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9 Moms Reveal the Best Mother’s Day Gifts They’ve Ever Received

Tell us the truth: What really, truly makes your Mother's Day special? According to these moms, it's usually not the flowers and candy.

grandsonsCourtesy, Maureen Barrett

Give grandma an entourage

“All 12 of the grandsons in my family take my 86 year-old mom out to lunch as a group as close to Mother’s Day as possible. Some of the boys have tattoos, gauges in their ears, and long hair; some are quiet, some are loud, some are married with children, and others are single. Despite their differences, they all get along great and love their grandmother. She feels like a queen being treated to lunch by her 12 handsome grandsons! They don’t go anywhere super fancy but it doesn’t matter where they go. She loves walking into a restaurant escorted by all her boys.” —Maureen, 58, mom of four, Pennsylvania (Want to include a more traditional little something? Check out these Mother’s Day gift ideas she’s guaranteed to love.)

plateCourtesy, Susan Sauder

Personalize an everyday item

“Being a Girl Scouts troop leader, I was always looking for unique crafts to do for Mother’s Day. The most popular, by far, were personalized, homemade plates. Making the plates for the other Scout moms was overwhelmingly positive; they cherished them. Since I have three daughters, I have three plates, and they have lasted for almost 30 years. Two years ago, I helped my three young grandchildren make a Mother’s Day plate as a surprise for my daughters; this brought us all so much joy. When our daughters come to visit, they sometimes take the plates out of the cupboard and laugh at one another’s artwork. The dads were very jealous of our plates so this year I’m going to help the grandchildren make Father’s Day plates. The gift goes on!” —Susan, 65, mom of three, grandmom of four, Maryland (You can find a similar projects on

motherdaughterCourtesy, Cherie Corso

 Celebrate each other

“My one and only child, Julia, was born on Mother’s Day. Now 14, she is the love of our life and a joy to be around. Having Mother’s Day and her birthday so close together is great. It usually involves big, themed parties like ladybugs, hula hoops, and Mad Hatter dinner parties. She always makes me feel special even if the party is for her.” —Cherie Corso, mom of one, owner of G2organics, New York

papervaseCourtesy, Sherri Silcox

Make something just for mom

“When he was in nursery school, my son, Brandon, made me a paper vase with cut out flowers on Popsicle sticks. It’s not that the flowers are all that unique; it’s what he wrote on the project that makes me laugh every time I look at it. It says, ‘For you Mom, NOT Dad or Megan.’ I’m so glad I still have it.” —Sherri, 56, mom of two, Pennsylvania. (Read on for the stories of 15 kids who did the nicest things for their parents, you’ll be brought to tears.)


palmCourtesy, Emily Tidswell

Plant a garden or tree

“For my very first Mother’s Day, my husband gifted me with a palm tree with the intention to plant it in our garden and watch it grow alongside our daughter. In the year leading up to our engagement, we had lived in Florida and made some of the most memorable, fun, and fond memories there—it will always have a special place in our hearts. The palm brought a little piece of Florida back to our New Jersey home and enabled us to share those memories with our daughter. While it wasn’t expensive or wrapped in a little blue box, I thought it was one of the most thoughtful, beautiful, and memorable gifts I’ve ever received. Every time I look out into the garden, I can see my palm and watch its progress, just as we watch our daughter (who is now 15 months!) grow and flourish.”—Emily, 33, mom of one, New Jersey

shirtCourtesy, Marni Prince

Make a proud logo

“When my stepdaughter was 13 she made me a special gift. She wanted to make sure I felt included, as there aren’t too many gifts out there that speak to stepmoms. Her dad is a graphic designer so together they designed a T-shirt for me that says ‘Wicked Awesome Stepmom,’ and surprised me with it. They liked the idea of turning the ‘wicked stepmother’ trope into a positive message. Being from the Boston area, ‘wicked’ has even more meaning. This prompted us to create a gifts’ website specifically for stepmoms since there seems to be a dearth of products out there. It made my day!” —Marni, 42, stepmom of one, Massachusetts

poemCourtesy, Crystal Higgins

Write mom a poem

“One year, my twin sons drew pictures and wrote poems. Granted, I did have blue streaks in my hair, but, for the record, I did not have orange skin. I also have never played tennis or any other sport. It doesn’t matter! These are still my favorite gifts.” —Brittany, 28, mom of two, Pennsylvania. Check out these unique and easy DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.


photoshootCourtesy, Hayley Miller

Host a photoshoot

“One of the best Mother’s Day gifts my daughter Hayley gave me was a photo shoot with her, my other daughter, and my granddaughter. A professional photographer took our photos in a beautiful park. We laughed a lot during the shoot. I loved that we captured such a special time in our lives. I still have the photos in my house.” —Judy, 60, mom of two, grandmother of two, Connecticut

picnicVia Jaimie Asay

Create an adventure

“My daughter made me a picnic breakfast when she was about 12. The best part was that she created a treasure map with hints along the way so I could find her in the park!” —Jaimie, 39, mom of two, Pennsylvania. Ready to create your own picnic? Here are 12 healthy picnic recipies.



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