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Your Summer Romance Forecast, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Just how hot will your love life get this summer? Here's what astrologers say is in store for you—and it could be epic.

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Turn up the heat in your love life

Summer is in full swing, and it’s time to shed your inhibitions and have a little fun. Astrology can help you find the right type of fun for you, whether it’s in the form of the perfect summer cocktail, a bucket-list vacation or a romantic partner. Let’s talk about that last one for a minute. Summer is practically made for romance, as the temperatures rise, the clothes come off and life just seems better. It’s the perfect season to fall in love—or fall in love all over again with that special someone.

You don’t need to be the luckiest zodiac sign for the stars to align in your love life this summer. A few upcoming cosmic events promise to heat things up for all the signs and give you that main-character moment you’ve been waiting for. But the most transformative one is Venus retrograde in Leo, which started on July 22 and will keep going through Sept. 3. This planetary action will bring your zodiac compatibility into focus.

How will Venus retrograde affect your relationships?

Venus is the planet of romance, beauty, sex, pleasure and money, and when it goes retrograde, astrologers suggest taking a serious look at your relationships. “Venus retrograde is placing an emphasis on identity, personal power, romance, creativity and pleasure,” says Kayla Murphy, a celebrity astrologer and tarot reader. “This transit wants you to put yourself first, so it’s definitely going to get a little messy from time to time.”

Translation: This summer will come with plenty of surprises, whether it’s an old love resurfacing, a new flame igniting a steamy summer fling or a long-term partner taking things to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or happily hooked up—there will be something big going on. Here’s what you need to know about what the summer holds so you can be happier and have the type of relationship you’ve always dreamed about.

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Aries (March 21–April 19): Rekindle an old romance

Warning: If you’re thinking about an ex-partner, you might accidentally manifest them right back into your life. Pressing rewind on your love life might be a good idea … or it might not. “Refrain from investing too much in this connection if it’s taking too much from you and not providing enough back,” says Murphy. Yes, as an Aries you have a tendency to dive into things headfirst, but that would be a mistake right now. Instead, ask yourself if the person who so desperately wants your attention is willing to put in the effort. If not, don’t let the retrograde (or the passion) cloud your judgment.

Already in a relationship? This is a great time to redefine the terms and conditions of your partnership. People change with time, and being honest about how you and your partner can find your way back to each other might be exactly what you need. Explore new ways to enjoy each other’s time and company. But whether you’re taken or single, the key to surviving this Venus retrograde is to slow down. Keep things light and fun for the next few weeks and wait to make any big decisions until the retrograde ends in early September.

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Taurus (April 20–May 20): Break toxic cycles

Since your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde this summer, your views of companionship and romance will change. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Retrogrades get a bad rap for causing trouble, but in reality, they can help pull you out of a bad situation. “You may be revisiting some childhood patterns that have affected your adult relationships,” says astrology expert Lacey Ramburger. “Venus retrograde will have you review your romantic relationships and the lens through which you’ve always viewed them.” Translation: This will be a challenging yet enlightening time for you as you address your fears of being judged and rejected. Stop trying to control the situation, and instead embrace new ways of connecting with people.

For single people, this means getting honest with yourself about bad dating habits. How many times can you ignore the same red flags before something changes? It might be a good idea to embrace the single lifestyle and try dating yourself for the rest of the summer. And if you’re taken, re-learn how to prioritize yourself and remain true to yourself. Relationships are about compromise, but that doesn’t mean shrinking yourself to make room for your partner. There might be some big fights and explosive disagreements during this time, but hold firm to your boundaries.

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Gemini (May 21–June 20): Get another shot at love

There’s a major focus on your social life this summer, which means drama will be lurking around every corner. And this is especially true when an old friend with benefits returns to your life and attempts to become something more. The problem? When Venus goes retrograde in a sign like Leo, it’s easy to feel more prideful than usual, and you might be a little quick with your words. Gemini might seem like the easygoing and carefree type, but you’re surprisingly petty when it comes to old relationships. You never forget what others said to you (or behind your back), and you’re not quick to forgive.

However, the cosmos are asking you to lean into your dual nature and try to see this old situation from a fresh perspective. “This rendezvous has the chance to be very fulfilling, as long as both parties feel understood and validated,” says Murphy. “Be sure to communicate clearly. Anything kept secret may destabilize the connection down the road.”

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Cancer (June 21–July 22): Deepen your relationship

Get ready for a life-changing couple of weeks, Cancer. Venus retrograde is leveling up your communication skills and deepening your emotional intimacy with others. Love is more than beautiful words and sweet nothings; you need a partner who shows up for you when it matters. “You might be feeling some discontentment coming up during this Venus retrograde,” says Ramburger. “This is a time to reflect on what you feel is missing from your relationship and what you’re willing to live with and without.” If things aren’t to your liking, it’s time to have a serious talk.

While this cosmic energy is intense, it doesn’t necessarily spell disaster. There’s amazing potential for creating a stronger, more loving bond between you and your partner. Communicate what you need from the heart, and be open to finding a compromise. And if things have been a little lackluster in the bedroom lately, try amping up the sensuality between the two of you.

For all the single Cancers out there, keep your options open. Instead of deepening a current relationship, explore several new relationships at once to find your ideal partner. Flirt with strangers, go on blind dates and remind yourself that dating should be fun.

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Leo (July 23–Aug. 22): Focus on self-love and confidence

Because Venus is going retrograde in your sign, you’ll feel its effects the most directly. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, romance and aesthetics, so you can expect to have a major glow-up in those areas … but it will still take some work. You’ll need to reexamine your relationship both with yourself and others, and be honest with yourself about the compromises you’re making in your relationships. “You might be craving a full makeover inside and out in an attempt to attract the person you have your eye on, but remember not to change yourself for somebody else,” says Murphy. “Embracing yourself and learning to be your true self is the goal of this retrograde.” Stick to your non-negotiables.

Venus retrograde also influences your physical appearance and personal style. While you don’t want to make any impulsive changes, like cutting your own bangs at home (really, don’t do it!), it’s important to have fun with your look. It’s a great way to boost your confidence, express your artistic side and maybe even catch someone’s eye. By September, you’re not going to be the same person you were at the start of this retrograde: You’ll be the cooler, sexier, more carefree version of you!

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Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Indulge in a secret romance

Normally, you like to take a practical approach to life, Virgo, but now you’ll have the chance to manifest the relationship of your dreams. When it comes to love and romance, you don’t like to leave things up to chance. You guard your heart carefully and never let yourself fall too deep into the daydream. But this summer, the stars have a different story in mind for you, one that could rival romance novels. You may find yourself in a scandalous rendezvous or swept off your feet by a secret admirer, but you won’t be able to tell a soul about it! There’s something sexy about a hidden, forbidden romance. Your instincts will be telling you it’s a bad idea, but the stars think you deserve to have a little messy fun. Enjoy the ride—as long as it’s not at the expense of your own feelings or someone else’s.

You’ll also be given plenty of chances to tap into your personal power and learn how to embrace your desires over the next few weeks. “You may be craving some excitement or a specific connection but may have trouble figuring out exactly what that means to you,” says Ramburger. “Pay attention to the messages Venus is sending you to help clarify what your relationships need.” You can figure this out by journaling, working with crystals, doing daily meditation or using positive affirmations every day. There’s a real chance for you to align your life with your ideal future, but only if you ask for it directly.

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Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Say yes to setups

All eyes are on you this summer, Libra, and for good reason. You’re already known for your expert conversational skills and natural poise, and the Venus retrograde will turn up your charm even more and let the world know you’re looking for love. You’ll feel confident and be motivated to pursue new romantic connections—and you should seek out relationships with people who are living a lifestyle similar to the one you want.

“If you’re on the prowl for a new date or just looking to network, it’s likely you’ll meet someone out with your friends or a mutual connection,” says Murphy. “If a trusted friend suggests you’d hit it off with their co-worker or someone they grew up with, say yes, even if it’s just for the story.”

That said, experts also warn against getting too love-drunk and ignoring the other connections in your life. It can be easy to get swept up, but your friends are a support system you can’t afford to take for granted. Be sure to leave space for the people who were there for you before Venus retrograde made you such a hot commodity.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Say goodbye to relationships that no longer work

While you always strive for success, Scorpio, this summer will be the first time in a long time you feel on track. Look at your big-picture life goals and how your current relationships measure up; you might realize that a dream you once held dear doesn’t align with your values anymore. And for some people, it could cause the end of a relationship that isn’t built for the long run. Don’t let it get you down—you’ll be better for it. Scorpios place passion and intimacy above all else in love, and if your partner doesn’t, that person isn’t your soul mate.

Breakups or not, you’ll be busy in other ways too. Venus retrograde is also activating your career and public image in a big way. All the work you’ve been putting in over the last few years will suddenly pay off, and you might experience some unexpected jealousy from people who feel threatened by your success. “Don’t let everyone else’s opinions dictate how you see yourself—including any new flirtations or suitors who may have suddenly arrived in your life,” says Ramburger. Keep your head high, and focus on delivering results. And remember: The people who truly care about you will never try and steal the spotlight from you.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Keep things casual and fun

As a fire sign, you like to follow your passions and keep things exciting, but this Venus retrograde might have you feeling more restless than usual in terms of your love life. This isn’t the time for big changes, though. You need to relax, look at things from a different perspective and lean into self-awareness. Travel is on your to-do list, whether you decide to head to the city with friends or take a weekend road trip with a lover. Whatever you do, don’t overplan—let life take you on a ride!

However, don’t rush into any new commitments, including a new relationship. “You’re looking at love in a new way, and the best way to weed through your options is being open-minded to learning what you do and don’t like in others,” Murphy explains. “Experiment with people outside your usual type. You may just be surprised by what you have in common.”

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Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): Embrace love and lust

The summer heat might mess with your head if you’re not careful. Normally, you keep a level head when it comes to dating—you look for partners who are serious about settling down and don’t focus as much on your desires. But this retrograde cycle is pushing you to take things to the next level. If you’re single, you might want to embrace a more casual approach to sex and dating. Let yourself be spoiled this summer, especially since you’re usually the one taking care of others. Just be sure you don’t get lost in a haze of lust. Anyone who wants to get serious with you can wait until Venus gets back to normal on Sept. 3.

On the flip side, if you’re in a relationship, focus on your bond. Capricorns like to be independent, but a true partnership is about relying on each other. Over the next few weeks, you might make some serious progress in planning your future together. “You’re craving a deep connection that you can grow your roots with in terms of trust and intimacy,” says Murphy. “As long as there is a stable foundation between you and your lover, now is a wonderful time to discuss merging together emotionally, financially or through building a family. That way, you’re on the same page and have a shared vision moving forward.”

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Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): Take back your power

Get ready for a curveball, Aquarius. This summer can lead to radical changes in your relationships and give you the chance to release uncertainty and mistrust from your life. In the past, people have held your rebellious spirit against you or even broken your heart because you wouldn’t conform to their ideas of perfection. This damaged your self-esteem and affected how you approach love. Well, things are about to change. “This is a great time to reflect on what your closest connections say about you,” says Murphy. “Ultimately, it will be your decision who gets to stay and who gets to go.”

If you’ve been caught up in a toxic or unequal dynamic, expect a few conflicts. Evaluate the role other people’s opinions play in your life and whether you’re giving others too much power over you. But don’t stress—this could be exactly what you need to improve your relationship. Rather than hide from the conflict, it’s time to take back your power. Embrace curiosity, approach difficult conversations with compassion and then figure out where to go from there.

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Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20): Look for love in unlikely places

You have a tendency to retreat inward when things aren’t going your way, but this Venus retrograde will take a direct shot at the emotional barriers you’ve built around yourself. And you’ll need to talk things through if you want to make them better. “Remember that no one is a mind reader,” says Ramburger. “If you need some support or specific things from your relationship, you need to make that known.” Most of your time this summer will be spent feeling your way through what you want and need from others.

For any single Pisces looking to make a love connection, you might find who you’re looking for in the place you least expect. Right now, it’s just as likely you could meet your next fling at the grocery store or dog park as you might at the bar or while on an amazing vacation. And if you’re looking to get closer to a special someone, show them how much you care by helping them or doing something sweet like penning a handwritten note. As you embrace this new perspective on love, commit to making the mundane moments in life more romantic.

About the experts

  • Kayla Murphy is a professional astrologer, celebrity mystic and tarot reader. She curates a practical and grounded approach to using the stars to her clients’ advantage by analyzing the stars and applying what she finds to real-life situations.
  • Lacey Ramburger is a writer, editor and Capricorn who specializes in astrology content. She covers cosmic events, as well as lifestyle and wellness topics, and she is the author of Being Whole, which contains a mix of personal essays and poetry about her journey toward radical self-acceptance.

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