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The Most Hilarious Gifts to Give This Year

It’s better to give than to receive—especially when it comes to these gag gifts. They’re super affordable, but the reactions you’ll get will be priceless!

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Give the gift of laughter

The holidays are a time for love, gratitude, togetherness…and stress. Between dealing with difficult family members and trying to find the perfect present for everyone on your list, we could all use a little levity—and some extra gift-giving inspiration for when we’re truly stumped. That’s where this handy guide comes in. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’ll find a hilariously weird gag gift here that’s guaranteed to get a smile.

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burrito blanketvia

LetsFunny Burrito Tortilla Wrap Blanket


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Do you know someone who loves to snuggle—or someone who really loves Mexican food? This tortilla blanket will turn them into a human burrito. It’s the gift they’ve been waiting for their entire lives (but just didn’t know it). If you’re looking for a present for a White Elephant Gift exchange, you’ve found it! You can also turn a newborn into a baby burrito with this pint-sized Kakaya swaddling blanket and baby hat.

keanu reeves via

Bad Bananas Keanu Reeves Mermaid Reversible Flip Sequin Throw Pillowcase


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There may be no spoon, but there is this Keanu Reeves pillowcase—which features those addictively fun reversible sequins. Whoa. We’d venture to say that this is a perfect and perfectly hilarious gift for just about anybody, Keanu-obsessed or not. If you need a gift fast, don’t miss these 60 other Amazon Prime gifts for everyone on your list.


Leapparel 3D Pizza Cat Jogger Pants


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Can you think of a more purrfect gift for that friend who’s always posting cat memes on social media? We can’t…though the Christmas Cat and Lightning Cat versions of these pants come pretty darn close. For more fun finds for the feline-obsessed, check out these 25 gifts for cat lovers.

mini violinvia

Broadway Gifts 3-Inch Violin


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Who should get the world’s smallest violin? That friend who’s always complaining, of course. It’s time they faced the music about their endless blathering (though you might not want to phrase it quite like that). Like this teeny-tiny violin, here are 11 more gifts that won’t cause clutter.


Barwench Games Toilet Golf Set


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Know a certain someone who spends a little too much time in the bathroom? Show them you bear no ill will and simply hope they’ll use their time productively, perhaps to get better at golf. While this present might induce belly laughs, these other gifts for men will make you look like a hero.

toilet gamevia

Fairly Odd Novelties Toilet Fishing Kit


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Is golf not the toilet-hogger’s thing? Maybe they like to fish. If so, get this Toilet Fishing Kit, which includes a mat, fish, rod, bowl, and Do Not Disturb sign. Here are some more perfectly tailored gifts for the unique BFFs in your life.

beard beanievia

Beard Head Kid Gromm Beard Beanie


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The little dude in your life will look like an actual dude in this colorful beard hat that’s functional as well as funny. It will keep his head and face warm on frigid days—and if he finds it as hilarious as you do, he might actually keep it on. Here are more gifts that kids (and their parents) will love that aren’t toys.


Joyful Moose Gag Gift Coffee Mug


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We all have that friend or family member who isn’t at all argumentative and merely wants to explain their point of view. They’re not argumentative. Nope, not at all. They just want to explain why they’re right. Again. Maybe this will prevent them from repeating themselves since this dishwasher- and microwave-safe mug pretty much says it all for them. If it doesn’t and you’re feeling ambitious, test out these 7 tips for arguing with someone who’s “always right.”


Creative Commodities Mansplaining Coffee Mug


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For those men who have totally evolved beyond mansplaining (which is actually in the dictionary, something you can explain to anyone who asks), this could be the perfect acknowledgment. For the rest of us, this might be the gag gift that you gift to your husband to give to you…as a gag gift. Sure, it’s a bit meta, but you can explain it to him.

driving cardsvia

Witty Yeti Bad Parking Business Cards


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Got someone on your gift list who always dissolves into angry rants over other peoples’ driving and parking habits? Here’s a way to silence them while still giving them room to express themselves: Bad Parking Business Cards. With these little cards, the angry driver will definitely have the last word without actually “having words” with anyone. You might also want to suggest these 8 mental tricks to stay Zen on the road and make the ride go by faster.

chips prankvia

B&E Life Snake in a Can


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There’s a reason this gag is a classic. When your gift recipient opens the Pringles-style potato-chip canister, out pops a stuffed snake! Hilarious, but probably most appropriate for a child between the ages of 8 and 12. If you love a good classic, you’ll appreciate 17 of history’s most shocking pranks and practical jokes.

clock necklacevia

4E’s Novelty Oversized Jumbo Clock Necklace


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While this may have been designed as a prop for an Alice in Wonderland re-enactment, it’s really the perfect gift for that friend or family member who can’t seem to keep track of time. Of course, it doesn’t actually tell time, so the irony is that they’re still going to be late. Oh, well. Maybe pair it with a printout of these habits of people who are always on time to get the desired effect.

bubble gum magnetsvia

Fred Stuck Up Bubble Gum Magnets


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Here’s a good way to freak out Mom and Dad. These kitchen magnets look like “ABC” (already been chewed) bubble gum, but, well, as we said, they’re magnets. Just don’t try to chew on them for real. For people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, check out these 32 weird kitchen gadgets you won’t believe are really a thing.

50 shades of chickenvia

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook


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For that person on your gift list who still can’t stop talking about the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, or who just really likes to cook chicken, here’s a gag gift that’s actually quite practical. “With memorable tips and revealing photographs, Fifty Shades of Chicken will have you dominating dinner,” the ad copy boasts. And with recipes for dishes like “Dripping Thighs,” “Vanilla Chicken,” and “Mustard-Spanked Chicken,” this doesn’t appear to be an exaggeration. If you prefer your food with a PG rating, check out these clever cookbooks for anyone who loves books.

blah buttonvia

Talkie Toys Products Blah Button


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The introvert in your life will love this small, battery-operated source of 12 hilarious phrases that are guaranteed to get them out of a boring conversation, quickly and with good humor. Pair it with this link to the 15 cartoons introverts will understand perfectly and you’ll make a “quiet” person very happy.

bacon air freshenervia

Bacon Air Freshener


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They say bacon always tastes better in Britain, but aren’t we just splitting hairs? When is bacon not perfect just the way it is? That’s not a rhetorical question because there’s an actual answer: Bacon isn’t perfect when you can’t take it with you. But now you can! This bacon-scented air freshener is perfect for bacon lovers anywhere and everywhere. (Try to resist the urge to give this to your favorite vegetarian.)

squirrel air freshenervia

Squirrel in Underpants Deluxe Air Freshener


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To be perfectly fair, we’re not exactly sure what the joke is here. But truth be told, this squirrel-wearing-underpants air freshener legit made us LOL. While this gift will make you laugh, these 20 car accessories will actually change the way you drive.

fanny bankvia

BigMouth Inc. Fanny Bank


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“Drop some loot to make it toot.” It’s that simple. This fanny-shaped bank is six-by-six inches and requires 3 AA batteries (not included) in order for it to generate its six (count ’em—six!) different fart noises. No, this isn’t the right gift for everyone, but the right person will certainly appreciate it. Make sure to choose your recipient wisely. For more unusual and unusually affordable gifts, check out these 100 stocking stuffers under $10 for everyone on your list.

grow a boyfriendvia

Grow a Boyfriend by Forum Novelties


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Oh, come on, laugh. It’s funny. It just might not be funny to someone who recently purchased a year’s subscription to a dating service. If your friend could use a pick-me-up after a series of less-than-stellar dates, try one of these self-care gifts for a friend in need of pampering.

gaming socksvia

Winkon Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks


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Oh, sure, you and the gamer in your life may laugh at these socks, but you also both know they’re true. If they’re on, serious gaming is taking place, so step back. This could be perfect for the office gift exchange, along with these other Secret Santa gifts under $20.

popper gamevia

PMAG Spot Popper


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For fans of Dr. Pimple Popper, here’s the perfect gross-out gag gift. This “satisfying stress-relief toy” will let them squeeze and pop to their heart’s content without ruining their skin. While this is intended for an adult audience, here are 17 of the grossest toys ever made.

shocking gamevia

Lightning Reaction Shocking Game


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Got a friend who’s a therapist, social worker, counselor, or psychiatrist? They’ll totally get the joke if you gift them with this game, which ends each round with the losing player receiving a mini (non-harmful) electric shock. For more fun and games without the literal shock value, try these 15 holiday gifts for board game lovers.

exercise blockvia

BigMouth Inc. Exercise Block


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Know someone who keeps saying they’re going to start exercising again? The best way to start is to walk around the block—literally. Take this exercise block, place it on the floor, and walk around it once or twice. Done. By the way, here are the workout trends that were supposed to be huge in 2019 that the recipient of this gift probably didn’t try.

ultimate wine glassvia

BigMouth Inc. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass


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Here’s a great gift for the person in your life who loves wine but can’t seem to stop at just one glass. Now they definitely can! It’ll also come in handy if you two plan a trip to one of these 14 gorgeous wineries everyone should visit at least once.

red solo wine glassvia

Red Cup 16-Ounce Stemmed Wine Glasses


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One of the challenges of holiday entertaining is striking the proper balance between elegant and fun. These wine glasses offer the perfect solution: all the elegance of legit wine glasses with all the fun of your basic basement pong tournament. Gift this set of four Solo cup–style glasses to your favorite holiday host to let them know you’re mindful of all that went into their party planning. Here are more perfect hostess gifts for every occasion.

fake snowballsvia

Uratot Indoor Snowball Fight Fake Snowballs


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Sure, a snowball fight is a classic way to celebrate the snow. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to do it without getting cold and wet? Well, now there is, with these 20 faux snowballs. It’s good, wholesome fun that you can have with the kids without getting pelted with frozen water. What else can you do with the kids on the big day? Try these 20 fun Christmas games everyone will enjoy.


HaHa Brands Snittens: The Original Snot Mittens


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This is a must-have for all runners, walkers, and hikers. Oh, heck, it’s a must-have for everyone: mittens that double as Kleenex. Consider giving these snot-mittens as gag gifts to that person you know who insists on offering a handkerchief whenever someone sneezes.

banana phonevia

Banana Phone Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Handset


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You know that’s a banana, right? Here’s a wireless phone that’s shaped like a banana for that person who doesn’t mind hearing that same question over and over and over again. For something a little sleeker and a lot less silly, check out these cool tech gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself.

inflatable bumper ballvia

Oanon Inflatable Bumper Ball


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Got two kids? Buy two of these inflatable bumper balls and show them you fully support their sibling squabbles. Just blow up the balls, and tell the kids to climb inside and have at it! It’s also good for spouses and others who are looking for a way to blow off some steam. While this gift is great for either gender, boys will brag to their friends about these 28 cool gifts.

muscle teevia

Wintialy Men’s 3D Muscle Tee


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It’s the perfect gag gift for a gym rat: a T-shirt with the muscles already painted on. Don’t miss these other gifts for fitness lovers.

belly fanny packvia

Yiushing Dadbod Zipper Pack


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For that same gym rat, you might want to take the opposite (read: ironic) approach to gift-giving with this adjustable travel bag that doubles as a dad-bod. For a man who takes his fitness seriously, it’s a rare opportunity to let his dad-bod-flag fly. Here are some more great gifts for Dad that you can get on Amazon.

bubble costumevia

Thumbs Up Bubble Costume


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The age-old question: Are there appropriate gag gifts for the klutziest guy you know? The answer comes to you today in the form of this exquisitely padded bubble-wrap suit. If you’re shopping for a coworker, you can’t go wrong with these thoughtful gifts for $25 or less.

wrinkle maskvia

Kolight Anti-Wrinkle Slimming Cheek Mask Lift


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This gift could be received in one of two ways: as a loving gesture for your friend who constantly complains about her sagging neck and chin skin, or the ultimate “gag gift” for your friend who never shuts up. Ease the blow by pairing it with these beauty gifts she’ll actually love.

crafting with cat hairvia

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat


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Here’s a gift for someone who’s constantly covered in cat hair. This book promises to show its readers “how to transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts.” OK, then! To get rid of pet hair instead of repurpose it, consider one of these 14 best vacuums for dog and cat hair.

dog butt coloring bookvia

Dog Butt Coloring Book


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For those who love their dogs unconditionally, what could be a better gift than this dog butt coloring book? And for those who love their dogs unconditionally but could live without a dog butt coloring book, here are 45 other great gifts for dog lovers.

dust boots for petsvia

Prank Pack Pet Sweep


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It’s something perhaps we’re not comfortable talking about in polite company, but it’s something that occasionally crosses the minds of everyone who lives with a dog: Can’t Fido learn to clean up after himself? If you’re ready to address that elephant in the room, then you’ll want this gag gift box, which purports to be a set of four dog-sized shoes that double as Swiffer-type dry-mops. Of course, it’s just an empty box that holds the “real” gift, whatever that may be—perhaps one of these 24 gift cards people actually want for the holidays.

human leashvia

Easy Function Anti Lost Wrist Link


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“Keep your kids at a safe distance” while “letting them explore the world around them” with this retractable wrist leash. For parents of toddlers, it might not be a gag gift. For parents of teenagers, it certainly is. Or is it? If you’ve got some very finicky young people on your list, check out these gifts teens will actually love.

mens bellyvia

Forum Men’s Unisex Belly Stuffer

From $8.99

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We all know that one guy who feels really miffed because his pregnant wife is getting all the attention. That guy needs this: a man-sized baby bump. He won’t even think of it as a gag gift. He’ll just be proud to wear his soon-to-be-a-parent status for all to see, and he’ll be grateful when someone offers him their seat on the bus. And for his poor partner, opt for these gifts that every new mom needs. (Hint: It’s not another onesie.)

public toilet survival kitvia

Public Toilet Survival Kit


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You might look at this as a hilarious gift for that friend or family member who would rather hold it in than visit a public bathroom, but honestly? It seems pretty darn useful to us. While you’re on a holiday-shopping kick, read about 11 of the most inspiring gifts ever received. (And no, this isn’t one of them.)

chicken harnessesvia

Valhoma Chicken Harness and Matching Leash


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Out of gift ideas for that friend or family member who’s impossible to buy a gift for, primarily because they already have literally everything under the sun? It’s a safe bet they don’t have this: a hen harness. And that’s not a euphemism for anything. This is literally a harness to keep your chickens on a leash. Next, check out these 101 Christmas gift ideas for people who are impossible to shop for.

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