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The Strangest Roadside Attraction in Every State

As you travel our great country to see some of its most beautiful sights, don't miss these offbeat attractions you'll...

11 Unforgettable Bucket List Trips That Won’t Break the Bank

If your travel bucket list is bigger than your bank account, don't worry, there's a way to visit some of...

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United States Trivia Your History Teacher Never Taught You

When was Christmas illegal in America? Which state did Congress forget to officially add to the Union for 150 years?...

13 Strange Things You Could Get Fined for Around the World

Going on vacation is expensive enough without getting fined for breaking these surprising laws in cities around the world

10 of the World’s Strangest Food Museums

We've rounded up the world's weirdest food museums, ranging from a tribute to Iceland's herring industry to a sausage-filled museum...

These Are the 15 Best Places to Move to in the U.S. (Before They Get Too Crowded)

These fascinating small cities and burgeoning big towns across the United States offer great green spaces, myriad recreational opportunities, thriving...

20 Best Hikes Across America—and the Best Times to Go

From national parks to secret local trails, here are the best hikes across the U.S.

Knowing These 6 Types of Clouds Can Help You Predict the Weather

Most likely you turn to your local weather report to find out what the day will be like, but looking...

15 of the Most Incredible Waterfall Photos Ever Taken

Picture yourself surrounded by natural beauty with these stunning waterfall pictures from Country magazine and National Geographic's Travis Burke.

What to Pack for a Cruise—and 6 Things Not to Bring

Packing for a cruise is a lot like packing for any other vacation. You'll want to bring comfy walking shoes...

12 Hidden Beach Dangers You Need to Take Seriously

Many look forward to their annual tropical getaway, with the email notifications turned off and the sunscreen lathered on. But...

This Is the Most-Booked Tourist Attraction on TripAdvisor

The popular booking site collected data about travelers' most-booked experiences, but number one probably isn't what you'd expect.

26 Favorite Camping Recipes You’ll Want to Make All Summer

Pop a tent, break out the foil, and stoke the fire for these camping recipes made for wide-open spaces and...

The Best Natural Swimming Pools in the United States

There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned swimming hole to beat the heat this summer. Here's where to find the best...

10 Outdoor Festivals Your Kids Will Love This Year

Want to give your next family vacation a boost of culture? Ditch the museum and head to one of these...

The Powerful Reason Famous Landmarks Are Turning Off Their Lights

Find out why so many monuments are going dark.

8 Spectacular National Parks That Are Even More Incredible on Starry Nights

Whether you’re looking to wish upon a star or simply to sit back and contemplate celestial bodies, our country’s national...

7 of the Best (and Most Romantic) Cooking Classes for Couples

What could be more romantic than traveling somewhere amazing and then cooking up the local fare—together? You can't go wrong...

14 of America’s Most Beautiful Lesser-Known Bridges

You know about the Brooklyn and the Golden Gate—now get a look at America's most picturesque bridges you've never heard...

You Can See This Stunning Natural Phenomenon Only in New Zealand—and This One U.S. State

Here's where you can see this amazing sight, no passport required.

6 Local Madrid Experiences Every Tourist Should Try

After you visit Madrid's iconic highlights like the Prado and the Royal Palace, explore the authentic tastes of Madrid at...

I Went to a Native American Pow Wow—This Is What I Learned

My expectations came from a second-grade textbook, but what I found was strength and purpose shining through the sage smoke.

This Might Be the Best Kept Family Vacation Secret in the United States

You might think we've found a fancy resort that costs a fortune. You'd be wrong.

The 50 Best Family Travel Destinations In Each State

From Disneyland to Yellowstone to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, here are the best tourist attractions for families in each...

10 Babymoon Destinations That Don’t Require a Passport

If you're a mom-to-be craving a little well-deserved TLC but don't want to travel too far, these relaxing, stateside getaways...

These True Stories Behind the Shipwrecks on Lake Superior Will Give You Goosebumps

A museum in Upper Michigan pays tribute to the lives lost on the waters of Lake Superior.

10 Family-Friendly Vacation Destinations That Even Your Jaded Teenagers Will Love

Want to unplug your high schooler and get your middle school kids to stop rolling their eyes when you mention...