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30 Thanksgiving Memes for You to Gobble Up

Everyone could use a good laugh this holiday, and these Thanksgiving memes will certainly entertain.

Thanksgiving Starter Pack
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We’re thankful for Thanksgiving memes!

Thanksgiving is a day to make precious memories while chowing down on good food, watching (and playing) football, and catching up with loved ones. But there’s always a bit of stress around the holiday. When you cram your extended family around the dinner table, chaos is bound to ensue. Sometimes you just need a good laugh to de-stress, and these Thanksgiving memes will do just the trick. If you want to liven up dinnertime with giggles and guesses, try out some of these Thanksgiving jokes and Thanksgiving riddles. And if you can get a good photo of everyone laughing, make sure to post it with one of these Thanksgiving Instagram captions.

Sleeping On Thanksgiving Button Gettyimages 1333393502
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That post-turkey nap

Turkey dinner never fails to knock you right out.

Too Full Thanksgiving Meme
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Stuffed, but not too stuffed

There’s always room for more if you really commit. Make sure you add these Thanksgiving songs to your playlist for the ultimate turkey dinner.

We Get It Stop Posting 2 Gettyimages 609832192 Copy
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We get it

Turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie? Us too. If you really want to impress everyone, show off your knowledge with this Thanksgiving trivia.

Thankful For Mashed Potatoes Meme 2
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Mashed potatoes with a spoon, please

And don’t forget the gravy! Keep the fun going after dinner with one of these Thanksgiving games everyone will love.

Its Wine O Clock Thanksgiving Meme Gettyimages 100377996
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It’s wine o’clock

No shame here. Aside from pouring a few glasses of vino, check out the most meaningful Thanksgiving traditions across America.

Child Only Eats One Dinner Roll Gettyimages 1221131934
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Come on

Maybe we should just do dinner rolls and butter next year. Don’t miss these fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids to keep them busy while you cook.

Eating On Thanksgiving Is A Game High Score Meme Twitter 3

Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving

Eat until your pants can’t take it anymore. Then it’s time to break the turkey wishbone, take a quick nap, and rally for round two.

Pro Tip Prevent Pie From Going Bad By Eating It All In One Sitting meme text
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Smart idea

Hey, we’re just trying not to be wasteful! Libras love pie. As for everyone else, these are the best Thanksgiving dishes according to the zodiac signs.

Need A Break On Thanksgiving Gettyimages 1332190809
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We could all use a little break.

How Is Your Life Going Not Good Thanksgiving Meme
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And tuning out … now

We’ve all been there.

Its Wine O'clock
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Never enough wine

We’re bringing a red side dish, a white side dish, and a rosé side dish.

Pie Eating Contest On Thanksgiving Gettyimages 1316138823
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It’s a sport

Let’s all wear our stretchy pants.

When Mom Says You Can Come Fill Your Plate
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Been training all day for this

It’s a sprint, not a marathon. Learn what happens to the president’s pardoned Thanksgiving turkey.

If Turkey Is Soooooo Good, Why Do We Only Have It Once A Year
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Just sayin’

Does anyone think the turkey is the best part? And have they ever met mashed potatoes?

Yeah, I'm Thankful For My Family...thankful They Like To Eat As Much As I Do
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Strap the feed bag on

These people have my back. Or stomach.

Pretending To Sleep To Get Out Of Doing Dishes Thanksgiving Meme Gettyimages 522952818
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The worst job

We cooked. You clean.

Ate Too Many Snacks But Dinner Is Ready Thanksgiving Meme Gettyimages 535095242
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Make room

It’s going to be a long night.

Waited Too Long To Go Shopping Thanksgiving Meme

Prepare for battle

Psst, last-minute shoppers! These stores are open on Thanksgiving this year.

When Everyone Gets Two Rolls On Thanksgiving But You Get One Gettyimages 1281308956
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Don’t take it personally

You’re loved. It’s fine.

The Most Important Thing Sweatpants Gettyimages 499691844
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They must have a little give to accommodate the belly bloat.

Eat Leftovers Thanksgiving Meme Gettyimages 96322287 Copy
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Turkey forever

Giving leftovers to guests before they leave? (Who are we kidding? Of course you are.) Add a funny Thanksgiving quote to the container to give ’em a surprise laugh later on.

Bringing Cauliflower Rice Instead Of Potatoes Gettyimages 1163511388
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You’re not fooling anyone

We’d like our carbs, please.

Eating Too Much On Thanksgiving Gettyimages 183769415
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No regrets

We see you judging us. (And no, we don’t care.)

When They Ask What Your Biggest Thanksgiving Fear Is meme text over image of a marathon
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Turkey trot tradition

Let’s leave the turkey day races to other (more fit) families.

Bad Dog Ate Turkey Thanksgiving Meme

Bad dog

At least someone’s full this Thanksgiving. Here are more of our favorite dog memes.

Super Awkward Thanksgiving Gettyimages 753334179
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True friendship

Real friends listen to your great aunt’s ramblings so you don’t have to. Pay them back by hosting Friendsgiving this year.

When The Turkey Knocked You Out But You Need To Stay Up For Black Friday Shopping Gettyimages 1083961974
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How many hours till 4 a.m.? These are the Black Friday sales you won’t want to miss this year.

The Proper Way To Enjoy Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Meme Gettyimages 574902069 Copy
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The main event

Pumpkin pie is just a vehicle for whipped cream. We’re not taking comments at this time.

If You Dont Cut It It Only Counts As One Piece Gettyimages 1125849299
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Take a big bite

That’s how it works, right?

May All The Different Foods On Your Plate Avoid Touching Eachother Gettyimages 508480687
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This is the truest Thanksgiving triumph. Now that you’ve chuckled over these Thanksgiving memes, read up on these reasons to be grateful this holiday.

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