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You’ve got to read it to believe it! These true stories seem almost too good to be true, but we promise that we couldn’t make these up. From love to loss and from survival to unbelieavable coincidences—we’ve got the wildest stories to keep you informed, entertained, and inspired.

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Reader’s Digest Names the Top 5 Videos of the Month

Get the tissues ready for this heartwarming romp through humanity’s brightest videos of the month

The Nicest Places in America 2024

The Nicest Places in America is Reader's Digest's yearly search for places where people are kind, differences are celebrated, and...

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Reader’s Digest’s Top 5 Teacher Appreciation Videos That Will Melt Your Heart

These teacher appreciation videos will warm your heart—and show just how valuable teachers are for our future

A Pair of Beagles Were Left to Wander in the Snow—Until a Kind Stranger Took Them In

The story of an expectant couple and a wise man (but not the ones you’re thinking of)

I Stopped Hiding My Disability, and It Opened Up New Worlds

Everyone is hiding something—but embracing that secret part of yourself can change everything

Uniting in the Face of Deadly Blizzards and Tragedy, Buffalo, New York, Is the Nicest Place in America

Despite natural disasters, shooting tragedies and Damar Hamlin's near-death experience, Buffalo's community is stronger than ever

Damar Hamlin: Thank You, Buffalo

In this touching letter, Damar Hamlin reflects on the support he's received from the Buffalo community, 2023's Nicest Place in...

Heroic Uber Driver Offers Ailing Passenger His Kidney

An Uber trip took a detour when the driver offered his ailing passenger one of his kidneys

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Put your pen to paper, dear storyteller!

A Martial Artist with a Troubled History with Cops Heroically Saves One

A dedicated practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, this man used his power for good

I Survived! Three Tales of Daring Escapes and Survivals

These lucky survivors each escaped potentially deadly situations with their lives

How Unity Park Heals a Decades-Old Racial Injustice and Unites a Community

This park rights a historic wrong and brings people together with nature

This Flower Farm Delivers Free Flowers to Spread Cheer—and Fight Pollution

This nonprofit is spreading smiles and saving the earth, one bouquet at a time

A Devastating Flood Brings Out the Best in a Small Town

When the floodwaters rose in Red Lodge, Montana, so did a river of helping hands

Tasty Ribs and Helping Hands: Mark BBQ Serves 170,000 Meals to Those in Need

In addition to brisket burgers, this restaurant offers free meals and second chances

How a 9/11 Survivor and His Son Bravely Rescued a Pilot from Icy Waters

When a small plane crashes into a frozen creek, kayakers must navigate the ice to save the pilot

Meet the Man Who Saved a Stranger Being Electrocuted by Live Train Tracks

Deadly jolts of electricity kept anyone from grabbing him—so a Good Samaritan stepped up to help

Joi Bass, Indianola, Mississippi

For Joi Bass, a Dollar General employee in Indianola, Mississippi, doing good deeds runs in the family. “Service is just...

Readers Share the Best Advice They Ever Got—and These Wise Words Are Gold

Readers share the life-changing lessons they were taught by others

The Big-Rig Crisis: How We Fail Our Truckers

Long hours and low pay are taking a toll on our nation's drivers

Our Readers Share Their Greatest Strokes of Good Fortune

These reader-submitted stories are true tales of good fortune

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Meet the Man Who Survived 16+ Hours at Sea After His Boat Capsized

This is his amazing story of survival and strength

The Lessons My Motorcycle—and Grown Daughters—Taught Me on the Road

What one father learned about life, love and the importance of adventure

How I Survived an Awkward Family Dinner with My Humor Intact

Stand-up comedian Zach Zimmerman recounts their first family dinner in four years, proving with their trademark humor that you can...

The Importance of Men’s Friendships—and How Poker Could Make Them Stronger

People who make time to hang out with friends have all the luck

He Played a Superhero—but a Daring Rescue Made Him a Real-Life Hero

It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's Captain Harrisburg, saving the day thanks to his quick thinking and...

Meet the Pizza Man Who Saved 5 Kids from a House Fire

Nick Bostic was troubled, aimless. Then one night, everything changed.