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30 Adorable Husky Pictures That Will Make You Want One

Warning: You may be adopting a husky after seeing these photos.

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A purebred Siberian Husky dog with blue eyes
Mary Swift/Getty Images

Adorable husky pictures

Long day? Need to smile? Looking to adopt? Not looking to adopt, but easily tempted? Huskies are super photogenic, unsurprisingly, considering their hypnotizing eyes and fluffy fur. Besides just looking cute as can be in puppy pictures, there are endless reasons why they would make a great addition to the family, so consider this your only warning. Proceed with caution as you may want to schedule a trip to your local shelter immediately after looking through these cute husky pictures. If you love other breeds too, you’ll also want to check out these adorable corgi pictures and fun pug pictures.

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Sokolniki Park in Moscow
Mikhail Metzel/Getty Images

How could you say no to that face?

Fun fact: huskies don’t bark; they howl. They will even talk back to you! Huskies are one of the chattier breeds that vocalizes their needs using sounds.

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Alaskan Huskey puppies...
John Greim/Getty Images

Family photo

Huskies truly never grow up, at least mentally. They remain as playful as puppies through old age and seem to always have an endless amount of energy.

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Siberian husky with his owner in the park
Petko Ninov/Getty Images

Just on a walk

Be sure to bring lots of water when taking your husky out. Their dense fur serves them well in the winter but will cause them to overheat in the summer.

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Black Shaman Falls in Russia's Primorye Territory
Yuri Smityuk/Getty Images

The cutest hiking buddy

Are these husky pictures making you smile? Huskies are very independent which can be both a good and a bad thing. Their love of exploration and running free will make them a great outdoor companion, but make sure you don’t let them feel too free or they may run away.

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Beringia 2017 sled dog race in Kamchatka
Yuri Smityuk/Getty Images

A real-life Simba

Many people are actually very surprised by how affectionate huskies can be. They absolutely love to spend time with their humans and will thrive in your company.

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Siberian Husky Flocks Is Waiting For It's Boss To Give Food Because It Wants To Eat.
Taisuke Harada/EyeEm/Getty Images

The gang’s all here!

Although this photo may say otherwise, huskies won’t constantly hound you for food. Even with all the exercise they require, they don’t require much of a food break like other breeds. This is attributed to their ancestors who worked all day with only the occasional break for food and water.

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People By Dogs On Steps
Sharon Mccutcheon/EyeEm/Getty Images

The tongue’s out!

Huskies can be total goofballs. They love to play—especially with children.

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Siberian Husky (Canis familiaris), portrait, sled dog, France.
Avalon/Getty Images

Good boy

Huskies aren’t the best at being guard dogs. A trespasser will happily be welcomed into your home and will probably be asked to play. These husky pictures show that they’re a pretty playful breed.

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Best Friend program for children with disabilities in Kemerovo Region
Danil Aikin/Getty Images

New Facebook photo

Huskies love winter and the cold weather. They will always be up for a walk in the most bitter temperatures and will happily join you for all your winter activities.

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Mixed breed dog portrait
Mike Linnane/500px/Getty Images

Wild and free

These dogs need tons of exercise in order to live their best life. Ideally, they should be taken out at least three times a day for an hour at a time.

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2019 Christmas Ride sled dog race in Novosibirsk Region, Russia
Kirill Kukhmar/Getty Images

All smiles here

Huskies are very intelligent. They are hyper-aware of their surroundings and understand commands pretty quickly. That being said, if they don’t want to do something, they certainly won’t. Your commands are merely just suggestions.

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2019 Christmas Ride sled dog race in Novosibirsk Region, Russia
Kirill Kukhmar/Getty Images

I get by with a little help from my friends

Huskies love people and other dogs. They are pack-oriented and remain super loyal, but their instinct is to never be aggressive.

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Winter leisure in Moscow's Victory Park
Sergei Bobylev/Getty Images


This breed is very closely related to wolves as you can probably tell just by looking at them. A husky dog’s face shape, ears, and nose almost exactly resemble the wolf.

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Young energetic dog on a walk. Siberian husky.
Таисья Корчак/Getty Images


This husky probably just pooped on the floor. Potty training will take a lot of patience with this breed. As independent thinkers, they see the whole world as their toilet.

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Winter leisure in Moscow's Victory Park
Sergei Bobylev/Getty Images


As warm and fluffy as they are, huskies are strong. They were bred by the Chukchi Eskimos in northeastern Asia as sled dogs. As the nomads needed to expand their territory for survival, huskies were bred to pull loads over long distances in temperatures less than zero.

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Lagonaki 2018 sled dog race in southern Russia
Nikolai Khizhnyak/Getty Images

Nice to meet you!

Huskies are very admired as they rank #14 in breed popularity, according to the American Kennel Club.

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A blue-eyed husky breed dog hid in the fern bushes in summer
Elena Mordasova/Getty Images


Huskies can find their way out of just about anything. They love to jump over fences, dig underground, and slip out of collars. This leads to many huskies becoming lost. Keep an eye on them!

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2018 Christmas Ride sled dog race in Novosibirsk, Russia
Kirill Kukhmar/Getty Images

Puppy love

Can you believe these cuties used to be war dogs? They were used as part of search and rescue teams during World War II.

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The LGBT Community Celebrates Pride In London
Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Celebrating Pride

Speaking of rainbows, huskies actually aren’t colorblind, contrary to popular belief. They can see various tones of yellow, blue, and violet.

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Husky dog is funny sleeping indoors.
Inna Dodor/Getty Images

Is it morning?

Even with all that energy, huskies will love snuggling on the couch with you. They are a highly recommended breed for people with depression as they can sense sadness and do a stellar job comforting people who are feeling down.

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Portrait Of A Dog On A Dock, Kasli, Russia
Сергей Калашников/500px/Getty Images

Is this cute enough to post?

It may be tempting to share your grapes and raisins with your husky while out on a walk like this one, but please refrain! These popular hiking snacks are poisonous for these dogs.

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Siberian Husky waits in a snowy landscape

Beautiful eyes

Have you ever seen eyes this stunning? Huskies can easily steal anyone’s heart with just a tiny glance. It’s hard not to be mesmerized with eyes like those.

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A Siberian Husky resting on another dog

Staying warm

This breed can withstand the cold much better than any human. They can survive in temperatures as freezing as -76 degrees Fahrenheit!

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Siberian husky dog sleeping in a car
9gifts Kevalee/Getty Images

Long day

Huskies can run up to 28 miles per hour! No wonder this pup looks so worn out.

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Siberian Huskies rest in the snow
OLIVIER MORIN/AFP via Getty Images

Sleepy pups

Husky is a general term for several breeds of dogs used as sled dogs. Huskies were originally used as sled dogs in northern regions but are now also kept as pets. Historically, the word “husky” is a corruption of the term “Eskie,” also shared by the Inuit tribes. Huskies like to sleep curled up with their tails touching their nose. This position is known as the “swirl.”

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Siberian Husky in winter snow
Sergeeva/Getty Images


Since huskies are pack dogs, they typically do very well in households that have multiple dogs—preferably another husky. But if you aren’t in a place to have a second dog, just make sure that you can give your husky the attention it needs.

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Close-up husky puppies sleeping in a pile,Poland
IzaLysonArts/500px/Getty Images

Hello world!

This newborn will probably live to be around 14 years old like many other huskies. They are also born without any teeth and won’t be able to see or hear for about four weeks.

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Siberian husky dog peeking out of vehicle window.
Cavan Images/Getty Images

They see me rollin’

Huskies love adventure. They will even give up treats if they know they’re about to go for a walk, a ride in the car, or get to go out and play.

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Happy woman cuddling her dog
Westend61/Getty Images

The fluffiest

You’ll want to pet a husky all day long with fur as soft and warm as theirs. Even though they do shed a lot, the fluffiness is so worth it. On the bright side, it will force you to vacuum.

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Beautiful girl plays with a dog (husky with blue eyes) green field.
MajaMitrovic/Getty Images

I love you!

Huskies will love you unconditionally. What more could you really ask for? After looking through these husky pictures, check out these 50 fun facts about dogs you may not have known before.

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