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49 Adorable Puppy Pictures That Will Make You Melt

Are you ready for cuteness overload? These adorable puppy pictures will have your heart melting into a pool of liquid happiness.


We need bigger arms

Longer arms were created with the purpose of holding more puppies, right? Or at the very least for holding up cameras to take pictures of puppies. If you want puppy snuggles of your own, these are the most affectionate dog breeds that love to cuddle.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesANURAK PONGPATIMET/shutterstock

Need a pick-me-up?

Nothing encourages happiness quite like a double high-five from a puppy—that’s an undisputed scientific fact. See the cutest dog breeds as puppies.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesIvanova N/Shutterstock

Expert-level snuggling

Is it just us, or does this little guy in a hammock make you want to climb right in and snuggle all day? We also checked out these adorable photos of animal friendships, because life is short and cuddles are everything.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesGrigorita Ko/Shutterstock

This will make you learn to love laundry

Forget everything you know about laundry. This pictures of puppies being actively involved in the laundry process is the only thing we’ll ever need to get us excited about cleaning. These are the first things you need to do when training a puppy.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesDTeibe Photography/shutterstock

Teamwork makes the world go round

As if you weren’t a big enough fan of unity, these fuzzy German Shepard pups will lead you directly to the land of teamwork and friendship. You need to see these funny dog photos.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesSundays Photography/Shutterstock

Got that sunshine in my pocket

You know how the song goes, and these puppies, much like Justin Timberlake, also have that good soul in their feet. These before and after dog adoption photos will melt your heart.


Hello, I was sent from a far off land…

…to destroy all your belongings but also improve your heart, mind, and well-being. It’s a balance. These are the puppies that are the easiest (and hardest) to train.


This is a latte pumpkin spice

This is the one kind of PSL we’re positive everyone can get on board with. What’s not to love about cute puppy pictures like this one? Here are 60 of the most adorable animal pictures.


We’re not playing around

These squishy golden pups may be playful, but we’re dead serious about the cuteness level being near maximum capacity. Check out these adorable photos of puppies playing in leaves.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesPatryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

Oui, oui

More cute puppy pictures of French bulldogs taking naps, please. Although, strangely, French Bulldogs aren’t French at all.


This one is for the moms

Just about every mom in the world will relate to this gorgeous load of pups snuggled right up to their matriarch. Is there anything more adorable or relatable? Hardly.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesAngyalosi Beata/shutterstock

Hey you, look over here

No, over here, by the snacks. Adorable pictures of puppies don’t get much more delicious than this one of bulldog siblings. You need to see these puppies that look like teddy bears.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesBrian A Jackson/Shutterstock

Is there a doctor in the house?

Help! Someone, please check to see if we’re still breathing, because we’re close to bursting over this snuggle pup. A lot is going on behind those puppy eyes. These are the 50 secrets your pet won’t tell you.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesGrigorita Ko/Shutterstock

Of-corgi this is adorable

Aren’t Corgi pups just the cutest little things? Look at this guy just living his best life.


Naps are universal

Just ask this guy, the poster pup for napping. Check out these adorable pictures of dogs dressed for work.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesUtekhina Anna/Shutterstock

Interspecies love is all the proof you need

If this adorable kitten and puppy photo doesn’t prove that unrealistic-seeming relationships can work, we don’t know what will.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesYuliya Evstratenko/Shutterstock

The future is so bright, we need sunglasses

Thankfully, heart-shaped shades and an ultra-cuddly terrier are all we really need.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesMark Umbrella/Shutterstock

Statistically speaking, puppies are great

You don’t need to be a math professor to tally up the many benefits of dog ownership, including longer lifespans for the attached humans, and the increased opportunity to take cute puppy pictures. See the cutest photos of puppies sleeping.


Puppies are always a party

Sometimes that party is low-key and calm, and sometimes it’s an all-night rager, but pictures of puppies like this one prove that puppies always bring excitement.


There are some SUPER reasons to love a pup

As if a dog in a superhero cape wasn’t enough, this one has a human sidekick (who is also pretty dang cute). Find out the 11 ways your dog really is a superhero.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesChirtsova Natalia/Shutterstock

They’re the fur babies that never leave

While our human babies may grow up and go to college or exciting work ventures, our sweet fur babies stay with us, although the time when we have both of them together is absolutely priceless.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesZanna Holstova/shutterstock

They’re always willing to celebrate

Pardon us, but no reindeer necessary when pups are pulling on behalf of Santa. Pictures of puppies like this one inspire holiday spirit no matter what time of year you see them.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesArthur Lookyanov/shutterstock

There’s always someone willing to play

There’s no need to ever feel bored or blue when you’ve got a puppy around because all it takes is a ball and the word “fetch” to get a game started. This is the exact age when puppies are the cutest.

Adorable-Puppy-Picturesthanai asawaroengchai/shutterstock

A good reminder to embrace your hair

Let this cute puppy picture be the reminder you need that hairstyles come and go, and all it takes is a wide, loving smile to make any being totally beautiful.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesMikayla E/shutterstock

The snuggle is real

If this mega-snuggly picture of a couple of Labrador siblings doesn’t make you say “Aww!” we don’t know what will.


Confidence is everything

Don’t believe us? Just check out this cute Siberian pup proving it in one of our favorite cute puppy pictures.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesSigma S/shutterstock

Scratch under here

C’mon, you know we’ll both like it! We demand more pictures of puppies just like this one! See if you can guess the dog breed based on its puppy picture.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesWasitt Hemwarapornchai/shutterstock

Throwing you a cuteness bone

Are you ready for it? Open up and get ready for the cutest Siberian fur ball of your life. This is why every kid should grow up with a big dog, and surprisingly, it’s not so they can take pictures of puppies to rival this one.


Can something this cute even be real?

Just look at this little white poof of cuteness. We’re melted pools of heart-drool right now.


She comes with a bonus

This perfect little creature comes with a signing bonus: a stuffed animal that’s un-bearably cute, too.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesLiliya Kulianionak/shutterstock

The only holiday card you’re really waiting for

Even that photo of your family in matching PJs can’t compete with the cuteness in pictures of puppies like this one. These are the puppy training mistakes you’ll regret later.


Sweetness is a state of mind

We happen to think it’s closely connected to smiling, playfulness, and overall fuzz-abilty. Don’t miss the things you need before bringing home an adorable new puppy.


She’s worth getting slipcovers

Just look at this little face. Who cares if she sheds all over your sofa?


You don’t need a personal assistant when you’ve got a puppy around

Just train your best friend to get those important files out of the printer and you’ll be all set.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesSundays Photography/shutterstock

Another reason to love sweater weather

If you’re a lover of autumn already, you probably don’t need much convincing, but if you never thought of yourself as the sweater weather type, one look at this little munchkin wrapped up in knitwear will change your mind. Check out these hilarious cat and dog photos.


Those eyes!

Nothing is quite as adorable as a picture of a corgi puppy asking for forgiveness with his sad little eyes.


Stop it right now

This is an intolerable level of cute, and we don’t know how to handle it. We hope he’s about to play us an upbeat tune because it looks like this guy is an emotional genius.


A furry shot of energy

Put the coffee down—you don’t need caffeine anymore because this sweet fuzzy pup is all the zip you’ll ever need to start your day with. If you need to calm your dog down, this type of music works best.


That’s a sack of sugar

Not literal sugar—just the overwhelming sweetness of three puppy siblings crowded into one little sleep sack in this over-the-top pup pic.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesArthur Lookyanov/Shutterstock

Glamour is a trait you’re born with

If you need scientific evidence of this very anecdotal fact, just look at this princess.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesSoloviova Liudmyla/Shutterstock

Interests include long walks on the beach and romantic dinners

Sure, those dinners probably involve puppy chow, but if this little one ever got around to making his own online dating profile, we’re pretty sure that’s what it would say.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Are you listening?

This is the story of a little boy who loved his pup more than anything else in the world. We demand more pictures of puppies exactly like this one, immediately. You need to see these adorable photos of puppies and babies playing together.


Is it humid out here?

Does anyone have some dog-friendly frizz cream? This little guy could use some for his next few cute puppy pictures.

Adorable-Puppy-PicturesElizabeth Winterbourne/Shutterstock

Good luck charms, coming your way

If you’ve been making wishes on eyelashes and praying for good luck, never fear—adorable shamrock Yorkies are here! They’re the best good luck charms we could ever dream up. Want to have one of these cuties of your own? You’ll need these tips to pick the best dog breed for you.


Nature is truly amazing

But it’s even more amazing when our best friends seem to appreciate it, too.


Drool-worthy cuteness

That tongue! Isn’t this the silliest little puppy princess you’ve ever seen? It’s cute puppy pictures like this one that makes us want to go adopt 25 puppies right now.


A fuzzy gym buddy

Get your pedometer ready, because Fido is ready to hit the gym with you and encourage all the cutest levels of fitness. Here’s exactly how to become this dog’s (and any dog’s) favorite human.

Adorable-Puppy-Picturesfeeling lucky/Shutterstock

Put your phone down

This is so much better than all those reading apps. Although you might need to pick the phone back up to take more pictures of puppies… Check out these funny photos of dogs “working from home.”


“Cleanup on aisle three!”

This adorable artist can only be helped with a seriously high dose prescription of hugs and kisses. Don’t miss these unbelievable facts you never knew about your pooch.

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