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The 13 Funniest Names of Westminster Show Dogs

Updated: Apr. 16, 2024

Starfire's Spank Me Hard Call Me Crazy—the next Fifty Shades of Grey or the name of a dog? Believe it or not, that's the name of a Pomeranian that showed at the Westminster Dog Show in 2015.

westminster dog show
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Posh dog names

One of the most fun things about welcoming a pet to your family is choosing a name. Most of us stick to short names of one syllable or two that our dogs will learn (and hopefully listen to when we call). The breeders and owners of American Kennel Club (AKC) registered dogs have two names—one is the call name (the short name used every day), the other is the longer, formal registered name. It reflects the dog’s lineage and usually includes the breeder’s name. Beyond that, it’s a free-for-all and the more unusual, the better. Still, the AKC has the final approval with its specific rules. For example, a name can’t exceed 50 characters (and that includes spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes), and must be limited to the standard English alphabet.

blew american water spaniel
Courtesy Jack Grassa

Carolina’s Running with the Hare

“Blew” is his call name, and he’s an American water spaniel, a rare breed—there are only about 3,000 in the world, according to the American Water Spaniel Club, the AKC parent club of the breed. These spaniels compete in the sporting group category and are the “field and stream” of spaniels. Their cuddly coat of wavy (or tightly curled) is waterproof, ideal for chasing hare’s or taking a leisurely swim. The Sumpter Items News says, when Blew isn’t competing or in the field, he’s bringing hope and healing as a hospital therapy dog. Happiness is a dog—and here’s how dogs improve our health.

australian terrier bacon
Courtesy Christina Frausini

Temora Say It With Bacon

Bacon enthusiasts perk up when this dog’s name is announced. What does a dog named “Bacon” look like after all? Like all Australian terrier’s, Bacon is an adorable and spirited terrier with a notably longer torso and neck than other terriers. They are super smart and move with a free and easy gate, especially Bacon, who managed to wow the judges time and time again. In fact, he’s the only Australian terrier to date who accomplished the Grand Slam, winning the Australian Terrier National Specialty, Best of Breed at Montgomery, Best of Breed at Westminster, Best of Breed at the AKC Invitational and a Best in Show. Adopting a puppy? Consider one of these 50 unique dog names for your pup.

boxer wilma
Courtesy Sandra Dukes

Cinnibon’s Bedrock Bombshell

At first glance, you might think some of this boxer’s name is a nod to the famous Cinnabon cinnamon rolls that we swoon over at the airport. Nope—the spelling isn’t the same and Cinnibon, is actually the breeder’s name. According to AP News, the Bedrock Bombshell was inspired by the Flinstone’s, and this pretty girl is called “Wilma.” The crowd went “yabba-dabba-doo” cheering for Wilma when she was introduced at the Best in Show portion at Westminster. You’ll be surprised at what really happens behind the scenes at a dog show.

gibbs briard
Courtesy Christina Frausini

Celebra’s Good Enough For Government Work

“Gibbs” has been a busy boy. He is the number one Briard in all-breed points (as of May 2019) and Westminster breed winner 2017, 2018, and 2019. His Facebook page declares, “He is sometimes naughty, but he is always nice. He has shown his butt off the last three years and is retiring at the end of 2019.” Even with so many accolades, Gibbs might say his proudest achievement is becoming a father. Last year he sired eight adorable little boy pups. Who knows one or two might be parading in the show ring one day. Here’s what you should look for in a dog obedience school before enrolling your pup.

chicka toy fox terrier
Courtesy Christina Frausini

Barbary Bow Chicka Wow Wow

“Chicka” as she’s called for short, is a toy fox terrier who delivers the wow factor in spades. Breed fanciers say toy fox terriers like Chicka are the perfect balance of the toy and terrier world—they’re feisty and stubborn, yet also possess the sweet disposition of a lap dog. But dog shows aren’t about who is the cutest and sweetest; they are actually conformation shows. Simply put, the judges evaluate how close each dog resembles their breed’s specific standards. Chicka crossed off all the boxes and won Best of Breed at Westminster in 2019.

wire haired pointing griffon
Courtesy Christina Frausini

Whiskeytown Captain Morgan Cranberry Kiss

Is this a cocktail or a pucker packed kiss you get while visiting a place called Whiskeytown? This registered title belongs to “Morgan,” a wirehaired pointing Griffin. According to the breeder, Whiskeytown Kennels, Morgan shines in the field and the show ring in the Sporting group. Griffin’s are well-known for their matchless gun dogs skills and for being a loyal, lovable companion on the home front. Lots of outdoor play calls for the occasional bath—and don’t forget their ears!

bull terrier
Courtesy Christina Frausini

Grabo Testarossa Formula For Drama

There’s no mistaking a bull terrier for any other breed as their long, egg-shaped face is a dead giveaway. Yet, bull terriers are one of the nine breeds that are further divided by color, coat, or size. “Vinny” is a muscle-bound bull terrier who shows as a “colored” variety. The other bull terrier variety is all white. Both Bull Terriers have a glossy short coat that is easy to maintain. Here are 14 more short-haired cutie-pie pups you’re family will love.

Dogues de Bordeaux gertie
Courtesy Sandra Dukes

Chateau Rouge’s Va Va Va Voom

“Gertie” isn’t a foofoo dog, lounging in a Parisian flat being hand-fed kibble. Au contraire mon frère, this Dogues de Bordeaux has been working hard since she was a young pup. She’s a champion in lure coursing, stacking up wins at breed confirmations too. Point of fact, Gertie is the only bitch (that’s female in the dog show world) to win Best of Breed at Westminster. Find out 13 facts about the famous canine competition and its posh purebreds.

cane corso hudson
Courtesy Jack Grassa

Casa Reale’s Skyline Surfer Hudson

“Hudson” isn’t a surfing dog, but he has caught a wave of awards for his trophy room. This large-and-in-charge Cane Corso was the recipient of the 2018 CCAA (Cane Corso Association of America) Dog of the Year. From there Hudson, went on to win Best of Breed at Westminster in 2019. Here are 7 irresistible reasons why big dogs make awesome family pets.

charlie cocker spaniel
Courtesy Jack Grassa

Foley’s Frat Party

“Charlie” sure doesn’t look a cocker spaniel who would be seen at a frat party, after all, he’s immaculately groomed, has perfect confirmation, and those soulful, dreamy eyes. Maybe the vibe is like a frat party with Charlie because he is racking up the wins, as seen on his Facebook page. Charlie excels in the Best of Variety category—a source of pride for nine specific breeds whose groups are further divided based on their color, size, or coat. Cocker spaniels show in three color varieties, and Charlies is A.S.C.O.B. (Any Solid Color Other than Black). Don’t miss the 50 cutest dog breeds as puppies.

Jango Keeshond
Courtesy Jack Grassa

Skyline Summerwind Order In The Court

Nobody is going to object to this adorable ball of fluff. “Jango” is a Keeshond—and for the record, (pronounced “caze-hawnd”). Never without a smile, the Keeshond is affectionately dubbed the “Smiling Dutchman.” It hails from Holland, where it once lived on canal barges as a guard and companion dog. There’s plenty of testimony to Jango’s ability to impress judges. Yes, the jury finds Jango guilty—of being one of the best Keeshonden with several regional specialties and five all-breed Best in Show. Dogs aren’t always the most interesting things at a dog show.

bourbon whiskey whippet
Courtesy Jack Grassa

Pinnacle Kentucky Bourbon

She doesn’t hail from Kentucky, but “Bourbon” can sure hold her whiskey—err, hold off her brother that is. You see, Pinnacle Tennesse Whiskey (“Whiskey”), a whippet, is Bourbon’s brother. Whiskey won Best of Breed at Westminster in 2018. The following year, Bourbon beat out her brother and took Best of Breed for herself and a barrel of other awards, including regional and national Best in Specialty awards and a National Specialty Top 20 Judge’s Choice.

Need inspiration for naming your puppy? Start with the most popular puppy names right now.

zoli spinoni italiano
Courtesy Jack Grassa

Bella Campo N Hootwire Bark At The Moon

“Zoli” is a Spinoni Italiani, one of the oldest hunting dogs of Italian lineage. When he’s not strutting his stuff in the show ring, rumor has it he’s hooting and barking at the moon to the tune of Dean Martin’s hit, “That’s Amore.” It seems Zoli loves the great outdoors and hunting just as much as he does bagging regional wins for Best of Specialty, Best of Breed, and Gun Dog Sweeps. Ready to adopt a pup of your own? Check out these 47 shelter dogs that need a home in 2020.