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20 Trendy Slang Words That Seriously Need to End

Each year the Internet provides the world with a bevy of slang words to latch on to and insert into as many conversations as possible. However, all trends must come to an end, and these trendy words and phrases have run their course.

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What started out as a way to label people as culturally and politically aware has now become evidence of how culturally and politically aware people like to think they are. If you feel the urge to call yourself and others woke, it’s less believable that you actually are. Avoid these words and phrases that make you sound dumb.

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“Lit” implies that something is cool, especially when it pertains to parties. It’s also a synonym for drunk, high, wasted—anything to describe having a great time. However, it looks like the fire has gone out of this word. These slang words are actually in the dictionary

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Short for turned up, “turnt” means you are either super excited or drunk. Similar to its cousin lit, turnt has been so overused that it is now one of those slang words that’s been turned all the way down. Check out these words and phrases you’ve probably been using all wrong.

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Don’t take this word literally. If something is “fire,” it means that it’s hot, poppin’, crazy, or awesome. This word is not to be confused with actual fire, which can legitimately kill you. Let’s stop the confusion over these slang words and put this “fire” out. You might remember some of the craziest toy fads in history. They were fire. 

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This is a text-message-friendly abbreviation for “awkward,” often used in playful self-deprecation to lament uncomfortable or embarrassing goings-on. But, has technology made us so lazy that we can’t even say full words anymore? Here’s some more text slang you should probably know by now

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An acronym for the “Greatest of All Time,” this is used when referring to the greats, mostly in sports. However, the term has transcended fields and can describe anyone thriving in their industry, such as Jeff Bezos, Rihanna, Maxine Walters, etc. While this is quite the compliment, there are more appealing labels to give such people than a smelly animal. We actually love these brand new slang words. 

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When someone is over the top, or “doing the most” as people also love to say, they’re being extra. Yes, people don’t always have to try so hard, but describing them as “extra” is also a little extra. This word definitely won’t improve your vocabulary, but these ones definitely will.

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When you’re annoyed, bitter, or upset, you’re “salty.” One can stay salty for a moment or for a very long time. Ex: “Melissa won’t stop using the word salty to describe her feelings, and now she has me feeling salty.”

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Fake news

Made popular by President Donald Trump, you would think “fake” news is supposed to describe completely inaccurate and fabricated news, but it is now most commonly used to describe any news that goes against one’s views. Fake news is a new phrase, but these words immediately make you sound old

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“Bae” is an abbreviation for “before anyone else,” or simply a shortening of “babe,” depending on who you ask. While “bae” exploded into the mainstream in the early two-thousand-teens, Esquire reports that people have been using it to mean a significant other or a crush since the previous decade. Today, social media users use it to describe everything from a platonic friend to a good book to a plate of chicken fingers, and it seems well past time to say “bye” to “bae.” 

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This word is used to add emphasis to the validity of a statement, regardless of whether it’s actually true or not. But until “facts” is used to describe actual facts—again—it needs to be removed from our vocabulary #facts.

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Yes + excitement = Yaaas! There are a lot less annoying ways and slang words to be excited about something, especially without changing the pitch of your voice, dragging out vowels, and snapping your fingers. Find out some annoying words and phrases you say all the time without thinking.

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This term took over for “on fleek” and is often used to describe your eyebrows, your clothes, your hair—anything that looks on point. This word just sounds too aggressive to refer to anything good.

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We get it: You love your “squad.” But when the captions of you and your buddies’ smiling group photos proclaim yourselves “goals,” it’s basically telling everyone not in the picture that their squad isn’t as cool. They wish they were your squad. You can celebrate your friendships without this FOMO (that’s “fear of missing out”)-generating hashtag. Do you know that these 10 words are almost extinct? 

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Keep it 100

If you “keep it 100,” you’re being real and authentic to yourself, your values, and your wants. And you can still be all those things without using this phrase.

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Bye Felicia

Felicia has been gone for years. In fact, she’s been gone since Ice Cube dismissed her in the 1995 movie Friday. While some people do deserve to be shut down and pushed out of your life, they all can’t be Felicia. 

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This word is used when describing someone who doesn’t care and does things regardless of the consequences. A situation, a comeback, or a person can all be savage. Though it’s mostly used as a term of endearment, its overuse has contributed to its annoyance. Check out the list of insults that have been reinvented as compliments.

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When something is over, dead, rejected, it’s canceled. But people really love to use this word whenever referring to others, which needs to stop. You can’t cancel a person. This belongs on the list of words and phrases that smart people never, ever use.

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If you really love your “fam,” you’ll add the -ily. But don’t use -ily (I love you) by itself; that should have been left back in 2014. 

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This word is so done, just like all the other words on this list. Next, read up on these trendy words that you probably don’t truly know the meaning of.