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10 Thanksgiving Cartoons You Can’t Help But Laugh At

In between stuffing your face with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie take a minute or two to laugh at these hilarious Thanksgiving cartoons.

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turkey chef cartoon
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Thanksgiving cartoons

Thanksgiving might look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share laughs with your family and friends (even if it is over a video call). Read on to see some funny Thanksgiving cartoons that capture the highs, lows, and stress from the holiday.

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thanksgiving cartoon
Dan Reynolds


“Also, can you try to act like you’re helping with the clean up?!” For more laughs during dinner, here are some funny Thanksgiving quotes to share around the table.

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how to draw a turkey thanksgiving cartoon
Gemma Correll

How to draw a turkey

The leftover turkey-sandwich turkey is my favorite. While you’re with your family, read through the most meaningful Thanksgiving traditions across America.

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playing dead thanksgiving cartoon
They Can Talk by Jimmy Craig

Playing dead

You can’t use the excuse that the smell of turkey puts you to sleep to avoid seeing the in-laws. Read through these hilarious butterball hotline calls.

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don't take me thanksgiving cartoon
Bill Abbott for Reader's Digest

Don’t take me

Very convincing. For even more laughs, check out these Thanksgiving memes that are as hilarious as they are relatable.

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thanksgiving cartoon
Dave Carpenter for Reader's Digest

Questions from the family

Annoying questions are unavoidable on the holidays. However, make sure you avoid these controversial Thanksgiving topics at the dinner table.

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sharks thanksgiving cartoon
Phil Witte


We all have regrets after going back to get more food one too many times.

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Death Benefits - Thanksgiving cartoon
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Life insurance

What does our death benefit package include? These daily life cartoons will crack you up.

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Work Life Balance
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Work-life balance

When your boss makes you work the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you need more entertainment than just these Thanksgiving cartoons, here are some of the best Thanksgiving games to play this year.

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Turkey and Investments - thanksgiving cartoon
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Short term gains

That’s probably a good idea. These funny work cartoons will help you get through the short week before Thanksgiving.

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No Frills - holiday travel thanksgiving cartoon
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Holiday travel

And this year, we’re adding masks to the list! When you’re done laughing at these hilarious Thanksgiving cartoons, it’s time for the next holiday. Here are some funny Christmas cartoons for yuletide laughs.

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