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The Real Reason Hotels Use White Sheets

They're easiest to stain—but that's exactly why it makes sense!

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Can Never Sleep on an Airplane? Seasoned Travelers Spill 14 Snoozing Secrets

Let's face it: Finding a way to get comfortable on an airplane feels impossible, let alone sleep on one. That...

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This Is Why It’s So Tough to Fall Asleep on an Airplane

When you're on a plane, sleep can seem more elusive than a decent in-flight meal.

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8 Tips for Falling Asleep on an Airplane

Whether you're in the air for one hour or 10, catching some decent shut-eye doesn't require a first class ticket.

8 Tricks You Need to Stay Awake During Long Drives

Snap your body out of trying to drift off so you can stay safe behind the wheel.

Can’t Sleep on Vacay? 17 Tips to Snooze Better When Traveling

In an unfamiliar setting, your ears pick up every noise and you're hyperaware of your surroundings, making it harder than...

12 Easy Tricks to Make Overnight Guests More Comfortable

These small touches will show visitors they’re welcome in your home—not an inconvenience.

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Are Sleepy Pilots Risking Your Life?

A new National Sleep Foundation Survey reveals the shocking risky sleep habits of transportation professionals.