This Airplane Phone Holder Lets You Comfortably Watch Videos in the Sky

Updated: May 22, 2023

Bye bye, boring flights.

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Whether traveling by air, land or sea, we could always use gadgets that make the journey a little more bearable. And when traveling by airplane in particular, comfort is absolutely key. So for the trips without in-flight movies comes an Amazon travel accessory that saves you neck pain when looking down at a screen in your lap: a Perilogics airplane phone holder

With cramped arm space, loud neighbors and uncomfortable upright seats, sometimes all you want to do is focus in on some downloaded content on your phone. The airplane phone holder makes it easy to do so without compromising space or comfort. No travel pro should go without one.

What is an airplane phone holder? 

As the name suggests, the Perilogics airplane phone holder gives your hands a break from carrying a heavy phone while traveling by air. Airplane seats already leave you feeling stiff and sore, and looking down at a phone only leaves the neck even more strained. The phone mount clips to the airplane tray (or just about anywhere) for hands-free entertainment. 

The travel accessory uses a spring-loaded clamp to attach to any surface up to 1.5 inches wide. Dual 360-degree rotation joints let the phone holder adjust to different positions for just the right angle. A clicking sound makes it a little noisy while being adjusted, but it’s still easy to use. 

The holder rotates both horizontally or vertically. There’s no shortage of positions and places to use it, and it still reverts back to palm size. A silicone pad also lets the holder stabilize itself on surfaces when it’s upright. 

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How to use the airplane phone holder 

There are multiple ways to use the travel phone holder. Its spring-loaded clamp can be adjusted to fit just about anything up to 1.5 inches wide, so the possibilities are nearly endless. 

The first is as one might predict: clipping it to a closed or open airplane tray for hands-free entertainment. I tested it on a recent flight and found that with a little bit of elbow grease (the tray takes some effort to shut when the phone holder is clipped on), I could watch a movie comfortably with Bluetooth headphones. If you need a Bluetooth adaptor for flights, try an Airfly headphone adaptor 

I also got a little creative by clipping it to the handle of my carry-on luggage as I waited to board my flight. The clamp props the phone easily and I could adjust the handle to my preferred height. I love it because I can watch a movie by myself or with the person I’m traveling with (so long as I share my Airpods). 

Another way to use the holder is by using it as a phone holder on a flat surface. Whether it’s on a desk, table or even the ground, the gadget is strong enough to hold a phone without tipping over. It even fits on a car’s air vents if you need a hands-free GPS. When traveling with a group, use it as a selfie stick for friend and family photos. At home, attach it to the kitchen countertop when following along with a recipe or on the edge of a desk to take video calls.  

It doesn’t just work on a smartphone, though. The holder can also be maneuvered as a headphone stand on a desktop. Stow it in a work bag or underseat luggage for quick access wherever you go. 

The best Amazon user reviews 

With so many uses, the Perilogics airplane phone holder is a must-have travel hack.  Check out why these users love it. 

Five-star reviewer Rory Phillips bought two of these gadgets. “I was able to hook my phone onto the back of our airplane seat and also attached to our balcony railing to get beautiful pictures and time lapse movies of our ocean view vacation,” they rave. “Super helpful to take selfies as well! Very low cost and so worth it!” 

Everyone on the plane who saw it wanted one,” writes verified purchaser Debbie. “The passenger next to me ordered one the moment we landed.”  

Chrissy Yoshida plans on taking this phone holder on every vacation and even turned her doubting husband on to it. “This was one of the many products I bought for our international flight that my husband said I didn’t need…Well, during our 17-hour flight (the second flight out of 6) he took my phone holder after his arms got tired binge watching his show. Then I got to gloat in his face that I made a smart purchase!” she writes. “I love that you can also swivel the angle of the phone to adjust if the seat in front of you is reclined.”

Where to buy an airplane phone holder 

Shop the Perilogics airplane phone holder on Amazon for less than $20. You could even buy a two-pack and give the other as a gift for a fellow traveler. Regardless, add it to your travel essentials—I definitely have! 

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