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The 15 Best Closet Organizers You Can Buy on Amazon

You'll wish you knew about these Amazon closet organizers sooner.

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Closets are essential when it comes to organization and space-saving, but they can get cluttered quickly. Shirts fall off hangers, bulky winter sweaters slip off shelves, and, somehow, the shoes we lined up perfectly end up scattered on the floor. Life happens, and our closets get messy quickly. However, learning how to organize a closet is a total game-changer for home organization—and so are the Amazon closet organizers on this list.

Even better? These Amazon bestsellers are incredibly affordable, and they’ll be delivered right to your door. You’ll find the best closet organizers for bedroom closets, coat closets, linen closets, kids closets, and even portable closets. Basically, if you have a closet challenge, we have the perfect solution for you right here!

How we chose the best closet organizers

I have been a professional organizer for the past 25 years, so I know which products will tame closet chaos. But in addition to my favorites, I scoured Amazon to find best-selling, top-rated products with tons of five-star user reviews. These are the Amazon closet organizers that work in the real world—and once you try them, you won’t know how you ever lived without them.

The winners list:

Best for “worn once” clothes: InstaHanger Closet Organizer

Best for dividing your wardrobe: TraGoods Closet Dividers

Best for parking your purses: LongTeam Hanging Purse Organizer

Best for storing tall boots: mDesign Boot Rack

Best clever shoe storage: South Shore Axess Bookcase

Best for frequently used items: Simple Houseware Under Shelf Basket

Best for out-of-season storage: mDesign Stackable Cube Storage

Best for accessories: Doíown S-Shaped Hangers

Best for corralling caps: Boxy Concepts Hat Rack

Best for maximizing wasted space: Jarlink Over Door Hanging Organizer

Best for organizing empty hangers: SYIDINZN Clothes Hanger Organizer

Best for organizing small stuff: Smirly Hanging Storage Shelves

Best for compartmentalizing shelves: Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers

Best for lighting up your closet: Vont Motion Sensor Lights

Best for folded clothes: mDesign Platform Shelf Organizer

Instahanger Closet Organizer
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Best for “worn once” clothes

InstaHanger Closet Organizer

All those clothes you’ve worn once that are too clean to toss in the hamper will now have a home, and nope, it won’t be on the back of a chair. InstaHanger’s foldaway drying rack is the perfect place to hang things you’ll wear again before washing. Made of sturdy metal, it’s comprised of two racks, and each one holds up to 60 pounds.


  • Easily folds away when not in use
  • Accommodates up to 12 hangers


  • Hardware is included, but you need to supply the Phillips-head screwdriver

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Closet Dividers
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Best for dividing your wardrobe

TraGoods Closet Dividers

Copy a clever storage trick from clothing stores by using pop-on closet dividers to separate different types of clothing, styles, or seasons. This pack from TraGoods comes with 32 dividers, and you can either write on them or simply use the preprinted labels—making it easy to find exactly what looking for, no matter how tired you are in the morning. Plus, these Amazon clothing organizers are great whether you have a small closet or a large walk-in.


  • Includes 75 preprinted labels for easy labeling
  • Unlike the circular version, the rectangular design will not spin


  • You may not have a use for all 32 dividers

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Hanging Purse Organizer
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Best for parking your purses

LongTeam Hanging Purse Organizer

This hanging handbag organizer by LongTeam gives you dust-free storage for 10 or more handbags, depending on their size. Simply hang it from the closet bar using the two included stainless steel hooks, and voilà—you have a convenient spot to store clutches, satchels, and all of your classic handbags.


  • Dust-free storage for purses
  • Easy to slide purses in and out
  • Various size openings


  • Available only in one color

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Boot Rack
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Best for storing tall boots

mDesign Boot Rack

This boot organizer by mDesign answers the question “Where do I put my boots?” The compact, metal rack is ideal for mid-calf, knee-high, and over-the-knee boots—in other words, the really tricky ones to store. Simply slide the boots into the dividers to keep them straight, avoiding the dreaded crease and helping them last longer.


  • Prevents tall boots from creasing
  • Rubber end caps prevent scratches
  • Space for up to six pairs of boots


  • Available only in black and espresso

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South Shore Axcess Bookcase
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Best clever shoe storage

South Shore Axess 5-Shelf Bookcase

Clear the closet floor with this genius shoe storage idea: Use a slim storage tower like this South Shore Axess Bookcase, to bring shoes up to eye level without sacrificing too much space. You’ll never struggle to find shoes on the floor of the closet again! Pro tip: Once the floor of your closet is mostly clear, you can roll in carts or slide in containers so you can have even more storage options.


  • Five shelves
  • Narrow, so it won’t take up a lot of space
  • Four color options


  • Once assembled, it might not fit through the closet door, so you should finish assembling it inside the closet

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Under Shelf Organizer Bin
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Best for frequently used items

Simple Houseware Under Shelf Basket

Keep everyday items front and center while maximizing previously wasted space with the Simple Houseware Under Shelf Basket. Simply slide the basket arms onto your shelf, so the basket sits underneath. This Amazon closet organizer is perfect for grab-and-go accessories like belts and scarves, or everyday items like socks and underwear. You might even want to buy a few extras to organize your pantry!


  • Easy to reach inside the basket
  • Two size options
  • No installation necessary—simply slides onto a shelf


  • Available only in white and bronze

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Stackable Storage Cubes
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Best for out-of-season storage

mDesign Stackable Cube Storage

Never wonder where your favorite woolly cardigan is hiding again. These stackable storage cubes by mDesign are an excellent way to stash out-of-season clothes—and grab just what you need when you need it. Six cubes with see-through windows let you view the contents without unstacking the cubes. By the way, peek-a-boo containers are also great for storing Christmas decorations.


  • Side windows
  • Collapses when not in use
  • Attached hinged lid will never get lost


  • Stacks that are too high might get wobbly

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S Shaped Accessorie Hangers
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Best for accessories

Doíown S-Shaped Hangers

The S-factor is what makes these hangers by Doíown so versatile. While they’re actually designed to be used with pants, they’re also great for organizing belts, scarves, ties, and even statement necklaces. Pro tip: Use one of the three included hangers in the hall closet for seasonal accessories like winter scarves. Love accessories? Check out these clever jewelry storage ideas.


  • Easy to slip accessories on and off the hanger
  • Smooth, no-snag corners
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel


  • Hook may not slide easily on oversized closet rods

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Hanging Hat Organizer
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Best for corralling caps

Boxy Concepts Hat Rack

Save space while keeping your hats crease-free by storing them in this Boxy Concepts hat rack. Simply wrap the hook and loop fastener around the bar in the closet, and you’re good to go! It boasts 10 separate shelves specifically designed to protect caps, which means they’ll stay in tip-top shape for longer, too. Speaking of which, this is how to wash a baseball hat so it doesn’t lose its shape.


  • Easy to see all the hats at once
  • Individual compartments prevent crushing, dents, creases, and folds
  • No installation; simply hangs from closet rod


  • Avid hat collectors may need two organizers

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Hanging Door Organizer
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Best for maximizing wasted space

Jarlink Over Door Hanging Organizer

Stop wasting prime storage space. Use the back of the closet door to store stuff with the Jarlink Over Door Organizer. Four large bins and two pouches give you a place to put handbags, belts, and more, and this Amazon closet organizer comes in a two-pack. Installation takes seconds, and you won’t even need a screwdriver; simply use the included hooks to hang it over the door and you’re done!


  • Reach-in pockets
  • Clear fronts
  • Five color choices


  • Works only on pull-out closet doors

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Hanger Organizer
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Best for organizing empty hangers

SYIDINZN Clothes Hanger Organizer

Nothing makes a closet look messier than empty hangers scattered about. And leaving those empty hangers on the rod wastes valuable closet space. Give hangers a home of their own and keep them tidy and tangle-free with the SYIDINZN Clothes Hanger Organizer. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it holds 30 hangers without a worry. Need new hangers? These are the best hangers for all your needs.


  • Keeps hangers tangle-free
  • Fits up to 30 hangers
  • Space-saving slim profile


  • Fits most but not all hanger styles

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Hanging Drawer Organizer
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Best for organizing small stuff

Smirly Hanging Storage Shelves

This Amazon closet organizer will finally provide a place in your closet for folded clothes, like the sweaters that will get shoulder bumps if you put them on hangers. These Smirly hanging shelves add much-needed vertical storage space without taking up a lot of room. Stash sweaters and tops in the bigger compartments and socks in the divided drawers. The exterior pockets are perfect for delicate items like tights and scarves.


  • Creates shelf space in a closet
  • Divided drawers and external pockets
  • Holds up to 30 pounds


  • Drawers can be difficult to open when overstuffed

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Shelf Dividers
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Best for compartmentalizing shelves

Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers

While a closet shelf is always a bonus, it can get messy quickly. But with these Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers, even tall stacks of jeans, blankets, or towels will stay in place. Simply slide them onto any shelf to divvy up the space, preventing stacks from toppling over, and keeping purses in their place.


  • Fabric dividers prevent piles of folded clothes from tipping
  • 12 inches high, so works for even tall stacks
  • Adjustable


  • Does not work well on wire shelves

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Motion Sensor Lights
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Best for lighting up your closet

Vont Motion Sensor Lights

It’s hard to maximize your storage space if you can’t see what you have in your closet. If you’re looking for closet lighting ideas, these Vont Motion Sensor Lights will be your new favorite things. For less than $12, you’ll get a three-pack of battery-powered LED units that run on AAA batteries. And installation is a breeze—they attach wherever you’d like via the included adhesive pads or magnets (depending on your surface). They also power off after 30 seconds of no movement, so they’ll last for ages.


  • Bright LED lights
  • Easy installation—no wiring or electrician required
  • Powers off automatically


  • not as bright as a ceiling light

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Metal Storage Shelves
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Best for folded clothes

mDesign Platform Shelf Organizer

Extra shelf space? Yes, please! Place these mDesign Platform Organizers on a closet shelf to separate tall stacks of folded clothes. Two smaller stacks, instead of one tall one, allows you to pull out what you want without making a mess in the process. Non-slip feet keep the whole thing in place. Before you start folding, check out this Marie Kondo folding guide, which will help you save space and definitely spark joy.


  • Holds up to 15 pounds
  • Fits most standard-depth shelves


  • Available only in a two-pack

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