ornament is the gift that will keep on giving. Paint three thick Popsicle sticks green and once dry, glue them together to form a triangle. Then, decorate using buttons, a star sticker on top, and a piece of recycled cardboard as a stump.

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Christmas card made of water colours and popcorn
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Popcorn Santa Claus

This craft is so scrumptious, you may be tempted to take a bite! First, paint Santa’s hat and face details using watercolors. Then, form his beard by gluing popcorn in a triangle shape.

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Making Christmas tree of cones
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Pinecone Christmas Trees

Paint the pinecones green and attach tiny white pom-poms to act as snow. Once dry, hot glue the bottom of the pine cones into recycled caps to act as a pot.

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Christmas gift wrapped with green hand stamped repurposed brown paper bag and recycled paper ribbon with green background
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Going Green Wrapping Paper

To take your child’s Christmas crafting to a whole new level…have them custom DIY wrapping paper! Cut a Christmas tree stamp out of a sponge then stamp green paint onto a repurposed brown bag to create a pattern.

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A child is holding Christmas decoration or Christmas gift wooden sticks
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Wooden Stick Holiday Characters

To make the Popsicle stick snowman, glue together six Popsicle sticks with one lying diagonally. Paint the top half and diagonal stick black for the hat, and the bottom half white. Draw on eyes, a carrot nose, and a smile.

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The child create a greeting packaging for candy Santa Claus on paper
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Santa Claus Candy Package

This is an adorable way for kids to give their friends candy on Christmas. First, fold red cardstock into a freestanding triangle shape. Decorate one side with Santa’s face, made out of construction paper and pieces of a doily. Slide a lollipop face down into the triangle and staple on either side to secure.

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Close-up of paper Christmas trees on window sill at home
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Paper Christmas Trees

Cut out a Christmas tree using white cardstock. Then, have your child glue down strips of green construction paper. Decorate with fun holiday-themed ribbon.

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Girl holding Angel garland Christmas decoration, portrait
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Angel Garland

Use patterned paper for a fun twist on this classic kids’ Christmas craft.

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Christmas ornaments made with natural materials as pine leafs and wood
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Pinecone Ornaments

Glue colored pom-poms to pine cones before hanging with a piece of twine for a rustic Christmas ornament.

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Family decorating surgical face masks for Christmas
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Christmas Masks

Decorate your masks this year for the ultimate holiday cheer. Glue on pom-poms and cotton fluff for a bona fide Santa’s beard.

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