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16 Easy Easter Crafts That Kids Can Make with Stuff Around the House

These Easter crafts for kids are easy to make—even for preschoolers. And the best part is that they use items from around your house that you already have on hand!

Festive Easter garland handmade with decoration of colorful rabbits and carrot on a wooden background. Handicrafts for kids. Top view flat lay background.
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We’re still at home

Easter Sunday falls on April 4th this year, and as we roll into year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s extremely likely that the safest place to celebrate it will be in our own homes. If you’ve got kids, you know that the ongoing struggle to keep them entertained is all too real. Luckily, we’re here to help! These easy Easter crafts for kids will keep them entertained and decorate your house for Easter—and the best part is they can all be made with things you probably already have in your cupboards. Let the crafting begin!

Cute Easter Bunny pancakes on a white plate, top view over white wood
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Start the day off right: Easter bunny fruity pancake

This little guy is almost too cute to eat! One big pancake makes the face, two smaller ones the cheeks, and with banana ears and eyes, blueberry eyeballs, a jelly or strawberry nose, and cheese or apple sticks for whiskers, he’s checking off most of the food groups too. Bun appétit!
The child makes crafts with his own hands for the Easter. Colorful handmade from multi-colored paper. Scissors, cardboard, eggs, chicken, rabbit. Art creativity on a wooden table. Top view, copy space
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Easter egg paper wreath

This adorable Easter egg paper wreath can be made with pieces of scrapbook paper, construction paper, or even old magazines that you have lying around at home. Simply cut out egg-shaped pieces of paper in different sizes, and glue them to a cardboard circle for stability (or just each other). Finish with a bright ribbon, and hang! Do you know these 9 myths and legends about Easter traditions?

Child gift postcard happy easter chickens toy on a wooden table. Handmade. Project of childrens creativity, handicrafts, crafts for kids.
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Easter cards

Seeing as it still probably won’t be safe to get together with family members (especially grandparents) this Easter, having your children make personal Easter cards will let family and friends know that you’re thinking of them. Easter crafts for kids are also a great way to keep your children engaged with the holidays that are important to you. Cutting out simple shapes from construction paper, like these circle, triangle, and teardrop chicks, is a cute way to decorate and personalize cards.
easter bunny homemade diy garland
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Easter bunny garland

Some cotton wool balls from the bathroom, a little glue, a bunny template (made by you), some kid-safe scissors, kitchen twine, and some sturdy paper! That’s all you need for this super cute hanging garland. Kids could color each rabbit to look like friends or family. Each rabbit gets a sweet cottontail and you get a sweet house decoration.

Easter eggs cutted from color paper decorated with ribbon and buttons on willow branches
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Egg ornaments

With some glue, colored construction paper, and pretty ribbon, this Easter craft for kids creates beautiful decorations for an Easter tree. Simply cut out as many egg shapes as you want, and glue strips and scraps of ribbon, or decorate with glitter pens or colored markers. A ribbon loop on top for hanging and you’re done! These fun Easter dinner ideas break from tradition.
bunnies made from cardboard tubes
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Toilet paper roll bunnies

These Easter crafts for kids are simple to make: All you need are some old cardboard rolls, cotton wool or mini pom-poms for the noses, and some paint, paper, and glue. The littlest ones might need help with whiskers and eyes, but you’ll have a whole bunch of cute bunnies hopping about your kitchen in no time. Did you know a group of rabbits can be called a fluffle? It’s true! Find out how Easter bunnies got so popular for Easter in the first place.

DIY basket Easter egg from cardboard tray, crepe paper, chenille stem on blue background.
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Easter basket

If one of your favorite Easter crafts for kids is decorating eggs, you know it’s nice to have somewhere to show them off. Enter the humble egg carton, repurposed for decoration! A shiny metallic pipe cleaner for a handle and some crepe paper wrapped around a specially painted egg carton makes for a beautiful (and sturdy) Easter basket. Ever wondered what the royals do for Easter?

Easter decoration
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Bunny herb planters

Teaching kids where their food comes from is always an important thing to do, and now with these cute and useful bunny herb planters, you and your family can grow chives or scallions for use in the kitchen! All you need are some mason jars, potting soil, seeds or bulbs, and some felt, googly eyes, and paper for the bunny decorations. Do you know why Easter is on a different Sunday every year?

DIY Easter vase bunny with narcissus, daffodils from glass jar, felt, eyes on white wall background
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Easter bunny vase

Another use for any old jars you have lying around is this Easter craft for kids: a super cute bunny vase transformation. Simply paint the entire jar the desired color of your bunny (pink, green, brown, it all works), and glue some googly eyes on. Feet, noses, and whiskers can be drawn on with glitter pens or markers, or added in paper or foam like the ears. Fill with your favorite spring flowers! These spring quotes will get you in the seasonal mood.
Easter bunny toy gift stics puppets on wooden table. Handmade. Project of children's creativity, handicrafts, crafts for kids.
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Popsicle-stick Easter bunnies

If you have paint, glue, craft paper, and popsicle sticks, you’ve got everything you need for Easter crafts for kids—and to create some new furry friends. Paint the popsicle sticks first, then line four or five up vertically, and keep them in place with two horizontal sticks glued together 2/3 of the way up (where the ears go). Add a paper nose, ears, eyes, and whiskers. Pro tip: gluing an additional stick on the bottom enables your popsicle-stick bunny to be hand-held, like a Popsicle—which means they’re perfect for puppet shows.
Gift Easter Origami Chicken. Handmade. The project of children's creativity, crafts, crafts for children.
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Origami chickens

For older kids, origami is a fun challenge. As long as you have paper and patience, there are tons of video tutorials out there to make everything from chickens to rabbits to carrots. Some even hop! Kids will love seeing their folding accomplishments decorating the Easter dinner table.
Making of handmade easter eggs from felt with your own hands. Children's DIY concept. Making Easter decoration or greeting card. Step 1. Cut out the egg.
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Felt eggs

These adorable felt eggs are perfect for an Easter centerpiece, or for gluing inside Easter cards. With felt cut into a base egg shape, these cute eggs can be decorated with glitter, sequins, ribbons, buttons, or whatever your imagination can come up with! If you’re struggling with Easter basket ideas, these amazing creations will get you feeling inspired.

Making package for Easter sweet gift. Step 9
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Easter treats packaging

This is a really adorable way to package Easter treats for everyone in the household (and the neighbors too!) or to include in a creative Easter basket. All you need is some orange tissue paper, some green paper, ribbon, tape, and scissors. Pour Easter goodies into the tissue, roll it up into a carrot shape, and tape. Shred the green paper to look like carrot tops and tie it to the carrot with some ribbon.
Self-made Easter bunny cards with handprints
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Hand-print Easter bunnies

A fun Easter craft for kids who love getting their hands dirty are these funny little hand-print Easter bun buns. Two fingers make up each ear (think of the Vulcan salute from Star Trek), but if your child’s fingers can’t do that, then a peace sign with two fingers will work equally well for ears! Once the paint is dry, simply add some eyes (or glasses), a nose, and whiskers. Kids will love these fun Easter games you can do at home.
New baby Easter table decoration napkin holder paper easter bunny. Sheets of paper, napkins, scissors on a wooden table. Hand-made. Children's Art Project, needlework, crafts for children.
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Bunny napkin holders

Children will love to set and decorate a special Easter table for dinner or lunch, and these adorable bunny paper napkin holders will be the stars! A cute bunny cut out of construction paper, a little artistic flair from pens or markers, and a couple of slits cut into his tummy to hold the napkin are all you need. Your kids could even write some of these happy Easter quotes on the holders to make them extra special. Bonus: your kids will have to practice folding to get those napkins pointy enough to sit in the bunny’s tummy. They can try their new skills out on the laundry later.
Easter decoration painted paper hen and chickens from eggs in the birdcage
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Mother hen and chicks

A leftover egg carton, some decorated eggs, and a cardboard cut-out and painted mother hen make this a beautiful Easter scene perfect for a table centerpiece or decoration. Kids will love making cute baby chicks! Next, find out the best Easter movies to watch this year.

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