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Trips are full of excitement! But what’s less exciting? Packing for them. And if it’s hard to remember what to bring, it’s even harder to know what to leave behind. We’ve got some insider tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you travel in style and keep that suitcase light so you enjoy every second.

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Our Favorite Brand Has a Line of Budget Suitcases—Here’s Why They’re Worth Buying

A Quince suitcase may just be the affordable luggage solution you've been waiting for.

Beis Carry-On Review: A Travel Expert Tests the Internet-Loved Bag

Does the bag that every influencer on TikTok raves about actually live up to the hype?

Review: I Cut Down on Baggage Fees Thanks to This Family-Sized Suitcase

Stop paying to check multiple bags and invest in one large suitcase for the whole family with the Briggs &...

Béis vs. Monos: Which Game-Changing Luggage Brand Is Best for You?

When it comes to Béis vs. Monos, each has its pros and cons to consider for your next trip. Here's...

The 5 Best Soft-Sided Luggage Pieces of 2023, According to Travel Experts

Whether you're going on a weekend getaway or flying around the world, these are the best soft-sided luggage picks that'll...

The 7 Best Anti-Theft Bags and Backpacks for Safer Travel in 2024

Take your next trip in safety and style with these seven best anti-theft bags.

Best Lightweight Packing Cubes to Organize Travel Necessities

The best packing cubes keep all your travel necessities organized—and save space!

I Tried the Béis Commuter Tote, and It Organizes Everything I Need for Work and Beyond

My previous travel bag has officially been replaced with the Béis Commuter Tote.

Editor-Tested & Reviewed: Béis Mini Weekender Bag is the Perfect Travel Companion

The Beis Mini Weekender bag is now my go-to travel bag for quick trips.

I Never Travel Without The Away Bigger Carry-On Suitcase—Here’s Why

You've seen it trending all over your TikTok and Instagram feeds. I'm thrilled to report the Away Bigger Carry-On really...

Monos Carry-On Luggage: Is it Worth Buying? Our Editor’s Find Out!

Stop gallivanting around the world with dad’s old piece of luggage from the '80s, and invest in the Monos carry-on.

Paravel Aviator Carry-On: The Sustainable Luggage Brand We Love

Paravel luggage screams luxury, but it's also as sustainable as they come.

The Surprising Reason You Shouldn’t Bring Camouflage Clothing on a Cruise

Sailing the Caribbean? Consider leaving those camouflage threads at home. Here's what you need to know.

Carl Friedrik The Hard-Shell Suitcase Review: Is It Worth Splurging On?

Curious if the Carl Friedrik luggage lives up to the hype? So were we, which is why we put it...

This Door Stop Alarm Gave Me Peace of Mind When Staying at an Airbnb

I finally have peace of mind while traveling thanks to the door stop alarm.

Here’s Why You Should Put Luggage in Your Hotel Room’s Bathtub, According to Experts

There's a really gross reason you should put your luggage in the hotel bathroom. We asked the experts to explain.

Away vs. Béis: Here’s How the Luggage Brands Compare for Your Travels

Have your eye on new luggage but don't know which carry-on to go with? We put popular Away vs. Béis...

16 Unexpected Things I Never Board a Cruise Ship Without

From wildlife viewing and keeping your cabin organized to getting an excellent night's sleep and avoiding seasickness, these must-pack products...

7 Best Coolers for Camping That Keep Drinks Fresh All Weekend Long

These are the best coolers for camping for any size group and any type of campsite.

Hard vs Soft Luggage: How To Choose The Best Option For Your Travel Style

When it comes to hard vs soft luggage, how do you decide which to buy? We compared all their features,...

The 5 Best Durable, Comfortable Camping Air Mattresses

Camping out doesn't need to mean lost sleep. These are the best camping air mattresses to keep you comfy for...

This Portable Door Lock Helps Me Sleep Better at Night While I’m Traveling

Give yourself peace of mind with this affordable, portable door lock

5 Best Cat Carrier Backpacks for Hands-Free Adventuring with Your Feline

These affordable cat carrier backpacks make traveling with your pet a positive experience for everyone. They're super cute, too!

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