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How to Earn More Money, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Boost your bank account by harnessing your zodiac sign's best traits.

How To Earn More Money, According To Your Sign
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The key to personal and financial success

Everyone wants to know how to make more money, but not everyone knows where to start. Do you need to budget better? Should you invest in stocks? You may not find an answer spelled out neatly in the stars, but you can use your zodiac sign to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

“You can use your sign’s specific advantages to optimize your workflow, focus on building the right relationships, and take the right projects that suit you,” says Siobhan Johnson, an astrologist, spiritual healer, and tarot card reader. Once you learn the best career strength for your zodiac and the best stress relief for your zodiac, for instance, you can use them to your advantage in the workplace. Finding the best hobby may lead you to a business idea. And knowing your zodiac compatibility can help you avoid clashes with colleagues, investors, or a spouse whose financial values differ from yours.

Getting on the right track to earn more cash is just the beginning. Using insights from your zodiac sign can help you embrace your inner passions and improve all aspects of your life. Find the best vacation, best houseplant, or best dog for your zodiac sign, and you’ll realize that understanding your top traits sets you up for success. With that in mind, read on for ways each zodiac sign can go about making more money.

aries start a start up
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Aries (March 21–April 19): Pursue a start-up

If you’re an entrepreneurial-minded Aries who wants to do well and earn more money, you’ll need to find new ways to get ahead of the curve. When you sense you’re not breaking boundaries or making strides, you’re likely to feel depressed in your role and underperform, says Johnson. (Need something to kick you out of a funk? Scroll these inspirational quotes for your zodiac sign.)

Her recommendation for rams? Work for a start-up where you can carve out your own niche. “Start-ups give Aries the space to make it their own and try out new techniques,” she says.

  • Traits to harness: Leadership and drive. As the first sign of the zodiac cycle, you’re a natural-born leader. Use your leadership skills and boundless drive to outperform yourself every day and be a trendsetter.
  • Obstacles to overcome: Arrogance or bullishness. Aries can have a very type-A personality. Getting too caught up in the moment and cocky could be your downfall. Being an entrepreneur is hard—don’t get in your own way.
  • Perfect side hustles: Coach, firefighter, real estate agent

taurus ask for a raise
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Taurus (April 20–May 20): Ask for a raise

If anyone wants to learn how to make more money, it’s you, Taurus. Bulls find happiness in tangible representations of wealth, such as brand-new clothes, jewelry, and their bank accounts. “Your feeling of being valued at work is tied up in your paycheck,” Johnson says. “So don’t feel weird or selfish asking for raises, bonuses, or benefits.”

Taurus is a sign that knows (and loves) to put its foot down, so use that inherent firmness to get what you want at work. You can make your voice heard while still remaining professional—after all, Taurus is one of the most polite zodiac signs. “The other thing that benefits the Taurus at work is knowing when to push,” Johnson says. “Don’t put up with stuff because you’re strong. Push for change and improvements instead.”

  • Trait to harness: Determination. Don’t back down or get pushed aside when it comes to a raise you know you deserve.
  • Obstacle to overcome: Stubbornness. While you shouldn’t back down, you should also realize when you reach a good compromise with your boss. Don’t be unreasonable in your pursuit for more.
  • Perfect side hustles: Financial assistant, graphic designer, custom jeweler, fashion or hairstylist

gemini network
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Gemini (May 21–June 20): Network

Geminis are excellent communicators and are usually able to find common ground with almost everyone. These are the skills you need to rely on because work isn’t just about numbers and deadlines; it’s about people too. “Connect well with your coworkers and strengthen your professional networks, and it will pay you dividends in the end,” Johnson says.

  • Traits to harness: Effective communication and sociability. Gemini is governed by Mercury, the planet ruler of communication. Beware Mercury in retrograde!
  • Obstacle to overcome: Short attention span. Represented by the symbol of the twins, Gemini often gets a bad reputation for being two-faced. This zodiac sign can be very excitable and hop from one project to another, which others may interpret as being uncommitted or insincere. But the real issue is that you won’t make much money if you keep flitting around before you achieve real success.
  • Perfect side hustles: Public relations or marketing consultant, freelance writer, party planner

cancer try remote work
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Cancer (June 21–July 22): Try remote work

Cancers are very emotional people who often let their emotions get in the way of practical matters. If you feel strongly enough about something, the result will be extreme tunnel vision. That is why it is in a crab’s best interest to learn how to balance emotions and logic.

“Developing a more analytical attitude [toward] work is a Cancer’s key route to success,” Johnson says. “A Cancer’s love of home is also a key aspect; negotiating remote work opportunities can really make life easier for you and make you a happier—and therefore better—worker.” For more insight, learn about your Chinese zodiac sign.

  • Trait to harness: Ability to maintain strong relationships. While you may not be a socialite like Gemini, you do love people and know how to develop and maintain good working relationships, even when working remotely.
  • Obstacle to overcome: Tendency to be emotional or take things personally. Be careful about mistaking a work friendship for a personal friendship. Avoid getting too hung up on one task.
  • Perfect side hustles: Physical therapist, yoga instructor, guidance counselor

Leo show initiative
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Leo (July 23–August 22): Show initiative

Leo is a sign that always draws attention, but when it comes to your career, make sure people are noticing you for the right reasons. People will love you for your gregarious personality and charismatic nature, but they should also be able to see you as a hard worker.

You can be well-liked and still have people take you seriously. “Show initiative,” Johnson advises. “You can also use your royal nature to build a good network of contacts around you, which should keep you updated on trainings, promotions, and new job opportunities.”

  • Trait to harness: Outgoing and charismatic personality. Leo is a charmer who loves being the best.
  • Obstacle to overcome: Tendency to be a show-off. As it so often happens, your biggest strength is also your biggest weakness. Learn the difference between positive and negative attention. Good attention: Being the guy at work who brings in everyone’s favorite cookies based on the zodiac signs.
  • Perfect side hustles: Comedian, DJ, motivational speaker

virgo organize and optimize
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Virgo (August 23–September 22): Organize and optimize

You don’t need anyone to tell you to work harder. In fact, working too hard can be your downfall. Unlike Taureans, who find a sense of self-worth in their weekly paychecks, Virgos find it in their productivity. When insecure, you’ll overwork yourself in an attempt to prove your worth, and that can backfire.

Johnson’s advice here is to keep track of your work performance as objectively as possible. “Keep logs of units sold or customers pleased, or how long it takes you to do a project,” she says. “Documenting your worth to the company like this will help you be brave when it comes to asking for raises or going for promotions. But use your powerful analytical mind to also eliminate the busy work that you’ve made for yourself in an effort to feel more useful. Your files don’t have to be alphabetical, chronological, and color-coded.”

  • Traits to harness: Analytical mind and aptitude for organization. A detail-oriented problem-solver, your ability to prioritize will be their meal ticket.
  • Obstacles to overcome: Self-doubt and inability to relax. Your mind is always going. Learn how to trust yourself. Failure and rejection are your zodiac sign’s biggest fears.
  • Perfect side hustles: Event planner, editor, personal assistant

libra be decisive
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Libra (September 23–October 22): Be decisive

The great mediators of the zodiac, Libras often forget to put their needs first. You strive to make peace between other people, and sometimes it makes you self-sacrificing to a fault. If you want to earn more money, you need to focus more on yourself and be proactive.

“Please make a decision—any decision,” Johnson says. “The best way Libras can move forward at work is to stop trying to please everyone.” Find your voice and don’t be afraid to let people hear it! Assert yourself. If you’re feeling shy, just remember that Libra is one of the zodiac signs that produces the most billionaires.

  • Trait to harness: Good judgment. Famously fair-minded, Libras should apply their good judgment to personal finances and business decisions.
  • Obstacle to overcome: Desire to please everyone. Balancing multiple responsibilities can stretch you too thin. Sometimes, stepping away from one project in favor of another will provide the greatest sense of balance.
  • Perfect side hustles: Counselor, publicist, brand marketing consultant

scorpio tone it down
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Scorpio (October 23–November 21): Tone it down

Competitive and intimidating, Scorpios can often find themselves at odds with coworkers who don’t share the same opinion or whom they see as potential rivals. The best way to perform better at work—and hopefully earn yourself more money—is to use that competitiveness in a constructive and positive way.

“Due to your warlike nature, you are probably coming off as a bit snappish, whether you think so or not,” Johnson says. “Make an effort to smile a bit more and be more welcoming to tone down that intensity.” Of course, you don’t need to fabricate an entirely false personality; just soften some of your edges. Whether you like it or not, people are more likely to recognize and reward those they find pleasing or likable.

  • Trait to harness: Passion. Scorpio is known to be one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac. Your desire burns at a deeper level, and that will help you pursue your goals.
  • Obstacle to overcome: Distrust. Take some lessons from Leo and Sagittarius when it comes to social skills. As one of the more trustworthy zodiac signs, you need to learn to trust others.
  • Perfect side hustles: Musician, private detective, psychotherapist

sagittarius engage with clients
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Sagittarius (November 22–December 21): Engage with clients

It shouldn’t be all that difficult for a Sagittarius to increase their earning power. Unlike Scorpios, Sagittarians are naturally very personable and bubbly; they just love people. Use that warmth and kindness to make as many friends in your industry as you can. Take advantage of social gatherings like happy hours, fundraisers, and company outings. “Sagittarians are very wise and do well in roles with meetings, client-facing work, or academic work,” Johnson says. Learning about your zodiac sign element can help you further understand your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Trait to harness: Outgoing and pleasant nature. You’ve always been the popular kid in class. Money is easier to come by when you know how to make friends in the right places.
  • Obstacle to overcome: Overconfidence or pretension. You’re sophisticated and skilled, but you can sometimes come off as a know-it-all.
  • Perfect side hustles: Personal trainer, vacation planner, salesperson

Capricorn embrace teamwork
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Capricorn (December 22–January 19): Embrace teamwork

Capricorns are already good with money, as they are generally very prudent and responsible. “Capricorns are built for entrepreneurship, thanks to their great ambition, hard-working nature, and monetary skills,” Johnson says.

Still, there is always room for improvement; Capricorns can often be too fastidious and serious, making them more inwardly focused. Be more aware of your work environment so you know what task is most important at the time. “Capricorns can also be stubborn and need to remember that hard work in the wrong direction gets you nowhere,” she says. “Use your great capacity for hard work in the right places.” It would also behoove goats to be more concerned with teamwork and team-building.

  • Trait to harness: Ambitious yet practical nature. You aim high and carefully work out every step you’ll need to take to get there.
  • Obstacle to overcome: Lack of social skills. You can come across as indifferent, cold, or snobby, which can impact how much people value you. Start befriending people by giving them compliments based on the zodiac signs.
  • Perfect side hustles: Data analyst, architect, financial planner

Aquarius take a chance
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Aquarius (January 20–February 18): Take a chance

Aquarians are highly intelligent, creative, and inspiring. You can be a great leader in your profession because you are caring and know how to cater to each individual. You can be the one who takes the company to the next level and reap the rewards for it. However, Johnson advises you to be cautious. “Be very careful not to continually bail out underperforming coworkers or take blame where it’s not due.”

  • Trait to harness: Innovative nature. If anyone knows how to hustle, it’s Aquarius. Your natural curiosity gives you innovative ideas you should act on.
  • Obstacle to overcome: Irritability. As one of the smartest zodiac signs, Aquarius can get testy when others challenge or get in the way of their vision.
  • Perfect side hustles: Inventor, humanitarian organizer, computer programmer

pisces trust your intuition
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Pisces (February 19–March 20): Trust your intuition

Like Libra, Pisces care deeply for the well-being of others. This incredible sense of empathy can be a great thing, but it can also be quite the burden. When your coworker is having a bad day, for example, you are likely to internalize their feelings as your own. You need to maintain a sense of individuality in the workplace to succeed and thrive. “The best way for a Pisces to progress in any role is to look after yourself better, trust your intuition and speak out more,” Johnson says.

  • Traits to harness: Empathy and individuality. It’s cheesy, but being yourself really will get you noticed. Turn to your zodiac sign’s power color for inspiration.
  • Obstacles to overcome: Shyness and sensitivity. Empathy is great, but being too sensitive or timid can impede your progress.
  • Perfect side hustles: Artist, social media influencer, private tutor


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