This Genius Luggage Cup Holder Lets You Breeze Through the Airport

Updated: Apr. 13, 2023

Traveling to your next destination will be anything but plane with this luggage cup holder.

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As the weather begins to get warmer, planning the next vacation is starting to become a priority on most of our to-do lists. Whether it’s a trip to a tropical island, business travel or a two-week international trip, eventually, we all have to go to the same place: the airport. It’s no secret that the airport can be an incredibly stressful environment. Everyone is moving quickly, double-checking their travel list essentials, finding a kiosk to print a boarding pass and checking luggage. One thing we find the especially stressful is rushing through the airport trying to find your gate.

When you’re trying to hold your cup of coffee, boarding pass, phone and passport all at once, it can feel a bit hectic. That’s where this Riemont luggage cup holder comes to play, making moving around the airport easier and more convenient. With over 3,100 five-star ratings, it’s no secret that this is a must-have for busy travelers.

What is a luggage cup holder? 

top view of drink holder on luggageStephanie Hope/

This luggage cup holder is a practical and convenient travel accessory to securely hold two beverages while you’re on the go. It features a strong Velcro system that allows you to fold the luggage cup holder and stash it in when not in use. Aside from beverages, the back pocket holds smartphones, passports, snacks, cards and any other small item you’re usually lugging around the airport terminal on the way to the gate. Additionally, this cup holder would make a unique travel gift for that person in your life consumed by wanderlust.


  • Fits most standard-size cups and bottles
  • Keeps your hands free during travel
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Holds two cups or bottles
  • An extra pocket allows storage of phones or passports
  • Made of water-resistant material


  • Won’t fit larger bottles or cups
  • Not insulated, so your beverages won’t stay hot or cold

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How to use a luggage cup holder

This product couldn’t be any easier to put into action. Using the Velcro tabs on each side of the luggage cup holder, attach them together until a hole forms in the middle. Then, when your luggage handle is open, simply slide the luggage cup holder down to the base.

When you’re ready to put it away, simply slide it off, detach the cup holders and lay it flat so it will fit into your bag or luggage. Because of the neoprene material, simply wipe it off if any spills occur while rushing through the terminal to the gate. It doesn’t matter if you have soft-sided luggage or a hard shell case—as long as you have handles, this cup holder will work.

The best Amazon user reviews 

Five-star reviewer and flight attendant, Debra G, says, “I’m a flight attendant and I love this one! I love the Velcro ‘quick detachment.’ It’s the best!” she writes. “I had one before without the Velcro opening that just stretched over the handle, and it was a PAIN! This one is great! There’s room for two large drinks and a slim pocket for a phone or wallet. Many people see it and ask where I got my clever little caddy.”

Verified Amazon purchaser,  Judie K., found a smart way to use this cup holder. I have been able to stuff extra slippers/sneakers in the middle beneath the handle and still have the pockets holding items while running around with wheeled luggage,” she shares. “So definitely a handy extra ‘catch all’ when overloaded and in a rush!

Where to buy a luggage cup holder 

Luggage Drink HolderStephanie Hope/

The Riemont luggage travel cup holder is available on Amazon for $16. With 25 different colors, designs and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find one to match your suitcase. Finally, traveling through the airport will become slightly less stressful.

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