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The 49 Most Successful Shark Tank Products from the Last Decade

Let's make a deal: we'll round up the 50 most successful, most gotta-have-em 'Shark Tank' products from the last decade, and you get your wallet ready. Annnnd go!

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock (2760490cz) Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, cast of "Shark Tank" Disney ABC Television TCA Summer Press Tour, Los Angeles, America - 04 Aug 2013

Money. Money. Money.

In the time that Shark Tank has been on the air, America has come to fall in love with Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful, their catchphrases, and—most importantly—the killer pitches and products. Here, we’ve rounded up the 50 most successful Shark Tank products that are definitely worth your money. We’re talking about the products with the biggest investments, the ones that have become household names, and the businesses that are not only still kicking, but thriving.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.

kodiak cakes
via amazon.com

Kodiak Cakes


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This pancake mix company may not have gotten a deal on Shark Tank, but its 2014 appearance on the show doubled the sales of Kodiak Cakes to $6.7 million the next year. Still holding its own among other long-established name brand breakfast mixes like Aunt Jemima and Betty Crocker, this family business serves up everything from flapjack and waffle mix to fruity syrup. By the way, here are 12 reasons you really don’t want to skip breakfast.

glasses rest
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Constantly losing your eyeglasses? This Lori Greiner-backed Shark Tank success story has the answer. With hundreds of positive Amazon reviews, ReadeREST magnetic glasses holders come in a variety of colors, are lightweight, and easily secure glasses to your shirt. Along with ReadeREST eyeglass holders, here are 25 other products also made in America.

cousins maine lobster
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Cousins Maine Lobster


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From food truck to multi-million food empire, Shark Barbara Corcoran helped skyrocket Cousins Maine Lobster. With a $55,000 investment, the sustainable lobster company reached over $20 million in sales after their episode aired and still has a strong relationship with Corcoran. You can get your fix at the brand’s dozens of food trucks and restaurants around the country, or with the co-founder’s revealing business book: Cousins Maine Lobster: How One Food Truck Became a Multimillion-Dollar Business.

squatty potty
via amazon.com

Squatty Potty


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Dubbed “the #1 way to #2,” Squatty Potty received a $500,000 investment from Lori Greiner on Shark Tank and began raking in millions within days of the show’s airing. The company’s now-famous toilet stool helps to position users for more comfortable and healthy bathroom use. Yes, there’s actually a science behind healthy pooping. And while the Squatty Potty may be a must-have, it’s a good idea to keep in mind these 11 things you actually shouldn’t store in your bathroom.

leg warmer
via graceandlace.com

Grace and Lace


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What started as a DIY lace leg warmer business has grown into a complete women’s apparel company. Grace and Lace, the Barbara Corcoran-backed success, pulled in over $14 million in sales within two years of its Shark Tank appearance. Now the company’s online store carries everything from dresses to scarves in addition to its original leg warmers.

bubbas bbq sauce
via bubbabonelessribs.com



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Little did retired professional football player Al “Bubba” Baker know that his barbecue company would go from $154,000 to more than $16 million in sales after appearing on Shark Tank. Marking one of Daymond John’s biggest deals ever, Bubba’s-Q delivers delicious and authentic BBQ favorites like baby back ribs and pulled pork right to your door.

get lit sweater
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Tipsy Elves


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Go to one holiday party this season and you’ll surely see a Tipsy Elves sweater. With ugly Christmas sweaters becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder the company has done more than $70 million in sales since their episode in 2013, even despite not getting a deal. Tipsy Elves now offers up beachwear and dog accessories in addition to the signature holiday sweaters, so there’s pretty much something for everyone looking for a laugh. These are more of the best ugly Christmas sweaters you can buy.

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Another initial Shark Tank reject, smart doorbell company, Ring, walked away from the show and into a $1 billion deal with Amazon. Using a smartphone, users can see who’s at their door and even connect with neighbors to keep an eye on what’s happening nearby. Along with these 15 smart home devices actually worth the money, Ring’s a must for home security.

bed jet
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BedJet founder Mark Aramli may have annoyed the Sharks with his pitch on the show back in 2015, but that didn’t stop the product from flying off the shelves following Aramli’s segment airing. The cooling and heating device for beds has high customer ratings on Amazon and is even loved by professional athletes and Olympians. These are more of the top products on Amazon that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

single serving wine

Copa Di Vino


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Despite two Shark Tank appearances and zero deals made with any of the Sharks, James Martin can still say that he’s the founder of one of the show’s most successful products ever: Copa Di Vino. The single-servings of wine were so popular, in fact, that more than 38 million cups have been sold everywhere from supermarkets to sports arenas.

simply fit board
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Simply Fit Board


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Working on your six-pack at home has never been so easy. The Simply Fit Board, invested in by Shark Lori Greiner, has pulled in over $160 million in sales in just four years since appearing on Shark Tank. While the verdict is out on what results exactly this balance board can provide, trainers agree that it could help strengthen your core.

shrimp burger
via bigshakeshotchicken.com

Chef Big Shake

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Shawn Davis, A.K.A. Chef Big Shake, came to Shark Tank in 2011 with his mouth-watering shrimp burgers but left without a deal. Nevertheless, Davis found his own investor following the segment and his business grew from $30,000 to $5 million in a year. While the products are no longer available for purchase online, Chef Big Shake is still cooking up his burgers and famous hot chicken in Alabama and Tennessee—and looking to franchise.

via amazon.com



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Many Americans today use their smartphones as cameras, but how often do the photos get printed from there? Enter: Groovebook. For $3.99 a month, the photo app delivers your favorite camera roll pictures to your door monthly. Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary saw the company’s promise on the show, but real success hit when Shutterfly acquired Groovebook for $14.5 million in 2014. Here’s how to get your smartphone photos primed for print.

via amazon.com

Scrub Daddy


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It’s hard to believe that a sponge can be considered one of Shark Tank‘s biggest success stories, but baby, you’d better believe it’s true. Since Lori Greiner’s $200,000 investment in 2012, the little smiling sponge has surpassed $50 million (!!) in sales. You’d better get one for your kitchen, pronto! Psst…did you know that you actually have to clean your kitchen sponge, too?

drop stop
buy dropstop.com

Drop Stop


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The dreaded space between the car seat and center console has met its match with the Drop Stop. Since its Shark Tank debut, the company has worked to make driving safer and has brought in over $24 million. But don’t stop there, here are more car gadgets that make driving safer.

repair wrap
via amazon.com



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Stronger than duct tape (100 times stronger, to be exact), FiberFix Repair Wrap provides a permanent solution for sealing pipes, hoses, camping equipment, and more. Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2016, the company has grown to include multiple repair solutions, grossing more than $6 million. So go ahead and get your hands dirty, but make sure you never, ever try to DIY these 12 home improvement projects.

bottle breacher
via bottlebreacher.com

Bottle Breacher


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Made in the U.S.A. and owned by veterans, Bottle Breacher makes bottle openers from real .50 caliber bullets. The company’s profits jumped from $150k to $2.5 million right after appearing on Shark Tank and has since expanded to include even more military-focused products. Got your opener? Good.

via amazon.com

Mission Belt

Starting at $36.95

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No holes, no problem. The Mission Belt—a belt without holes—looks great, adjusts in size as you do, and solves the problem of those pesky, stretched out holes. One of Daymond John’s top five best Shark Tank deals, Mission Belt has raked in more than $8.2 million in sales and gives $1 of every belt sold to help small-business owners in developing countries. Here are beautiful gifts that give back.

via amazon.com



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Perfect for camping aficionados, InstaFire is the easiest, safest fire starter. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company has grown to include more than 30 products and has done more than $7.5 million in retail sales. Find out the best campsite in every state.

safe grab
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Safe Grabs


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Anything that promises to be “8-in-1” is definitely worth your time. That’s the case with Safe Grabs, the multi-purpose, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe silicone mat. Use it as a placemat, a trivet, a jar opener—the limits are endless. OK, maybe they’re not endless, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. And that’s why Safe Grabs sells like hot cakes on Amazon.

via bombas.com



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You’ve surely heard of Bombas by now. The Daymond John-backed socks were initially created to serve a need: get socks to the homeless. They’re one of the most requested items by homeless shelters, after all. For every pair of socks sold, Bombas donates a pair to the homeless. The ultra-comfortable, thick socks are a hit, too. That’s why the company rakes in $100 million a year. Go ahead, treat yo’ feet.

sleep styler
via thesleepstyler.com

Sleep Stylers


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Perfect hair while you sleep? That’s what Sleep Stylers promises. And, boy, did audiences buy into that promise. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company has seen more than $45 million in sales. Fans say the Sleep Stylers really do work.

leopard coat
via reddressboutique.com

Red Dress Boutique


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Online business Red Dress Boutique offers women affordable, fully shoppable looks. Mark Cuban liked the idea when the husband and wife duo made their pitch to the Sharks, investing $600,000 for a 15 percent stake. Now, the e-commerce site is bringing in $15 million in annual sales and selling everything from sweaters and jackets to, yes, red dresses.

bantan bagels
via amazon.com

Bantam Bagels


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If you’ve been in a Starbucks recently, you’ve certainly seen Shark Tank‘s most successful food to date: Bantam Bagels. The mini stuffed bagels caught the eye of Lori Greiner in the tank, but really made it big when the company sold for $34 million in 2018. While you’re on the hunt for your bagel fix, these are the 13 things Starbucks employees won’t tell you.

via towerpaddleboards.com

Tower Paddle Boards


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One of Mark Cuban’s favorite Shark Tank investments, Tower Paddle Boards is the standup paddleboard (SUP) company that left the show with $150,000 from Cuban and went on to generate more than $30 million in sales. Fans of the sport will love the company’s boards and accessories.

the comfy
via amazon.com

The Comfy


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One part oversize, cozy sweatshirt, one part blanket, the Comfy is a must-have for homebodies. Can’t you just picture yourself curling up with a Comfy while watching Netflix this winter? Same. With a near-perfect rating on Amazon, it’s no wonder this simple idea has been such a hit. Here are some cozy loungewear sets you’ll want to live in.

via amazon.com



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Sun-Staches are the novelty glasses you didn’t even know you needed. Great for parties, holidays, or just because, Daymond John invested $300,000 into the company in 2014. Since then, sales have surpassed $20 million. With options such as superheroes, Disney characters, and emoticons, there’s something for everyone. These are more of the most hilarious gag gifts to give this year.

via virtualpinball.com



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Remember the days of spending hours in the arcade playing on your favorite pinball machine? That’s where VPcabs comes in. The virtual pinball machine company provides an update to the classic game. Since Shark Tank, the company has done more than $1 million in sales.

sound cloud
via amazon.com

Sand Cloud


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It’s crazy to think Sand Cloud’s founders almost threw in the towel before making it to Shark Tank, but the three friends from California pursued their dream: to optimize beach napping. And who can resist, amirite? Not Robert Herjavec. The Shark invested $200,000, and the company has continued to grow. They’re doing so well, in fact, that 10 percent of profits go toward marine conservation. Beach trip, anyone?

cupcake jars
via wickedgoodcupcakes.com

Wicked Good Cupcakes


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Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Well, make it a Wicked Good Cupcake, and you’ve got Mr. Wonderful on board. Since Shark Tank, the company has sold more than $14 million in mason jar cupcakes. The treats last up to six months when frozen, so now you’ve got your excuse to stock up!

squat rack
via prxperformance.com

PRX Performance


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Looking for some authentic, sturdy at-home fitness equipment? PRX Performance has you covered. The company walked away with an $80,000 investment from Kevin O’Leary in 2016 and has since surpassed $15 million in sales. If that doesn’t get your endorphins pumping, we don’t know what will.

toilet light
via amazon.com



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What do you get when you combine a night light and a toilet bowl? A multi-million dollar company. That’s right, since appearing on Shark Tank in 2016, IllumiBowl sales have jumped from $100,000 to $14 million. Go ahead, add a little flair to your bathroom. But you ain’t seen nothing yet: these are the weirdest products you can buy on Amazon.

test prep
via prepexpert.com

Prep Expert


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Prep Expert founder Shaan Patel not only won over Mark Cuban on Shark Tank with his SAT and ACT test prep courses, but he also went on to graduate from Yale with an MBA and from USC with an MD. Oh, and he also managed to generate over $10 million in sales for his company all at the same time. Given Patel’s own success and relationship with Cuban, it’s no wonder so many turn to Prep Expert for help. But why stop there? Here are 11 secret habits of straight-A students even post-grads will want to steal.

via simplesugarskincare.com

Simple Sugars


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Shark Tank —and Mark Cuban—made Simple Sugars founder Lani Lazzari a millionaire. Nineteen years old at the time, Lazzari walked away with a $100,000 investment back in 2013. Since then, her all-natural skincare line has grown into a heck of a brand with a range of products for sensitive skin.

via bouqs.com

The Bouqs Co.


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Focused on eco-friendly partnerships and sustainable practices, The Bouqs Co. delivers beautiful and longer-lasting flowers to consumers. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the flower company has secured $55 million in funding and even supplied the wedding flowers for Robert Herjavec’s 2016 nuptials. Not only can you get gorgeous blooms from Bouqs, but you can also get a subscription to get flowers delivered to your door monthly.

pop card
via lovepopcards.com



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Gone are the days of generic greeting cards. Lovepop creates memorable, 3D pop-up cards that locked in Kevin O’Leary has an investor and has since raised $12 million to enter the world of 3D wedding invitations. From holidays to birthdays to anniversaries and everything in-between, Lovepop has a customizable card for every occasion.

chord buddy
via amazon.com



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One of Robert Herjavec’s biggest success stories, ChordBuddy makes learning to play guitar easy. With a device to help you learn the chords and lessons to accompany, it’s no wonder this frustration-free way to become a rockstar has been such a hit. Get playing, and find out what your favorite music says about you.

via amazon.com



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Every new parent knows the struggle of weaning your baby off the bottle and getting them to drink out of a sippy cup. And just when you think you’ve found the perfect cup, you’re faced with one that’s constantly leaking. That’s where the Shark Tank sensation Lollacup comes in. The straw sippy cup is BPA-free, easy to clean, and, best of all, spill-proof. Since the show, Lollacup has transformed into Lollaland, complete with a range of products for your little one.

buggy beds
via buggybeds.com



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When all five Sharks invest in a product, you know you’ve got something good on your hands. BuggyBeds, the patented, easy-to-use bedbug detection system, walked away from Shark Tank with $250,000 for 25 percent equity and has since surpassed millions in sales. If you’re as grossed out as we are, here’s exactly how to prevent bed bugs in your home.

wellness tests
via everlywell.com



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You’ve heard of those at-home genetic tests, but what about at-home lab tests to check food sensitivities, thyroid levels, and even metabolism? EverlyWell, which attracted Lori Greiner as an investor, currently offers 35 different at-home tests. Since Shark Tank, the company has raised an additional $55 million in funding to make the testing even more accessible.

bean bag chair
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I’ll take your old-school bean bag and raise you an uber-comfortable, convertible bean bag of the future. CordaRoy’s bean bags convert into full-size beds, and the company now even offers up bean bag sofas and pet beds. Shark Lori Greiner came on board and the company became an instant success on QVC and Amazon.

phone soap
via amazon.com



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Are you guilty of bringing your phone into the restroom with you? And when’s the last time you cleaned it—like, really cleaned it? Exactly. That’s where PhoneSoap, the UV light sanitizer that kills 99.9 percent of germs on your phone, comes in. Since your cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat, the need for a cleaning solution is real. Since Shark Tank, the company has done over $46 million in sales.

painting class
via wineanddesign.com

Wine & Design

Prices vary

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In what Barbara Corcoran called “the best pitch on Shark Tank EVER,” Wine & Design founders had a nude male model pose for the Sharks, giving the room an example of just one of the company’s popular guided painting classes. And did we mention the classes are BYOB? With locations all around the country, there’s no slowing these entrepreneurs down. While you’re more likely to create something more akin to the world’s seven funniest paintings, you will make long-lasting memories.

rapid ramen cooker
via amazon.com

Rapid Ramen Cooker


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How did ramen go from a college staple to an American obsession? Maybe it’s because of the gourmet ramen restaurants seemingly everywhere you go, or maybe it’s because of products like the Rapid Ramen Cooker that make the meal even easier to whip up. Amazon reviews call it super convenient and easy to use, and, yes, it’s a Shark Tank product for your kitchen that actually work.

swim trunks
via fairharborclothing.com

Fair Harbor


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Joining the ranks of other millennial entrepreneurs who have made a fortune, Jake and Caroline Danehy’s eco-conscious fashion company Fair Harbor is cleaning up the ocean one swim trunk at a time. Developed after a 2015 mock Shark Tank competition, the company’s signature boardshorts are made using recycled plastic bottles (that usually wind up in the ocean), and the young founders have no plans of slowing down.

via hellolumio.com



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Within ten minutes of appearing on Shark Tank, Lumio got 3,000 new orders. And sales of the accordion-style lamp that looks like a book continue to grow, actually doubling each year. Fans of minimalist, functional products can’t get enough of the modern lamps.

via amazon.com



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Entrepreneurs Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta had no trouble getting all five Sharks to believe in their product. That’s because LuminAID was created to serve a very real purpose: providing light during emergencies. The company’s original solar inflatable light did just that, and they’ve since created a range of products for outdoor and emergency situations, such as solar lights that double as phone chargers. Customers can even buy solar lights to donate to humanitarian organizations in need.

drain stopper
via amazon.com

Drain Strain


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Gone are the days of having your plumber on speed dial or snaking your own drain to remove the built-up hair that’s causing a clog and making your bathtub pool. It’s just gross and—finally—unnecessary with Drain Strain, which prevents hair (and jewelry!) from getting caught. Robert Herjavec liked the pitch back in 2015, and the company is continuing to grow, partly due to deals with Lowe’s and Home Depot.

via myshopify.com

Table 87


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Frozen pizza with an authentic Brooklyn pizzeria twist—what’s not to love? Table 87, which claims to have been the first pizzeria to serve coal oven pizza by the slice, can now be enjoyed outside of New York. In fact, the frozen pizza, which is available at Whole Foods, FreshDirect, and other retailers, can now be enjoyed globally. These are 15 of the best as-seen-on-TV products available on Amazon.

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