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The Best Thanksgiving Dish for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Updated: Nov. 02, 2023

Can your zodiac sign predict the Thanksgiving dish you love to gobble up?

Your Zodiac Signs Ideal Thanksgiving Dish Graphic
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Thanksgiving dinner, according to the zodiac

No matter how stuffed our Thanksgiving dinner tables get, there’s always one standout item each of us tends to load up on. Maybe it’s piles of turkey slices, mountains of mashed potatoes or slabs of Costco pumpkin pie. But we have to wonder: Why can’t we resist that dish? Is it the tasty recipe, or are there certain Thanksgiving zodiac sign pairings that particularly make our mouths water?

It may not be as essential to astrology as learning about our rising sign, our relationship’s zodiac compatibility or our zodiac power color, but it’s a fun way to get to know ourselves and others while going around the table and sharing our reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving. So have a little fun, and see just how accurate these Thanksgiving picks are!

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Green bean casserole
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Aries (March 21–April 19): Green bean casserole

When it comes to helping themselves to seconds (or thirds) of a Thanksgiving zodiac sign pairing, Aries can’t resist a green bean casserole. According to astrologer Abigail Nora, this homey side dish is a leader and innovator—just like Aries sun signs—thanks to its ability to turn vegetables into delicious, indulgent versions of themselves. Cream of mushroom soup and crispy onions on top? Yum! “It will absolutely steal the attention away from other dishes on the table,” Nora explains, noting that fire sign Aries loves the spotlight too. What will your family members love at any time of the year? Try these casseroles based on their zodiac signs.

Mashed potatoes
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Taurus (April 20–May 20): Mashed potatoes

Taurus can’t get enough of this classic Thanksgiving dish—and not just because it’s delicious. “Besides being a wildly popular comfort food, the dish is based on an earthy root vegetable, the potato, which conveys many of the same qualities as a Taurus itself: rooted, grounded and derived from the earth,” says Angel Dawn, an international psychic astrologer. “Plus, it’s a foundational food of some cultures and provides a source of energy, which steady, slow-moving Taurus appreciates, but it also satiates the inner glutton.” Adding gravy to mashed potatoes makes them even more decadent, and that speaks to Taurus’s love for the finer things in life.

Mac and cheese
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Gemini (May 21–June 20): Mac and cheese

For a Thanksgiving zodiac sign mash-up that will bring out your inner child, look no further than macaroni and cheese. “Mac and cheese pleases both youngsters and grown-ups, particularly Geminis, who are ruled by the ever-youthful Mercury,” says Dawn. The beauty of mac and cheese at Thanksgiving is that it’s easy to make—which always-on-the-go Geminis will appreciate—but it also multitasks as a more nutritious or elevated dish if you add other ingredients, such as peas or butternut squash. “Quick and tasty is right up this air sign’s alley,” Dawn adds. Forgot something on the big day? Don’t panic! These stores will be open on Thanksgiving this year.

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Cancer (June 21–July 22): Turkey

As far as Cancer is concerned, there is no Thanksgiving dish better than the legendary turkey itself. “The Thanksgiving turkey is the crowning centerpiece—no Thanksgiving would be complete without it,” says Dawn. “And Thanksgiving is essentially a Cancer holiday.” That’s because Cancers are all about family and home, and of course, those elements are at the core of Thanksgiving celebrations. It should also go without saying that Cancer’s holiday preparations will be on point. No matter the number of guests at the table, there will be turkey piled high on that festive Thanksgiving platter—with plenty left over for turkey sandwiches all weekend! Cancer will also have the perfect Thanksgiving table decor.

Pumpkin pie
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Leo (July 23–Aug. 22): Pumpkin pie

“Leo loves to be the star of the show, and for many people, Thanksgiving is as much about dessert and pumpkin pie as it is about the turkey,” says Nora. Whether they prefer pumpkin pie that’s store-bought or made from scratch, people born under this sign will never say no to a slice of pumpkin pie at the end of dinner (no matter how full they might feel). After all, this holiday is pumpkin pie’s time to shine, and Leos believe they are born to shine all year round. Plus, pumpkin pie feels a little more indulgent than other pies, especially when it’s in a decorative pumpkin dish, which is right in line with Leo’s lust for life’s little luxuries.

Butternut squash soup
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Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Butternut squash soup

Virgo season happens to be during the fall harvest, when gorgeous gourds and squash are ready for roasting. With this in mind, Dawn says Virgos will swoon for a creamy butternut squash soup. It also speaks to this practical, orderly sign’s appreciation for dishes that are clean and simple but also tasty. “Virgos are typically drawn to healthier foods,” Dawn adds, “and, as an earth sign, a veggie-based soup is sure to get them in the Thanksgiving spirit.” Whip up this Thanksgiving zodiac sign favorite in a cast-iron Dutch oven, a practical kitchen item that Virgo will appreciate using year-round.

Apple pie
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Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Apple pie

Like Leo, Libra likes to end a meal with some star power, but in a slightly more approachable and classic way, Nora explains. Since it’s important for Libras to be well-liked, an apple pie—one of America’s most popular desserts that achieves the perfect balance of apple and cinnamon flavors in a flaky crust—is the perfect match for this air sign. “It’s got the glamour associated with the dessert table and the harmony of being able to be prepared and served in a multitude of different ways, from a la mode to a caramel,” Nora explains, noting that this is exactly what balance-seeking Libra wants on the big day.

Cranberry sauce
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Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Cranberry sauce

Scorpios tend to love extremes, and they can get bored with some of the typical tastes of the Thanksgiving table, since it’s the same year after year. But with its bright flavor and candy-colored appearance, cranberry sauce keeps things interesting. “From its blood-red color to its intensely sweet and tangy flavor, it adds a complex yet satisfying zing to a Thanksgiving meal,” says Dawn. Since Scorpios are detail-oriented and even a little unconventional, she notes, you can go daring with your cranberry flavors, adding bourbon or mulling spices to your basic sauce.

Roasted vegetables
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Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Roasted vegetables

“Outdoorsy Sagittarius will appreciate the rustic but satisfying flavors of roasted vegetables,” says Dawn. While you can cook this dish in a roasting pan in the oven, this fire sign might go the extra step to fire-roast the vegetables over the grill for a deeper flavor. Not sure which veggies to choose? Nora recommends roasted Brussels sprouts because they’re “a little more adventurous than your other vegetable dishes like green beans or carrots—just like adventure-minded Sagittarius.”

Kale salad
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Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): Kale salad

Since Capricorns are ruled by Saturn—the gatekeeper of time and excellence—they tend to embody sophistication and maturity. This can translate to other aspects of their lives, including their taste in food. With that in mind, they’ll want something a little more refined on their Thanksgiving table to satisfy their taste buds and wow their guests. “A seasonal salad with dark winter greens like kale or chard and a fall duo of apples and nuts will provide a more nuanced flavor,” Dawn explains. “That will be perfect for impressing guests with a healthful diet, [which is important] for the socially conscious Capricorn.”

Jell-O Salad
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Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): Jell-O salad

Aquarians love to go against the grain, whether it’s by having unconventional holiday plans—like planning a trip over Thanksgiving weekend—or by showing up to Friendsgiving celebrations with something unusual. That’s why their ideal Thanksgiving zodiac sign dish will likely be one that others aren’t quite as into, like a retro Jell-O salad. “They pride themselves on being unique and a little offbeat,” Nora says, “but they can also be quite nostalgic.” Plus, Aquarius will love sharing their go-to recipe with friends and family in an effort to spark joy with this quirky choice.

Pecan pie
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Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20): Pecan pie

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is associated with endings, and what is a better way to end a hearty fall meal than with a caramelized pecan pie, topped with homemade whipped cream? Pisces is also the dreamer of the zodiac and a total romantic. Ruled by Neptune—which is connected to Venus and that planet’s desire for beauty and unconditional love—Pisces will be drawn to pecan pie’s “rich, nutty caramel flavors” and think it’s an ideal way “to end the evening on a wonderful note,” Dawn explains. Plus, it’s the perfect dish to indulge in before drifting off into a deep post-turkey sleep. Need to stay awake a little while longer? These Thanksgiving riddles will keep you going until the guests leave.