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The Craziest World Record in Every State

Find out the wild record that happened in your state.

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Alabama: The biggest bubble ever blown

Mom might have told you to stop playing with your bubble gum, but Chad Fell from Alabama never listened. Instead, he kept practicing and eventually blew the biggest pink bubble ever, coming in at 50.8 cm (that’s 20 inches, for reference) at Double Springs High School in Winston County, Alabama. How did he pull it off? Simple: just a mere three pieces of Dubble-Bubble gum. Here’s a list of 50 astonishing facts in every state that you don’t want to miss.

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Alaska: Largest collection of four-leaf clovers

When you’re waiting for an outdoor concert to begin or lounging on a blanket, enjoying a picnic with pals, you might get distracted by grass. As a childhood launching pad, those green blades could help you whistle, reveal dirt, and of course, bring the luck of the Irish, via the prized four-leaf clover. One Alaskan man, Edward Martin Sr., never stopped searching for that pot of gold. He achieved the world record for the largest collection of four-leaf goodies, coming it at 111,060. Talk about luck!

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Arizona: Most tattoos in 24 hours by a single artist

Proudly rocking that inconspicuous tat you got a few days after your 18th birthday celebration? While most people only dabble with tattoos, some allow them to be the art that depicts their life, using their body as a canvas. And the Michelangelo of these creations? Tattoo artists, of course. In fact, one artist in Arizona, Hollis Cantrell is so handy with the needle that he managed to tat 801 tattoos in 24 hours. For more about the states, check out the best free tourist attractions in every state.

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Arkansas: Greatest number of layers in a layer cake

For your daughter’s birthday or just because it’s Friday and you need sugar, baking a layered sheet cake is the easiest way to whip up a baked goodie. But if you’re going to be a record holder, you have to think bigger than two circle pans with a tub of frosting in between. In Arkansas, one talented baker, Jayn Parenti pulled off 230 layers at the Springdale Country Club. Wonder how many people got a slice of that cake?

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California: Fastest 100 meters on a skateboard by a dog

The coolest world record in the Golden State isn’t even held by a human, but by a four-legged wonder appropriately named, Jumpy… the Dog! On the set of Officially Amazing in Los Angeles, Jumpy flew through 100 meters on a skateboard in just 19.65 seconds. Go Jumpy! Find out the 13 secrets your dog know about you.

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Colorado: The largest gathering of people wearing false mustaches

A staple at every photo booth at weddings is the infamous fake mustache. But no matter how many people are on the guest list, they probably can’t beat the world record set by the Denver Broncos at the University of Colorado Health. Here, they gathered 6,471, all wearing pseudo-mustaches to earn their call to fame.

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Connecticut: The world’s largest wedding cake

Dance your heart away at your best friend’s wedding so hard that you need two slices of cake to keep you going? We feel ya. But if you want say, 200 slices, you’d need a massive cake to get that sugar high. Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, took home the prize for the world’s largest wedding cake at the New England Bridal Showcase. Just how big was it? Big: coming in at 15,032 pounds.

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Delaware: Oldest woman to cross America by bicycle

Known for its pretty beaches, Delaware is an ideal place to ride a bike. Or, you know, set out on the journey of a lifetime at the age of 67. For Lynnea C. Salvo, who holds the world record for the oldest person to cross America by bicycle, it was quite the experience. She rode from Oceanside, California to Bethany Beach, Delaware, covering 3,163 miles.

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Florida: Largest pitcher of sangria

There’s no doubt that the Sunshine State is hot, hot, hot. With temperatures on the beach rising upwards of 100 degrees on the steamiest days of summer, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold beverage to cool off. So it’s probably no surprise that the largest pitcher of sangria was made by the staff at Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Tampa. It could serve a wedding party, coming in at 9-feet tall and consisting of wine, chopped fruit, brandy, and some added sweetener. For your next trip, make sure you know the best state fairs in every state.

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Georgia: Longest golf cart

A popular pastime in Georgia—after watching or playing football—is golfing. With plenty of lush lawns and inexpensive tee-times, it’s a friendly and competitive way to pass those Southern days. To bring all their buddies along (and hey, to earn a world record!) the folks at Mike’s Golf Carts in Perry, Georgia, created the longest golf cart. It measures 31 feet, 6.74 inches bumper to bumper.

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Hawaii: Largest wave surfed

If you’re going to break a world record in surfing, it makes sense to try it Hawaii, right? In Maui, Aaron Gold successfully surfed without a tow, a wave that measured 63 feet from trough to crest. Since this particular break is known as “Jaws,” it’s even more impressive as a dangerous, death-defying feat. Cowabunga!

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Idaho: Largest straw bale maze record

Known for its potatoes and other farms, a fall getaway in Idaho isn’t complete without a straw maze. But hey, why do a typical maze when you can do a massive one? In Rupert, Idaho, Garden Cents created the “Mega Maze” and beat the world record of the biggest straw bale maze ever. They used 3,202 bales of straw and the maze measured 1.6 miles. Don’t miss these must-see family travel destinations in each state.

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Illinois: Largest popcorn ball

A popcorn ball might just be what you consider a popular gift for your extended relatives every holiday, but for the employees of The Popcorn Factory in Lake Forest, the challenge of making an epic display earned them bragging rights. The ball weighed a whopping 3,423 pounds!

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Indiana: Largest calzone

With a big state, comes big records (and race tracks, of course) but to feed a mighty army, you need even bigger food. Rulli’s Italian Restaurant in Middlebury manifested an impressive calzone, weighing 212.7 pounds, measuring 23 feet, 7 inches by 2 foot, 4 inches. It was made of cheese, pepperoni, and special sauce inside the dough. Only one question remains: Can we try some?

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Iowa: Longest beard

Any farmer knows that in addition to overalls and a great hat, a beard is part of the uniform. Though technically the record was set by a man from Norway, he lived the last 15 years of his life the great state of Iowa, so the state earns the title. Hans N. Langseth (ridiculously amazing) beard measuring 17 feet, 6 inches at the time of his burial in Kensett in 1927.

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Kansas: Longest tail on a horse

The residences of this square state of many farmlands and ranges know a thing or two about horses. From breeding and breaking them in for rides through cornfields into sunsets, horses are a treasured part of Kansas life. And hey, a lady’s trusted companion needs a pretty hairstyle! Crystal Socha from Augusta took home the world record for the longest tail on a horse named Summer Breeze, coming in at 12 feet, 6 inches. (Here are the most difficult-to-pronounce towns in every state.)

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Kentucky: Shortest woman to give birth

The average age of a first-time mom in this Southern state is lower than most other parts of the country, at 23.8. And while creating a family has no age limit, it’s also important to know it doesn’t have a height requirement either. Stacey Herald who is only 28.5 inches—that’s 2.375 feet!—gave birth to a healthy baby girl in Dry Ridge, via Caesarean.

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Louisiana: Largest macaroni and cheese

New Orleans can feel like an alternative universe when you visit—streets lined with beads and jazz performers, frosty beverages in everyone’s hand, and the most amazingly gluttonous food you could imagine. Milk and cream reign in this Louisiana destination, and they’re proud to hold the record of the world’s largest macaroni and cheese. Made by Cabot Creamery Cooperative and Chef John Folse and Company, the cast-iron kettle dish came in at 1,902 pounds. Inside? Delicious 575 pounds of cooked macaroni, 286 pounds of mixed cheese, 56 pounds of butter, 26 pounds of flour, 1,100 pounds of milk, and 61 pounds of dry seasoning. If you think Louisiana deserves bragging rights for their gargantuan mac and cheese, then you may want to take a look at the coolest records ever set by kids.

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Maine: Most corn husked in a minute

Need to get some lobster and corn-on-the-cob on the dinner table before the kiddos start whining they’re hungry? We bet you can’t beat the world record for the most corn husked in a minute: 13! The winner of this title is Michael Diggins Jr. from Scarborough, Maine, and he’s the first record-holder for the claim.

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Maryland: Largest crab cake

When it comes to crab records, it has to be a Chesapeake Bay state that takes home the, er, cake. In fact, the largest crab cake ever created weighed 300 pounds and was created by Handy International Incorporated in Timonium, Maryland. And, of course, it was made with Maryland blue crab meat.

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Massachusetts: Longest duration water ski tow by rowing boat

Apart from the Boston Marathon, the Head of the Charles Regatta is the most watched and celebrated race in Beantown. Rowers from across the globe travel to earn their titles, but one team, the Hingham High Crew, sought after another challenge. They used a rowing boat to pull a water skier for 4 minutes, 8.22 seconds, earning the world record. Talk about skills!

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Michigan: Largest sandwich

The midwest not only loves its meat and cheeses, but they love putting them together (with mayo and mustard, duh), as their go-to lunch. But to fill your office (or several offices), you’ll need more than just two pieces of bread thrown together. Wild Woods Chill & Grill in Roseville, Michigan, took home the largest sandwich prize, with a concoction weight 5,440 pounds. Inside was 150 pounds of mustard, 1,032 pounds of corned beef, 260 pounds of cheese, 530 pounds of lettuce, and 3,568 pounds of bread.

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Minnesota: Largest collection of cow-related items

As the producer of many vegetable crops and the land of farms, Minnesota isn’t shy about their love for farm animals. But maybe no one is quite as attached to their black-and-white spotted obsession as Ruth Klossner from Lafayette. She’s been collecting cow-related items for more than 32 years and has everything from costumes and figurines to stuffed animals and much, much more. How much? 15,000 items worth—and counting.

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Mississippi: Fastest time to travel the length of the Mississippi River by canoe

If you think about it now, you can probably remember singing M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i in grade school when you were learning about the 50 states. Though locals probably don’t need to burst out in song to remember the spelling of their state, they do love the longest river in the United States. Mississippians Bob Bradford and Clark Eid paddled via canoe the length of the infamous river from Minnesota to Mile Zero in the Gulf of Mexico in 18 days, 4 hours and 51 minutes. Even better? They accepted the challenge to raise money for Rett Syndrome and Leukodystrophy. If you’re thinking of heading to Mississippi (or any state, for that matter), learn the cheapest months of the year to visit all 50 states.

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Missouri: Largest BBQ/grilling lesson

Missouri takes a note from its nearby state, Kansas, on how to make barbecue: slowly-smoked and covered with a thick tomato and molasses-based sauce. No surprise then that Missouri takes home the world record on teaching how to master the craft to a large crowd. In Kansas City, 336 people attended a lesson led by Smithfield, and included two recipes: Smithfield prime back ribs and roasted garlic and herb marinated fresh pork chops.

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Montana: Longest ramp jump by a truck cab

To make sure we have the goods that most of us use each and every single day, tractor trailer trucks must trek across the country to deliver to various stores. With highways galore, many of these drivers pass through Montana, which is why it makes sense that a record about truck cabs (that’s where the driver sits) would take place in this state. Gregg Godfrey earned this title at the Evel Knievel Days Event in Butte, jumping his vehicle 166 feet!

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Nebraska: Widest tornado damage path

Warning: if Twister freaks you out, you might not want to read ahead on this world record or um, visit Nebraska. In 2004, Nebraska earned this daunting title after the Hallam Nebraska tornado touched down, creating a 2.49 mile damage path, the widest in all of history. During this time, more than 56 tornadoes tormented the Midwest, but this one was the baddest of all, causing destruction up to 4 kilometers wide. Check out the 7 times crazy weather changed the course of history.

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Nevada: Largest margarita

What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, and that is true for everything, including a giant margarita that no one could pack in their carry-on to head home. Margaritaville created an 8,500-pound margarita that was 16 feet, 11 inches by 10 feet. Inside? All of your favorite ingredients: tequila, margarita mix, triple sec, and lemon-margarita mix. How did they pull it off? It was thanks to 60 people over 300 hours. After working on their creation for that length of time, they named her Lucky Rita and served her around the party for the grand opening of the Margaritaville Casino at The Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas.

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New Hampshire: Most lit jack-‘o-lanterns on display

There may be no better place to celebrate Halloween than New Hampshire. That is if you dig a cute jack-‘o-lantern. The City of Keene, represented by Let It Shine, Inc teamed together to light up 30,581 pumpkins, a feat that Keene has broken eight times since its original attempt.

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New Jersey: Holiest tongue

If it at first you do succeed, try and try again? Such is the story of Francesco Vacca from Lyndhurst, New Jersey. He first achieved his eccentric records—most piercings in his tongue—by showing off 16 holes. He then upped the ante and got two more, and then an additional two in early 2017, bringing his grand total up to 20. We just have to wonder: How does he eat?!

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New Mexico: Largest Indian reservation in the United States

Still home to many Native Americans, New Mexico holds the world record for the largest reservation in the country, spanning ten million acres or 15,000 square miles. To put that into digestible terms, that’s the size of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts combined. It’s home to the Navajo Indians, with an estimated 269,202 tribe population.

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New York: Longest trading suspension

The iconic ringing of the bell to open the trading floor is an honor bestowed upon celebrities and executives, but for four-and-a-half months in 1914, the New York Stock Exchange closed its doors. Though a difficult time financially, it was for good reason: It symbolized the start of World War I.

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North Carolina: Most different beer brands on tap

Known for great BBQ, beautiful beaches, and picturesque mountains, North Carolina is also growing its reputation as a beer powerhouse. So much so that the Raleigh Beer Garden took home the prize title of the most beer brands on tap in 2015. They feature 203 breweries and 369 beers—and to earn this title, a sample had to be tasted from each one. Bottoms up! If you enjoy drinking a brewski on your movie nights, you might want to take a trip to one of these iconic movie sets in every state.

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North Dakota: Most people making snow angels simultaneously

What better way to celebrate that first clear, crisp, and white snowfall than to make angels out of the magic? That was the idea the State Historical Society of North Dakota had in 2007, when they gathered 8,962 people to make these classic snow angels simultaneously.

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Ohio: Most people apple-bobbing

To say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn with open arms, a county fair or ride is a fine idea. In addition to corn mazes and pumpkin picking, apple bobbing is a popular attraction. But it was the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio in Jackson that made history: They gathered 597 people to bob for apples at the same time!

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Oklahoma: Largest parade of fire trucks

No matter which state you write on the back of envelopes, paying respect and gratitude to the brave men and women who risk their lives in dangerous situations is a given. But in Oklahoma, the Atoka Fire Department wanted a way to demonstrate just how many people step up to the plate in that heavy fireman gear with a parade. The 220 vehicles that gathered won them a world record—and plenty of well-deserved pride.

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Oregon: Heaviest squash

As the home of many treats and snack foods—doughnuts, hazelnuts, craft beer, and pinot noir—Oregon also grows some healthy produce. In fact, thanks to bountiful weather conditions, they even break world records via the ground. In 2016, Scott Holub grew the heaviest squash, weighing 1,844.5 pounds in Gerais.

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Pennsylvania: Largest S’mores

Plenty of hiking trails and idealistic fall weather and foliage, Pennsylvania knows how to host an autumn celebration. And what campfire chant can be complete if you don’t pause to take a bite of that mushy-delicious s’mores? The Deer Run Camping Resort took this fireside treat to the extreme, earning the world record for the largest s’mores made to date. It took 104 volunteers to make the 267-pound beauty in Gardners, Pennsylvania. If you’ve got a massive sweet tooth, you might want to check out the best ice cream shops in every state.

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Rhode Island: Largest sock

If you’ve ever visited Rhode Island off season in the dead of winter, you know how frigid temperatures can get. You may even wish you could crawl into a warm, insulated sock and hide away from the cold. Well, with this world record, set by the charity organization Project Undercover, Inc., you could have! They created a 32 foot, 7 inches by 22 feet 6 inches by 8 feet 2 inches cream-and-brown colored sock. In a way to raise awareness of those in need in the area, they used 600 feet of cotton and 42,000 feet of cotton thread.

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South Carolina: Hottest chili

Though Charleston is a place to check off your bucket list, might we suggest venturing to the lowcountry any other season than summer? South Carolina is known for scorching Southern sunshine—and apparently, fire-breathing chilis. In fact, a local producer, Ed Currie from the PuckerButt Pepper Company, their “Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper” is the world’s hottest chili pepper. Just how hot? It earned 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units. Whew, baby!

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South Dakota: Most wins of the mashed potato wrestling championships

Ever heard of the Mashed Potato Wrestling Championships? If not, now you know: Every year, folks mash-around to take home the spud. But the guy to win the most? Ironically-named Steve O’Gratin who has one four times, both in Barnesville, Minnesota, and most recently, Clark, South Dakota. OK, his real name is Steve Barone and he’s the founder of the Mashed Potato Wrestling Federation, giving him a home court advantage. And hey, in case you were wondering, there’s no waste to roll around in potatoes: They use inedible floor sweepings from factories or outdated flakes that can’t be sold. Whatever is leftover is also fed to cattle.

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Tennessee: Most cherry stems knotted with the tongue in one minute

“You must be from Tennessee because you’re the only ten I see” is an age-old pick-up line, but it might not be as effective as this world-record in Gatlinburg. Al Gliniecki managed to tie 14 cherry stems in 60 seconds at the Guinness World Records Museum in Gatlinburg. Talk about bragging rights!

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Texas: Longest distance traveled on a slip-‘n’-slide

Summertime in the south is as sweet as apple pie and sweet tea but it sure does come with some grueling sweat seshes. What better way to cool down from that Texas humidity than in a slip-‘n-slide? That was the idea behind Trinity River Vision Authority’s world record feat: they traveled 2,541,060 feet in one hour on a slip-‘n’-slide. Just how? One-by-one, 1,486 people trailed the inflatable.

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Utah: Largest scavenger hunt

You’re never too old to outgrow the fun of a good ‘ole fashioned scavenger hunt. But what’s better than a casual bop-around-town search? A mega one, like the world-record breaking one that happened in Provo, Utah. Google Fiber Provo, Provo City, Downtown Provo Inc., and Cotopaxi teamed together to make the mystery magic, attracting 2,079 participants. The theme? “Passport to Provo.”

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Vermont: Largest snow softball tournament

The only thing more Vermont than maple syrup is snow, and one team made frozen magic in Barre, Vermont. Freezing Fun For Families Co-Ed Softball Tournament organized a three-day event where 795 players from 61 teams played softball with snow, making the world record.

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Virginia: Largest simultaneous yo-yo

Once you get the hang of this classic kids’ toy, it’s tough to stop the up-and-down tango. Yomega Corporation and Boys’ Life Magazine made history when they organized the world’s largest simultaneous yo-yo in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, attracting 2,036 yo-yoers. Find out the most popular toy the year you were born.

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Washington: Most expensive hot dog

If you stop by a street vendor in a major city to grab a hot dog, you’ll probably pay $2 to $3. A little pricey when you can get a pack for about $5 and grill at home, but worth the cash if you’re starving after sightseeing. But would you pay $169? Tokyo Dog in Seattle won the record for the most expensive hot dog. Check out the surprising birthplace of 20 of your favorite foods.

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West Virginia: Largest bird feeder

Known for its gorgeous mountain ranges and nearby hiking, West Virginia has plenty of natural wildlife. To help keep those pretty birds flying happy, William Greene from Keister created the world’s largest bird feeder, coming in at 760 pounds. Inside was a mix of black oil sunflower seeds, millet, mixed fruit, and nuts. Curious to what bird caught a whiff first? A Black Capped Chickadee.

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Wisconsin: Largest scoop of ice cream

Though known for cheese more than ice cream, it does take milk to make both—and Kemps, LLC in Cedarburg took it literally when they sought to create the biggest scoop, ever. It came in at 3,010 pounds, 5’6″ tall and 6’2″ wide. The flavor? An easy-to-eat strawberry.

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Wyoming: Oldest national park

Out in the wild, wild west of Wyoming is where you can find the nation’s oldest park, Yellowstone National Park. As part of everyone’s bucket list of places to visit, this 3,470-mile beauty was given this honor in 1872.

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