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60 Best Christmas Wreath Ideas Even Novices Can Make

Updated: Dec. 17, 2022

Whether your style is rustic or glamorous, traditional or quirky, there are perfect do-it-yourself Christmas wreath ideas for your home

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christmas wreath hanging on front door
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Get festive with these Christmas wreath ideas

There’s no season quite like the holiday season. So what is Christmas like in your family? For some, it’s baking holiday cookies and wrapping gifts. For others, it’s decorating every available surface with lights, garlands and angel figurines. And for the crafty among us, the holidays are our favorite opportunity to get creative. From brainstorming Christmas wreath ideas to putting Christmas tree ideas into action as you trim your tree with favorite Christmas ornaments, the season is all about making your holiday decor dreams come true.

And that starts at the front door, where a seasonal wreath can set the stage for the decorations inside. But with so many Christmas wreath ideas to choose from, how do you decide? One way is to establish a theme. You could tie the style of your wreath to your outdoor Christmas decoration ideas. Or feature the same color scheme for all your DIY Christmas decorations.

If you’re still stumped for where to start, take heart. We’ve rounded up Christmas wreath ideas for every style and budget. No matter how much time you have (or don’t have) for crafting, you can create a Christmas wreath that will bring the holidays to your home.

Multi-colored homemade decorative wreath made from painted pine cones, hanging on a wooden front door.
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Rainbow pine cones Christmas wreath

This is one of the most gorgeous Christmas wreath ideas we’ve seen! You’ll need around 30 pine cones and lots of colored paint—we love how this wreath features different shades of the same color. You can arrange two rows of pine cones in a rainbow pattern, or simply use the colors you prefer. Glue or tie the pine cones to a wide wreath base and finish with a silky ribbon. Who said red and green are the only Christmas colors?

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Large Christmas wreath with fir branches, toys and decorations on the wall of the house on the street.
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Wrap and wind Christmas wreath

This asymmetrical Christmas wreath idea makes for a striking celebration of the holiday season. Starting with a simple grapevine wreath base, wrap an evergreen garland and gold chain around two thirds of the wreath, finishing with a festive spray of red berries. Hot-glue a few mini pine cones and add a bright ribbon to hang. Then you can start thinking about what to write in your Christmas cards.

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wreath with spoons hanging on wooden door
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A spoonful of berries succulent Christmas wreath

Fir trees make a gorgeous pop of color in winter, when all the other trees have lost their leaves—but they’re not the only evergreens worth making into a wreath. A succulent wreath evokes the warmth of the desert even in the depths of winter, while red berries keep the holiday vibe and pewter spoons add a rustic touch. Accessorize with a few mini reindeer, and you’ve got a perfect blend of Southwest and North Pole. It’s a Christmas miracle!

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gold handmade christmas wreath from tinsel and baubles on pink background
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Gold on gold on gold Christmas wreath

Maybe you’re the kind of person who picks a new color theme for your Christmas decor every December. This year, why not choose gold? A gold tinsel wreath adorned with metallic ornaments in various shades of gold will make your home stand out to local magpies and Santa Claus alike. Doesn’t that sound like a Christmas party game?

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Colorful Christmas wreath decoration baubles on wooden background
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Bauble wonderland Christmas wreath

Maximalists, assemble! This amazing bauble-licious Christmas wreath idea will add a pop of color to your front door and make you the envy of the neighborhood. It looks complicated, but it’s not as hard as it looks. Start with a metal wreath base and collect the baubles you want to use. You can get creative with colors and sizes! There are a few different techniques to affix the baubles, from tying individual baubles on to the frame to wiring clusters of baubles together and tying those on. Whichever you choose, a huge glittery ribbon is the icing on the bauble cake. That’s a wreath worthy of one of the best Christmas songs.

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Creative Christmas wreath in the macrame style with fir branches and rowan berries is hanging on a white wooden wall
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Macramé Christmas wreath

Add your name to the knotty list this Christmas by creating a beautiful macramé wreath for your front door. Macramé had its heyday in the 1970s, but it’s having a moment right now thanks to its beautiful bohemian look. It may look hard, but we promise this DIY is as easy as tying your shoes. That’s one reason  we consider it one of the best Christmas activities. With an easy-to-follow pattern and some spruce sprigs and berries tucked into the twine, you’ll be groovy—and so will your front door.

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Rustic Christmas wreath decoration, made with with slices of wooden log, dried grasses and tree branches, pine cones and ribbon, hanging on a building exterior
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Wood slice Christmas wreath

Did someone say rustic? You may not have been born in a barn, but you can get the look with this simple yet charming wood slice wreath. Glue the wood rounds to a sturdy wreath base and add a burlap ribbon and some pine cones to bring it into the holiday season. It’s so quick, you’ll have tons of time to watch your favorite Christmas cartoons.

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Rustic Holiday Wreath with driedels in the shape of the star of david for Hannukah on Front Door
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Hanukkah or Chrismukkah Christmas wreath

If you celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah (sometimes known as Chrismukkah), or just want to borrow some Christmas decor for your Festival of Lights celebration, this is the wreath for you. Start with a star-shaped wreath base—a six-pointed star, of course. Tie seasonal fir sprigs (or cedar!) to the points, and accessorize with the holiday’s traditional dreidels, each showing one of the four sides. Chag Sameach!

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upcycled metal pie plate christmas decoration hanging on wooden wall
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Pie plate Christmas wreath

Nothing says Christmastime like food. And as we all know, pie is one of the highest food forms. This DIY Christmas wreath idea requires a few things: a cork trivet, a vintage metal pie dish, some pins and a drill. First, drill a hole in the pie dish for a hanging ribbon, then glue the cork trivet onto the dish (you may have to cut it with a box cutter to get it to fit). Then, pin whatever decorations you like straight onto the cork. You can switch out the decor every year to fit your theme too. Who’s hungry? If you love vintage, get some inspiration from these vintage Christmas decorations!

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Christmas wreath of cones and gold balls on wooden background.
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Berries and spice Christmas wreath

The only thing better than a holiday wreath is a holiday wreath that smells good. This Christmas wreath idea starts with a chunky foam wreath base and some gold spray paint. Tint your favorite berries or peppercorns gold, and gather a few jars of star anise. Then glue the gold rounds and fragrant anise in alternating sections, and hang. Your front door will smell so good, you’ll be able to find it in the dark! For more scent-sational DIYs, these homemade air fresheners will have your home smelling good year-round.

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Christmas wreath made of pinecones on a blue front door in dublin
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Frosted pine cone Christmas wreath

This gorgeous frosted pine cone Christmas wreath idea will invite Jack Frost to visit your town. You’ll need a foam wreath base, a glue gun, several pine cones of varying sizes (spruce pine cones work best, as they are a little longer and more flexible) and some white spray paint for that snow-kissed look. Lightly spray the pine cones, then glue to the wreath base, filling in gaps with smaller pine cones. Accessorize with a few tastefully placed red berries and hang.

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Christmas wreath decorated with handmade cookies and red ribbon hanging on the brown door.
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Gingerbread cookies Christmas wreath

This Christmas wreath idea is good enough to eat! A simple fir base with a bright red ribbon and some seasonal gingerbread cookie ornaments (made or bought!) brings the festive vibe to your front door. Just don’t forget to poke holes in the cookies while they’re still warm so you can tie them on to the wreath. Save any extras for nibbling on while you peruse these Christmas memes.

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Berry christmas wreath with decorations on a door
studioportosabbia/Getty Images

Berry merry Christmas wreath

A bright red berry makes for an amazing pop of color against a Christmas snowfall and looks even better on your front door. This berry Christmas wreath idea is easy to make: Start with a base wreath made of twigs or willow, then weave in some artificial berry sprigs and attach a coordinating red ribbon for hanging. Once the front door is sorted, you can go ahead and decorate for the holidays, according to your zodiac sign.

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Wrapped yarn and ribbon Christmas wreath

Using yarn and ribbon wrapping techniques on a simple base, crafter Mikko Land has created a striking DIY wreath. We love the reindeer ornament and vintage-looking pearl-and-gold decorations. You could even use upcycling as inspiration for all your Christmas decoration ideas. Repurposing retro earrings, brooches or buttons is one way to get your tree sparkling.

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Jingle bells Christmas wreath on a blue door
Ilia Verevka/Getty Images

Jingle bells Christmas wreath

One of the most beautiful Christmas wreath ideas, this combines elements of classic seasonal decor—jingle bells, bright berries, shiny baubles and silvery pine cones—all attached to a simple fir base using floral wire. If you like the look of silvered pine cones and leaves, you can gather some from a park and spray paint them. Leaving the evergreen visible in places really makes the decorations pop—like these Christmas tree toppers.

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Pom Pom Christmas Wreath
Courtesy Dwell & Dine

Pom-pom Christmas wreath

If you’ve run out of Christmas wreath ideas and are looking for something fresh, go with unexpected pom-poms. Sarah over at Dwell and Dine has created a gorgeous white pom-pom wreath that would look amazing on a painted front door. Set aside a couple of hours to wind your yarn (maybe while the Christmas cookies are baking and you’re bingeing the latest Lifetime Christmas movie), and you’ll have a pom-fect wreath in no time.

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Apples and bow Christmas wreath on wood background
MaximFesenko/Getty Images

Apples and bow Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath ideas that play up Christmas colors like red and green lend a traditional feel to your holiday decor. What sets this wreath apart is its charming handmade look. To achieve that, tuck red accents (think berries, baubles and shiny red apples) between the branches, then tease out the branches for a less “done” look. A lush red bow adds interest to the center of the wreath.

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Holiday Gnome Wreath
via merchant

Holiday gnome Christmas wreath

This ribbon-and-mesh wreath features an adorable “Merry Christmas” sign, complete with cute gnomes for a Scandinavian touch. Best of all, it comes in an amazing kit. If gnomes aren’t your thing, the shop offers dozens of gorgeous wreath kits to choose from. Why not put on one of the best Christmas movies while you get to crafting?

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Beautiful festive winter hand made wreath on the rustic wooden table background, top view
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Scottie dog Christmas wreath

Here’s where Christmas wreath ideas and gifts for dog lovers collide. Make this wreath for yourself, of course, but create another for the canine lover in your life. For a cohesive look, match the color of your pet ornament with the decorations on the wreath. Here, the white Scottie complements the white cotton balls and berries and makes a nice contrast to the red apples, berries and bows.

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Greenery triple-hoop Christmas wreath

For a charmingly rustic Christmas wreath, look no further than this simple triple-hoop and greenery wreath from Instagram user @UsThreeByTheSea. With a wire wreath base and cute wooden hoops, some twine, greenery gathered from your garden (or a local florist) and a few adorable dolls for a final touch, this wreath will add real warmth to your home. It’s a great craft to do with your little ones, maybe before you sit down with the best Christmas movies for kids.

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Christmas Wreath decorated with red apples, dried orange slices, cones, cinnamon sticks and bow
MaximFesenko/Getty Images

Sugar and spice Christmas wreath

Dried whole oranges, cinnamon sticks, anise pods and apples—real or fake!—make for a gorgeous and fragrant wreath. For best effect, you’ll need plenty of each decoration, as well as twine (for tying bunches of cinnamon sticks), pine cones and a bright ribbon for a finishing touch. You can dry the oranges yourself in the oven; use low heat for 10 to 16 hours. Not only will your house smell like citrus, but you can reuse the dried fruit to complement your creative gift-wrapping ideas.

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Cookie And Candy Wreath Via Walmart
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Christmas toys Christmas wreath

This felt appliqué project is one of the most fanciful Christmas wreath ideas and is doable for all skill levels, whether you’re a crafting pro or your skills stop at sewing on a button. The kit comes with everything you need to make a cute wreath, including thread, needles, sequins and stamped felt for easy-to-follow patterns. If you don’t mind a project that fills a few weekends, this is the wreath for you. When you’re finished, round up the kids for some Christmas bingo.

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Christmas Wreath decorated with red balls, bows, roses and toy houses
MaximFesenko/Getty Images

Birdhouse and feathers Christmas wreath

This charming Christmas wreath is a little like a garden, with a bit of everything tucked within. Using a flocked wreath as a base, pick a color and go wild with baubles, birds, painted pine cones, feathers, frosted flowers and hand-painted birdhouses. Glue acorn hats on jingle bells, tuck in an owl or cardinal and paint a birdhouse in your theme color. With this wreath, more is more!

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Felt Reindeer And Santa Wreath
via merchant

Santa and reindeer Christmas wreath

Santa won’t be landing on your roof this year. He’ll be knocking on your front door to glimpse your handiwork on this felt appliqué wreath. The kit comes with everything you need to sew it up. If the kids bother you while you’re stitching, keep them busy by telling them these funny Christmas jokes for kids.

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Christmas wreath made of fir tree and branches decorated with golden glass balls and bow
MaximFesenko/Getty Images

Twigs and baubles Christmas wreath

You might assume that the words “rustic” and “chic” have no place side by side, but this pretty wreath proves the opposite. A loosely woven twig wreath base (take scissors to a grapevine twig wreath for a similar effect) topped with mixed-finish baubles, real fir sprigs and a burlap ribbon is a striking way to mix country warmth with a little glitz. Decorate as shown, and top with a contemplative cherub or another Christmas-themed trinket.

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Diy Flower Wreath Kit Via Etsy
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Dried flowers Christmas wreath

If you’re trying to fill small spaces with festive decor, give this wreath-making kit a try. Choose from among four grapevine wreath bases, and decorate with the included dried flowers. Once complete, you’ll have an understated yet elegant mini wreath to complement most decorating styles.

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Christmas Wreath
Courtesy Ellen Merry

Foraged greenery Christmas wreath

Understated Christmas wreath ideas like this one are still festive and utterly gorgeous. Instagram user @MerryAndBloom created a beautiful wreath out of foraged greenery, including ivy, eucalyptus and rosemary. It’s not the most traditional Christmas wreath around, but in the dead of winter, having a beautiful and fragrant wreath of fresh greenery welcome you home is a real mood booster. As are these funny Christmas jokes!

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Christmas tradition wreath and balls hanging at wall house background. Traditional rustic xmas wreath of tree branches and red berries, front view
dmf87/Getty Images

Berries and baubles Christmas wreath

This wreath showcases two of the best Christmas wreath ideas: a pretty red ribbon wrapped around the bottom and mini baubles hanging from the top. For best results, forage for seasonal foliage, like evergreen sprigs, berries, twigs and fir cones. Weave the twigs loosely into a standard grapevine wreath base, then grab your ribbons and baubles, because it’s decorating time.

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Diy Christmas Wreath Kit
via merchant

Penguin Christmas wreath

This cheery penguin is here to bring some frosty cuteness to your front door. The Designer DIY Shop’s Christmas wreath kit includes everything you need to make an adorable holiday wreath: Penguin “Joy” sign, wreath form, mesh ribbon and detailed instructions. It’s easy to make, so you’ll have plenty of time to whip up a wreath and some adorable personalized Christmas stockings.

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simple wreath
Anastasiia Burlakova/Getty Images

Simple Christmas wreath

If your decorating style leans toward “less is more,” you’ll love this simple but striking wreath. With just a few well-placed decorations—dried oranges, mini ornaments, a curl of ribbon, a few pine cones and a cotton ball or two—it gives your front door a fresh, seasonal vibe. The wreath base is more prominent here, so it’s worth either making one or spending a little more on a good-quality faux wreath.

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blue and purple wreath
Anastasiia Burlakova/Getty Images

Pink, purple and blue Christmas wreath

Branch out with Christmas wreath ideas that ditch traditional green and gold for bold flashes of jewel tones, like pinks, purples and blues. To keep your pops of color tasteful, vary the size and texture of your multicolored ornaments (aim for matte, glossy or glittery) and add a pine cone or two for variety. You can use fresh greens, but like the best artificial Christmas trees, a faux wreath will come out year after year looking good as new.

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Cross Stitch Wreath
via merchant

Gingerbread cross-stitch Christmas wreath

Whether you’re a seasoned cross-stitcher or giving it your first go, you’ll find everything you need from this Christmas wreath cross-stitch kit. It comes with a needle, embroidery floss, fabric, a color chart and detailed instructions. It’s a fun take on the Christmas wreath idea and one that you can pass on to your kids.

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Candle Christmas wreath

What brightens the holiday season better than candlelight? This beautiful wreath from Instagram crafter Emelie at @LakeOdinGardenAndCrafts brings a traditional Swedish feel to the holiday season. Using floral wire, wrap evergreen boughs and eucalyptus sprigs, one by one, around a plain wire wreath frame. Attach the candle by wrapping floral wire around the base. A battery-powered candle makes it safe for use and means you can come home to Christmas decor that’s as warm as these holiday quotes.

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Beautiful festive winter hand made wreath on the rustic wooden table background, top view
Probuxtor/Getty Images

Baubles and bow mini Christmas wreath

For this adorable wreath, you’ll need a smaller base—think eight to 10 inches—and carefully selected decorations. We like the contrast in colors and textures on this wreath: The dried orange clustered with golden baubles; the frosted sycamore balls paired with glittery silver. Top your wee wreath with a silky ribbon in a neutral color, and you’ve got a perfectly sized decoration with oversized impact.

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Beautiful festive winter hand made wreath on the rustic wooden table background, top view
Probuxtor/Getty Images

Glitter and gleam Christmas wreath

This is one of the most charming Christmas wreath ideas, with dried ferns, metallic painted fir cones, crystals, glittery ornaments and an exposed grapevine wreath base. While this wreath does feature some seasonal evergreen sprigs, the overall look is much more fairy forest than winter wonderland. Leave the twiggy top part of the wreath exposed to emphasize the cornucopia of glittery goodness. This fairy forest look would make a fun Christmas party theme.

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Beautiful festive winter hand made wreath on the rustic wooden table background, top view
Probuxtor/Getty Images

Frosted fruits Christmas star wreath

When considering Christmas wreath ideas, think outside the box—er, circle. This star-shaped option is as unexpected as it is festive. Once you’ve wrapped your pine branches around your star-shaped frame (or purchased a premade star wreath base), add a spray of festive rose hips, frost-dusted red apples, cinnamon sticks and a pine cone or two for a rustic yet fabulous alternative to a round wreath.

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Christmas Wreath
marilyna/Getty Images

Holly and mistletoe Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath ideas don’t get more traditional than this evergreen base topped with holly, mistletoe, snowflakes, pine cones and red and gold baubles. The gauzy white bow and wooden snowflakes add old-fashioned charm to a wreath that wouldn’t look out of place on Tiny Tim’s front door. A luxurious wreath base helps, so get the biggest and nicest you can find. Creating wreaths like this one may just become one of your family’s Christmas traditions.

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Beautiful festive winter hand made wreath on the rustic wooden table background, top view
Probuxtor/Getty Images

Jack Frost Christmas wreath

If the sight of a frost-covered window gives you shivers of delight, this is the Christmas wreath for you. The decorations are wintry lilac and silver, and even the natural elements, like the twigs, sprigs and seed pods, have a dusting of frosty glitter. Mixing matte and sparkly textures helps make this gorgeous wreath pop, while leaving the top twigs bare adds to the frosty forest feeling, like leafless trees in the winter.

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Christmas Wreath made of vintage plates
Courtesy Suzanne Zingg

Vintage plate Christmas wreath

If you have a thrift shop addiction—or a few inherited plates you don’t quite know what to do with—this is a festive way to display some pretty china. Suzanne at My Retired Life on the Prairie has created this stunning plate wreath using greenery, cute mismatched china and ribbons that give it a Christmas vibe. Just be sure to hang it indoors to avoid damaging your dishes. Your craftiness is sure to impress your holiday guests—as will your knowledge of Christmas movie quotes, so study up!

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Beautiful festive winter hand made wreath on the rustic wooden table background, top view
Probuxtor/Getty Images

Violet Christmas wreath

Break from tradition with a Christmas wreath that evokes royalty and luxury. Not only does this wreath feel festive without a spot of red in sight, but it also opens you up to tons of pretty hues—think lavender, violet, mauve and eggplant. You can buy purple decorations or paint white ornaments and pine cones in a variety of shades. Finish with a silky lilac and amethyst ribbon.

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decorated front door with christmas wreath and garland
Malkovstock/Getty Images

Our little house Christmas wreath

For this sweet Christmas wreath, you’ll need a miniature birdhouse, a standard bushy Christmas wreath base, fake snow spray paint, some ornaments and red and gold ribbon. The double-looped bows are such a sweet complement to the wee house in the center. With just a few baubles and berries tucked in among the snow-dusted branches, you’ll have this one up for the neighborhood to enjoy in no time. Pro tip: Paint the birdhouse a color similar to your real house for a look that’s a Hallmark Christmas movie level of cute.

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Beautiful festive winter hand made wreath on the rustic wooden table background, top view
Probuxtor/Getty Images

Winter wonderland Christmas wreath

Midwinter will be anything but bleak with this snow-dusted Christmas wreath. Bushy spruce sprigs peek from beneath cotton balls, snowy pine cones and gorgeous, glittery snowflake ornaments. If you fancy a white Christmas without the cold or have ornaments that are a little past their prime, a nice dusting of faux snow will solve both problems. As a bonus, you’ll have the most festive front door on the street.

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christmas wreath made from wine corks
dvulikaia/Getty Images

Wine cork Christmas wreath

Not all Christmas wreath ideas can take care of both your recycling and your crafting needs, but this one is up to the task. You’ll need around 200 to 250 corks to cover the foam or straw wreath base (wrapping it in burlap or twine will help the glue adhere). Once you’ve glued the wine corks all over the wreath, add red berries, a few sprigs of evergreen, a cotton ball or two and some baubles and pine cones for perfectly festive (and eco-friendly) decor. If you’re making it as a present, pair it with one of these gifts for wine lovers.

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Natural Christmas wreath on the door - Christmas decoration
Tunatura/Getty Images

Turn of the season Christmas wreath

With pine cones, buckeyes, apples and dried oranges, this wreath preserves the beauty of fall and takes you into the holiday season with a cheerful evergreen bough, a holly-covered ribbon and a sweet snowman ornament.

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Beautiful festive winter hand made wreath on the rustic wooden table background, top view
Probuxtor/Getty Images

Silver and gold Christmas wreath

What’s better than a gorgeous metallic? Two gorgeous metallics, of course. Get creative and select ornaments of different shapes, sizes and textures (we love the stars, hearts and rustic gold ferns). And for the ribbon at the top? Bronze, naturally. Now you’re free to sit down with the greatest kids Christmas movies on Netflix.

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Christmas tripple wreath decoration
KristianSeptimiusKrogh/Getty Images

Triple vertical Christmas wreaths

If you like your holiday decor simple but impactful, no need to consider other Christmas wreath ideas. This one’s for you. It’s made of juniper, but you could get the same effect with any gorgeous greenery, including real or faux boxwood or traditional spruce. Make sure the wreath frames are in three different sizes and tie them together with a red velvet ribbon.

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Holiday wreath on the door, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

I heart pine cones Christmas wreath

This Christmas wreath shows that it’s easy to put together holiday decor with things you have lying around the house. A few particularly striking pine cones from the yard, a ribbon or three, some long cinnamon sticks and three of your best baubles all come together to spruce up a plain wreath base and make it worthy of your front door. Green gingham adds a pop of pattern. It’s quick to put together, so you can get back to bingeing Christmas movies on Amazon Prime.

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Instructions on how to make a Christmas wreath. The concept of preparation for the New Year and Christmas. Christmas wreath with your own hands. Step by step. Step 9 of 9 . Ready wreath.
Halyna Dorozhynska/Getty Images

Red and white berries Christmas wreath

Holly and mistletoe are two berry bushes so deeply associated with the holiday season that they’re mentioned in multiple Christmas carols. Set your front door a-wassailing with a Christmas wreath featuring berries of various sizes and glittery leaves. This wreath benefits from a free-and-easy decorating approach, so you can get your kids involved in the crafting fun. Here are more great Christmas crafts for kids.

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Holiday wreath on door
Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Fresh foliage and vines Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath ideas that play with balance are always stunners, and this one is no exception. It combines a base of bare vines and a top heavy with evergreen sprigs and eucalyptus stems. The inclusion of purple leaves brings freshness, while the red berries and pine cones retain the holiday look. When crafting yours, start with a straw or vine wreath base, then add a profusion of garden greenery to the top half, using different lengths to create a messy, full look.

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Australian Summer Christmas Wreath Hanging On Front Door
Tim Allen/Getty Images

Starry nights wire Christmas wreath

If you live in a warmer climate, you might have trouble finding Christmas wreath ideas that don’t evoke snowy weather that passes you by. That’s why we love this illuminated wire wreath. To make it, wind strings of berries, stars, battery-powered lights, ribbons, twine or anything else you like around a simple wire base.

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Top view of traditional Christmas wreath with copy space over neutral wooden background
netrun78/Getty Images

Stars and straw Christmas wreath

Some Christmas wreaths seem simple but really wow you with their details, like this all-white example. It features five frosted pine cones, each one carefully placed to form the point of a five-point star. The snow-covered white stars and decorative mini snowballs scattered over the rest of this straw wreath maintain the wintry theme while delivering an unmistakably Christmas look.

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Top view of handmade Christmas wreath made of twigs, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, yew and thuja branches, natural string and wool toys. DIY home decor.
Tetiana Soares/Getty Images

Two little birds Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath ideas like this one are perfect presents or DIY projects for newlyweds—or any couple who loves Christmas. The adorable felt birds sit on a twig on a plain grapevine wreath base, while a canopy of yew branches protects them from the inevitable Christmas snowfall. Add in some pine cones and a burlap ribbon, and you’ve got the sweetest wreath on the block. Speaking of couples: As you go about your holiday shopping, keep these gifts for her and gifts for him in mind.

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Christmas Wreath Of Decor, Silver And Pink Balls, Painted Vine On White.
Svetlana-Cherruty/Getty Images

Pearlescent Christmas wreath

For truly unique Christmas wreath ideas, think pink. Start by spray-painting a grapevine wreath base pure white. Once dry, use wire or hot glue to attach your pink and silver ornaments, varying their texture, size and color. You can space them out, as shown here, or cluster them together if you’re more of a maximalist. Either way, your front door will have the pearliest wreath on the block.

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Snowflakes and baubles Christmas wreath
Rostislav_Sedlacek/Getty Images

Snowflakes and baubles Christmas wreath

Who says you have to hang your wreath? The addition of four white pillar candles is all it takes to bring this wreath from the front door to the dinner table. Start with a full spruce wreath, then add evenly spaced matte, reflective and glittery gold ornaments, pure white snowflakes, pine cones and glittery silver puffs. Because it’s quick to create, you can make it on one of the 12 days of Christmas as you count down to the big day.

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Smiling Santa Wreath
via merchant

Smiling Santa Christmas wreath

Hang this wreath on your door to take it from ho-hum to ho-ho-home! We love this Santa Christmas wreath kit because it comes with everything you need to make a fantastic Santa wreath: wreath frame, white mesh, smiling Santa face (on sturdy metal) and, of course, the traditional Santa hat.

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christmas winter decoration wreath fir tree star
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Stars and hearts Christmas wreath

This Christmas wreath looks great in traditional red and gold Christmas colors. Using just a few ornaments—including traditional Christmas symbols like stars, alongside less traditional hearts—and finishing with red bows and a ribbon to hang, this wreath creates a festive feeling sure to brighten any home’s decor. Don’t forget to fluff your wreath base, as this will make the wreath pop.

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Homemade Christmas wreath in trendy colors - Classic Blue and White on a white concrete background. The concept of the new year, merry christmas, winter holidays.
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Have a blue Christmas wreath

Make like Elvis and have a blue Christmas this year. (Name that Christmas song!) It’s a gorgeous departure from red and green, with not a bough to be seen. To make this wreath, wrap jute or another natural form of twine around a wire base, then use hot glue to attach natural and white-painted pine cones, twigs, seed pods and blue, white and silver ornaments. All that gluing will be worth it at the end when your wintry wreath is complete.

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geeky christmas wreath made by old computer parts
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Geeky Christmas wreath

Ditch traditional Christmas wreath ideas and let your geek flag fly with this creation. Here’s how to make it: Paint a foam base green (or cut one out of pegboard, as shown), glue a stack of miscellaneous hardware to it, interweave a few brightly colored wires and top with a red USB cable bow. Soon your front door will be asking neighbors if they tried turning their Christmas lights off and then on again.

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High angle view of beautiful holiday wreath decorated orange slices, fir tree cones and small balls placed on wooden table among decorations and tools
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Orange and lime Christmas wreath

This is another example of a beautiful wreath made with things from your kitchen. Dry the limes and orange slices in your oven (on low heat for 10 to 16 hours), then glue them to a green wreath alongside pine cones, star anise and shiny ornaments. The rich brown baubles contrast nicely with the citrus and keep the wreath’s earthy vibe. For more holiday fun, check out the best Christmas movies on Hulu.

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Christmas Tree Wreath Kit
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Christmas tree wreath

This beautiful Christmas tree shaped wreath combines a unique wreath shape with a traditional Christmas symbol! The kit comes with everything you need, from cut-to-size mesh to create the gorgeous curling boughs to a pre-tied bow, to make sure you get those perfect loops. Bright red ornaments tie the whole thing together with a pop of color, making a gorgeous centerpiece for your front door. Whether you pre-assemble it or give it as a kit, this wreath would make a thoughtful gift for Grandma.

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