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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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Why You Should Never Clean Your Dog’s Paws with Hand Sanitizer

You might use it to clean your hands, but you should think twice before attempting that for your pup.

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Why Do Dogs Drool?

Wet, slimy drool is the enemy of almost every dog owner, but there is actually a reason behind the slobbery...

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Can I Give My Dog Ibuprofen?

Your dog has a sprain. Or a strain. Or a broken bone. Pain relief is needed ASAP, and your bottle...

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Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Wondering why your pup prefers dirt to dog food? Here's the real reason why dogs eat dirt—hint: it's not because...

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12 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs That Every Owner Should Know

Many cancer symptoms in dogs are subtle and can be caused by another condition, but if you notice any of...

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How Male and Female Dogs Are Different

We're inclined to think of female dogs as sweet and cuddly and male dogs as territorial and protective. However, you...

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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

They're more important to the everyday life of a dog than you might think!

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Why Are Dog Noses Wet?

Dogs love to give licks, but is a wet dog nose a good thing? Here's what it means for their...

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How to Help Your Pet Cope with Post-Quarantine Separation Anxiety

Dogs can get anxious, too—especially when you leave them home alone for the first time in months.

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11 Products That Could Help Your Dog’s Anxiety

Got a dog who's always jittery, barking, or aggressively chewing out of nervousness? These calming products can provide some much-needed...

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10 Best Clippers to Trim Your Dog’s Nails at Home

If you need to give your pooch a pedicure, these dog nail clippers are your best bets for getting the...

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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

If your dog tends to move on to your cat's food bowl after he finishes his dinner, you're going to...

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Should Your Dog Be Wearing a Pet Mask?

Is it a smart precaution—or an unnecessary measure that will only agitate your pup? Here’s what the experts currently believe.

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The Best Dog Food for Small Dogs

Your Pomeranian may think he's a Doberman, but small-breed dogs need food specifically designed for canines their size.

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Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

With pictures of dogs donning face masks popping up in newsfeeds, some pet parents are on edge. But is the...

I Used to Spoil My Dog with Treats—Till They Gave Her Pancreatitis

I thought I was showing my dog how much I loved her, but it turns out I was actually putting...

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Why Does Puppy Breath Smell So Good?

That sweet scent of puppy breath is just one of the many things we can't resist about baby dogs.

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Is It Bad for Dogs to Drink Toilet Water?

You might think it’s disgusting when you catch your dog drinking from the toilet, but there’s actually a reason they...

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11 Cancer-Fighting Foods for Dogs

Keep your best friend by your side for as long as possible by including these healthy ingredients in your pup’s...

9 Medical Reasons Why Your Dog Might Smell Bad

Your dog might not just need a bath or a good toothbrushing. Lingering smells can signal potential ailments that need...

13 Ingredients You Never Want in Your Pet’s Food

You might be shocked at what's hiding in your pet's food. Take a good look at those labels, and watch...

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When Is It Too Cold for Dogs to Go Outside?

Dogs aren’t immune to the cold temperatures of winter. Make sure you know the facts so your dog doesn’t suffer.

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10 Noises Your Dog Makes—And What They Mean

A handy guide to translating the yips, yaps, yowls, and whimpers every dog makes so that you can understand furry...

20 Things You’re Probably Doing That Veterinarians Wouldn’t

Vets went to school to learn the dos and don'ts of animal care. Here are the mistakes they're not making...

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Why You Might Want to Hold Off on Neutering Your Dog

Think spaying or neutering your dog as a puppy is best for their health? New research says waiting might be...

Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath—And How to Get Rid of It

Find out what your dog's breath might be telling you—and what you can do about it.

How Long Do Chihuahuas Live?

Although they are little, these dogs are fierce. Here's how long they'll stay alive and sassy.