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30 Adorable Pug Pictures That’ll Make You Want to Adopt One

If you already have too many dogs, you might want to think twice before looking at these cute pug pictures. Why? Because you're definitely going to want to get one!

Pug's head leaning on tabletopWestend61/Getty Images
Have you ever looked into a giant pair of pug eyes and instantly melted into a puddle on the floor? We can relate. Besides being the absolute cutest as can be in puppy pictures, these tiny fur-balls remain adorable well into adulthood—and these pug pictures prove it! If you’re looking to warm your heart even more, try scrolling through these corgi pictures and husky pictures that will make you want to bring them all home.
Man holding his pugGCShutter/Getty Images


Look at that tongue!

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Happy Pug Dog Running on the Grass. Mouth Open.GCShutter/Getty Images

Wind in my ears

Running to some treats!

Cute puppies Pug playing together on marble tablejarun011/Getty Images

Tiny tots

The most photogenic pups out of all the pug pictures.

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Adorable Pug puppy solo portraitAlfredas Pliadis/Getty Images

Say “cheese”

What, did I hear someone say cheese?

Cute dog Pug breed lying on ground looking on computer screenJomkwan/Getty Images

Laptop pup

Which cats can I torment on Facebook today?

A shot of a 3 months old boy pug puppy.LexiTheMonster/Getty Images

Head tilt

Come again.

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Close-up face of cute dog pug and sad bored face sleep on floor with tongue sticking outfongleon356/Getty Images

Tired pug

My tongue is on the floor so that it’s ready to catch crumbs.

Little fat pug sitting on sidewalk in summer parko_sa/Getty Images


I’m the cutest! Are these pug pictures making you want to adopt yet?

Cute puppies Pug sleeping togetherarun011/Getty Images

Nap time

Let’s use each other as pillows.

Cute Pug dog on pillowALEAIMAGE/Getty Images

Good boy

Look, my fur matches my bed.

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Healthy purebred dog photographed outdoors in the nature on a sunny day.Bigandt_Photography/Getty Images

Outside walk

Is that another dog over there?!

Cute Dog Pug in car smileJomkwan/Getty Images

Driver’s seat

Don’t worry, I have my license.

Cute pug dog sitting on groundAnton Deev/Getty Images

Puppy eyes

Don’t yell at me, I didn’t do anything wrong. After seeing these pug pictures, how could you ever be mad at these little guys?

Happy dog pug breed wearing life jacket at beachJomkwan/Getty Images

Paws in the sand

Look at my stylish life jacket.

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Cute puppy brown Pug with green grassjarun011/GettyImages

Puppy pug

One ear up, one ear down.

Two small fluffy cute dogs playing in the public park during springtime on pug meetingAnastasiia Shavshyna/Getty Images

Pug pals

Come on friend, I see food this way.

cute pug Dog sits on couch and looks longingly outsideSuperflyImages/Getty Images

Neighborhood watch

Don’t come on my lawn.

running pug ears up cute puppy/Getty Images


Look at me run! Look at my ears!

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Pug puppy cute dogSilviya Atanasova/Getty Images

Soaking it in

The sun feels so good on my little tongue.

Brindle pug puppy cute pugSonia Dubois/Getty Images


Can I help you?

Pug dog swims in a crystal clear seafongleon356/Getty Images

Big waves

Help, I don’t think this life jacket is going to support my big head.

cute dog breed pug wrapped in pink blankedAlexandr Zhenzhirov/Getty Images

Under the covers

Please can I sleep here instead of in my crate?

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Young man holding two pug dog puppies in hands. Little puppies siblings.Maryviolet/Getty Images


Even with these wrinkles, I’m still young.

Five pug dog puppies sleeping on carpet at home. Little puppies lying together on their backsMaryviolet/Getty Images

Just born

Tummies up!

Funny Sleepy Pug Dog with gum in the eye sleep rest on floorfongleon356/Getty Images

Knocked out

I’m in dreamland.

small pug dog standing in green grass and looking up with funny facemalamooshi/Getty Images


Hehe, I’m so silly.

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Pug dog having a siesta an resting in bedfongleon356/Getty Images

Tucked in

Do not disturb.

pug with sad eyes sitting at the tablekatoosha/Getty Images

I want it

Can I please have dinner now?

Pug running into the spring field.SFstudios/Getty Images


No one can stop me now!

Pug dog at grooming salon having bath.Group4 Studio/Getty Images

Bath time

I better get lots of treats after this. Now that you’ve seen the most adorable pug pictures, look through these adorable animal pictures that will make you say, “Awww.”

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