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15 Rarely Seen Photos of JFK and Jackie Kennedy

Updated: Jan. 06, 2023

Despite the affairs, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline were a total power couple. You can feel the love just looking at these pictures.

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Young love

Back in June 1953, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier were engaged—not married—but still doing coupley things like sailing at Hyannis, Massachusetts. Even before she was First Lady, Jackie O had a style all her own.

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By each other’s sides

A 1943 war injury left John F. Kennedy with excruciating back pain, even after he was elected senator in 1952. Talking to a reporter when recovering from an operation in May 1955, Jackie stands by JFK’s side.

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From couple to family

Four years into their marriage, John and Jackie welcome their daughter, Caroline Kennedy. The parents couldn’t look prouder after their baby was baptized in December 1957.

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The big reveal

After JFK announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination at a January 1960 news conference, he and his wife are all smiles.

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Adoring fans

John and Jackie pause for a friendly conversation with an airplane stewardess after landing in New York in July 1960. Learn the last words JFK said to Jackie just three years later.

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Setting sail

In August 1960—just months before JFK would be elected president—the then-senator and his wife took their sailboat, Victura, out for a spin. Learn more about surprising talents and hobbies of U.S. presidents.

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Easy, breezy summer

On August 31, 1960, a photographer snapped this sweet close-up of the Kennedys in Massachusetts.

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Doubly good news

The couple’s son, John F. Kennedy Jr., was born in December 1960, just a month after his dad was elected president.

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Ready to be Mr. and Mrs. President

The Kennedys looked utterly sophisticated on inauguration day, with John in a high hat and Jackie in her classic pillbox hat. Fun fact: Jacqueline Kennedy helped design her own inaugural gown. Don’t miss these crazy facts about Jacqueline Kennedy and all the other First Ladies.

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All dressed up

At an inaugural ball the day President Kennedy took his oath of office, John looks like he’s in total disbelief, while Jackie beams proudly on his right. Check out these other First Ladies’ stunning inaugural gowns.

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Family ride

The first family arrives in Washington, DC, after visiting the family home in Palm Beach, Florida, in February 1961. Learn about the weird animals JFK had at the White House.

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London calling

Americans might not have royalty, but they sure can be treated like it. In 1961, the Kennedys went to a dinner at Buckingham Palace (where we can bet they didn’t serve these foods Her Highness never eats) and made sure to stop for a photo op with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Learn what really happened when Jackie met the Queen.

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Strolling along

The Kennedys look amused leaving DC’s Holy Trinity Catholic Church in April 1962, and we wish we were in on the joke. Learn the weird thing Jackie Kennedy did to every pair of her shoes.

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Christmas cheer

Jacqueline wraps her arm around John’s as the Kennedys attend a 1962 holiday party in the White House.

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After a private Easter service in 1963, the Kennedys line up with their kids, who were 3 and 5 at the time.