Nicest Places

After hearing all your stories and submissions, we’ve found some of the nicest places in America. From metropolitan miracles to small-town hidden gems, our nation’s capacity for human kidness will amaze you. Did your town make the list?

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    The Nicest Place in New Hampshire: Pembroke

    We have a collective image of the perfect 1950s era town—pretty, tight-knit, caring. Some people call it Paradise. Others, Pembroke.

    The Nicest Place in Colorado: Pueblo West Women’s League in Pueblo West

    This small community can’t afford all the niceties. Lucky for them they have a fairy godmother watching over them. Make...

    The Nicest Place in New Jersey: Hunterdon County YMCA in Flemington

    All YMCAs offer fun and companionship. This one also offers family.

    The Nicest Place in Connecticut: Clintonville Elementary School in North Haven

    The students at this elementary school go out of their way to make sure everyone feels included.

    The Nicest Place in Delaware: Estates at Saint Anne’s in Middletown

    Here is the unique town where being different is normal and people banded together to demand respect for those who...

    The Nicest Place in Ohio: Columbiana

    Two businessmen plow their money into a community theater that hires special-needs actors.

    The Nicest Place in Wyoming: S. Chestnut St. in Casper

    When snow falls, it's a race to the snowblowers to see who can do their neighbors' walks first. Everyone wins!

    The Nicest Place in New Mexico: Las Cruces

    How would your city respond if 1,600 asylum seekers were sent there? In Las Cruces, they were greeted with food,...

    The Nicest Place in New York: Harding Park in the Bronx

    Crimes of compassion are nothing new in this melting pot, where everyone gets along, no matter what part of the...

    The Nicest Place in Indiana: Lafayette Transitional Housing Center in Lafayette

    It started with a plastic bag and a need for a warm blanket. Now it's a movement that's making hundreds...

    The Nicest Place in Oklahoma: Country Aire Estates in Broken Arrow

    When our nominator traveled abroad, she returned home to find her lawn neatly mowed. That’s just how this neighborhood rolls.

    The Nicest Place in North Dakota: Watford City

    Newcomers discover that a population explosion couldn’t diminish just how friendly this town is, even after tragedy strikes.

    The Nicest Place in Oregon: Molalla High School in Molalla

    The students’ goal was to fill a jar full of money for the needy. It’s two decades later, and they...

    The Nicest Place in Florida: The Villages

    A community of senior citizens remember the young men and women serving overseas by sending them goody bags chock-full of...

    The Nicest Place in Pennsylvania: Delta Pizza in Delta

    The local pizzeria owner made sure his Amish neighbors never went hungry. When his restaurant burned down, they repaid the...

    The Nicest Place in Kansas: Cedar House in Abilene

    When this town helped women struggling with addiction get back on their feet, they repaid the favor.

    The Nicest Place in Rhode Island: Maury Loontjens Memorial Library in Narragansett

    As the people of this seaside town fight to save their library, the librarians go about their business, serving the...

    The Nicest Place in Iowa: Lansing Iowa Food Trust in Lansing

    People go hungry everywhere, every day. In this tiny town, help is here, and everyone pitches in, even guests.

    The Nicest Place in South Carolina: Lake Trollingwood

    A transplant to the south has found a home in a town that is so nice, she says, “It’s made...

    The Nicest Place in Louisiana: Houma

    A toe-tapping city welcomes everyone to dance their blues away.

    The Nicest Place in South Dakota: Rapid City

    Each winter, people drape coats, gloves, and scarves on the town’s statues. It’s for the needy to take, and it’s...

    The Nicest Place in Georgia: The Fugees Family in Clarkston

    This non-traditional school uses soccer to help refugees learn, and it has a 100% college acceptance rate.

    The Nicest Place in Tennessee: Franklin

    To bring people together, this traditional Southern city embraces its past—both the good and the bad.

    The Nicest Place in Hawaii: Ahuimanu

    "Aloha" is a way of life on Hawaii, and this place truly embodies the spirit.

    The Nicest Place in Utah: Springville

    Every year, folk dancers and musicians from around the world come to this out-of-the-way town to strut their stuff, and...

    The Nicest Place in Vermont: Barre City

    Most people don’t want a drug treatment addict as a neighbor. In this town, they’re met with open arms.

    The Nicest Place in Illinois: Fox Point in Barrington

    An act of vandalism against an LGBT couple brings a neighborhood together and teaches a powerful lesson to the next...