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20 Thanksgiving Memes for You to Gobble Up

Everyone could use a good laugh this holiday—and these Thanksgiving memes will certainly entertain.

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When They Ask Me What Im Thankful For meme text over image of bowl of, Getty, Getty Images

We’re thankful for Thanksgiving memes!

Thanksgiving is a day to make precious memories over good food, football games, and catching up with loved ones. But there’s always a bit of stress around the holiday. When you cram your entire family into a room for dinner, it would be a miracle if chaos didn’t ensue. Sometimes, you just need a good laugh to de-stress, and these Thanksgiving memes will do just the trick. If you need some good giggles around the table, you can also try out some of these Thanksgiving jokes and Thanksgiving riddles. And if you can get a good shot of everyone laughing, make sure to post it with one of these Thanksgiving Instagram captions.

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When The Tryptophan Hits meme text on image of dog, Getty Images

That post-turkey nap

The turkey dinner never fails to knock you right out. If you can stay awake, turn on one of these Thanksgiving movies to keep the festivities going.

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Me After I Say That Im Full But Then They Offer Seconds meme text on image of chipmunk with cheeks, Getty Images

Stuffed, but not too stuffed

There’s always room for more if you really commit. Make sure you add these Thanksgiving songs to your playlist for the ultimate turkey dinner.

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Explaining Why You Dont Need To Post Your Thanksgiving Food Because Were All Eating The Same Thing meme, Getty Images

We get it

Turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie? Me too. If you really want to impress everyone, show off your knowledge with this Thanksgiving trivia.

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When They Ask Me What Im Thankful For meme text over image of bowl of, Getty, Getty Images

Mashed potatoes with a spoon, please

And don’t forget the gravy. Keep the fun going after dinner with one of these Thanksgiving games everyone will love. 

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I Dont Always Have Wine At Noon On A Thursday But When I Do Its On Thanksgiving meme, Getty Images

It’s wine o’clock

No shame here. Besides wine, check out the most meaningful Thanksgiving traditions across America.

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Me Spending All Day Making Thanksgiving Dinner So My Child Can Eat One Roll meme, Getty Images

Come on

Maybe we should just do dinner rolls and butter next year. Don’t miss these fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids to keep them busy while you cook.

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Calories Dont You Mean Points meme, Getty Images

Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving

Eat until your pants can’t take it anymore. Find out why breaking a turkey wishbone is considered good luck and where the tradition started.

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Pro Tip Prevent Pie From Going Bad By Eating It All In One Sitting meme, Getty Images

Smart idea

Just trying not to be wasteful.

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When You Dont Really Have To Go To The Bathroom But Go Anyway To Check Your Phone And Escape Your Family meme, Getty Images


We could all use a little break. If you’re hosting a Friendsgiving this year, check out these Friendsgiving tips for a memorable dinner.

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When They Tell You To Bring Sides For Thanksgiving Dinner meme text over image of table full of, Getty Images

Never enough wine

We got the red side, the white side, and the rosé side.

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So Greatful To Have A Family That Takes Eating As Seriously As I Do meme, Getty Images

It’s a sport

Let’s all wear our stretchy pants.

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When They Say You Can Come Make Your Plate meme text over image of runners on a, Getty Images

Been training all day for this

It’s a sprint, not a marathon. Learn what happens to the President’s pardoned Thanksgiving turkey.

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Thoughts And Prayers To Everyone Stuck Doing The Dishes This Thanksgiving meme, Getty Images

The worst job

We cooked, you clean.

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When You Fill Up On Snacks But Then they Bring Out The Turkey And Stuffing meme text over image of chipmunk with stuffed, Getty Images

Make room

It’s going to be a long night.

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Me Heading To The Grocery Store For That Last Minute Item meme text over image of, Getty Images

Prepare for battle

Stay away from the green beans. Share these funny Thanksgiving quotes around the table this year.

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Tis The Season Of Elastic Waistbands meme, Getty Images


They must have a little give to them.

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When The Kids Ask For Snacks For The Entire Week After Thanksgiving meme text over image of massive thanksgiving, Getty Images

Turkey forever

Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers!

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When Your Relative Makes Cauliflower Rice For Potatoes And Expects You To Tell The Difference meme, Getty Images

But I can

I’d like my carbs, please.

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When They Ask What Your Biggest Thanksgiving Fear Is meme text over image of a, Getty Images

Running a 5K

Imagine being part of a family that runs races on Thanksgiving.

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May All The Different Foods On Your Plate Avoid Touching One Another meme, Getty Images


The truest Thanksgiving triumph. Now that you’ve chuckled over these Thanksgiving memes, read up on these reasons to be grateful this holiday.

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