Nicest Places

After hearing all your stories and submissions, we’ve found some of the nicest places in America. From metropolitan miracles to small-town hidden gems, our nation’s capacity for human kidness will amaze you. Did your town make the list?

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    The Nicest Place in Kentucky: Winchester

    A friendly town gets into an unfriendly battle with polluters, and wins!

    The Nicest Place in Wisconsin: The Lingonberry Llama Coffee Shop in Belleville

    Small towns need a place to meet, talk and share. In this tiny town, that need was met in a...

    The Nicest Place in Maine: Bristol

    Often, townies and tourists don’t gel. In this seaside town, they’re one in the same.

    The Nicest Place in Maryland: Whitehurst Community in Severna Park

    It's hard to find a house in this neighborhood because people hardly leave, and when they do, they sell to...

    The Nicest Place in Massachusetts: Plymouth

    The spirit of Thanksgiving lives on every day here as new settlers are as welcome as the very first pilgrims...

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    The Secret to This Small Town’s Revival Is Making Everyone Want to Live There

    Mount Vernon, Texas, could have become just another fading outpost. Folks in town weren’t about to let that happen.

    Here’s How the Government Shutdown Is Inspiring Acts of Kindness

    As the government shutdown continues, Americans are responding with incredibly heartwarming gestures of kindness in support of their furloughed friends...

    Meet the 20 Nicest Places in America in 2018

    These are the 20 Nicest Places in America, from tiny Hayesville, North Carolina (pop. 371), to the city of Providence,...

    How Did a Falafel House in Tennessee Become the Nicest Place in America?

    “I’m not here just to make falafel and make money. I’m here to build this community.”

    One of the World’s Most Famous Cities Has a Small-Town Secret

    Not far from a popular movie-making city lies a small town you'll wish you've heard of sooner.

    Robin Roberts on the 13 Reminders the World Needs Right Now

    These simple but powerful quotes can teach everyone something about hope, respect, and just being nice.

    The Army Base Yoga Studio That’s Healing Wounded Warriors

    This isn't your typical yoga class—it's a sanctuary.

    The Town That Literally Wrote the Book on Being Nice

    In this small Chicago suburb, being good to your neighbors is a mission everyone takes seriously, starting with the mayor.

    The Small Town That Gave Rise to Hurricane Harvey Heroes

    Nothing tests a town’s spirit like one of the worst natural disasters residents have ever seen.

    The Library That’s Writing a New Chapter for Baltimore

    Find out why 20 minutes in this library can literally change someone's life.

    The Town That’s Changing Lives—One House at a Time

    When it comes to being nice, everyone in this county has a story.

    The Neighborhood Coffeeshop That Serves Up Cups of Kindness

    When it comes to kindness, take it from the shop that serves joy on the side of their java.

    This Small City Made a Huge Promise That’s Keeping Hope Alive

    “I’ve been to nice places, but there’s nothing like Kalamazoo.”

    The Powerful Lesson America Could Learn from This Tiny Town of 1,600

    Kindness towards neighbors is the norm in Ellijay, GA; it’s their kindness towards newcomers that sets them apart.

    Robin Roberts Reveals What Everyone Can Learn from 2018’s Nicest Place in America

    The Good Morning America newscaster opens up about what it truly means to be nice.

    The 8-Word Phrase That Made Robin Roberts Who She Is

    One of America’s most beloved journalists reveals how her upbringing influenced her life, and how future generations can learn from...

    The 10 Best Places to Live Well for Under $40,000 a Year

    From the cost of living to local activities, these places give you the best value for your money in America,...

    PayItForward Inc. in Mower County, MN

    Paying it forward is a way of life in Mower County, where one small plumbing business, built from the ashes...

    McCrossan Boys Ranch in Sioux Falls, SD

    Sometimes you need a little help getting your life on track, and that's what thousands of boys have gotten at...

    FINALIST: Katy, TX

    When Hurricane Harvey crashed into east Texas, residents in Katy, like most towns in the storm's way, were largely left...

    LaBelle, FL

    LaBelle is a sanctuary for those looking to reclaim balance in their lives. While the view of the Caloosahatchee River...

    Mitchell, SD

    Mitchell is a strong, close-knit community that is so much more than its most-famous attraction, the world's only "Corn Palace."