This Genius Ear Pillow Has Cutouts to Be a Side Sleeper’s Dream

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Take the pressure off your ears with this helpful ear pillow.

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From pillow cubes to organic pillows to travel pillows, there are plenty of sleep products to help achieve restful sleep. But during those nights of tossing and turning—whether it’s from pure discomfort, ear pain or something else—side sleeping can feel near impossible. There are plush pillows that might make you more comfortable, but more often than not, you’re stuck sleeping on your back. Thankfully, with the help of the Blissbury ear pillow, resuming your favorite sleeping position is possible.

Having the right pillow doesn’t just improve sleep quality, it’s also healthier than a flat or lumpy model. It prevents headaches, back pain and, in this case, ear pain. This ear pillow is an ideal addition to any side sleeper’s routine to finally get a good night’s sleep.

What is an ear pillow?

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Specifically designed for side sleepers, the ear pillow lets you sleep peacefully without agitating ears at night. Visually, it looks like a traditional memory foam pillow with two special indents. It’s filled with CertiPUR-US accredited, gel-infused cooling memory foam that can be adjusted to two different height preferences.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, listening to a podcast before bed, just got a new piercing or wearing earplugs to block out a partner’s snoring, the ear pillow protects ears in a comfortable position. It also differs from other ear pillows on the market because it has a hole for each ear, as opposed to just one, meaning it’s just as comfortable for your left side as your right.

The pillow’s double-weave bamboo polyester pillowcase absorbs moisture, a nice feature for particularly sweaty sleepers. The fabric also minimizes odors and is safe for people who require hypoallergenic sleeping arrangements.


  • Grants side sleepers with ear comfort
  • Has two ear holes for turning double-sided relief
  • Bamboo polyester keeps you cool all night
  • Hypoallergenic pillowcase
  • Has two height options
  • Memory foam provides adequate neck support
  • Can be used with earplugs and earbuds


  • Tricky to use with a traditional pillowcase
  • Higher price point, but many reviewers say it’s the best on the market

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How to use an ear pillow

Once you’ve created the coziest bed possible (check out our best mattress, headboard and cooling sheet recommendations), add to the coziness with this ear pillow. Pop in earbuds if needed and nestle your ear into one of the pillow’s designated spaces. In just a few nights, ear pain will be close to gone, reviewers say.

Thanks to the removable inner layer, the pillow’s height adjusts from 5 inches to 4 inches to ensure proper neck support. Headaches sometimes occur when the neck isn’t at the correct height, so test with and without the extra layer to figure out what works best.

The pillow does come with a pillow cover, but if you want to use a traditional or silk pillowcase, use a bigger size to ensure there’s enough space for the ear holes. On laundry day, throw the pillow and its cover in the washing machine and wash with other pillows.

The best Amazon user reviews

Thousands of Amazon users rave about their ear pillow, saying it helps with ear pain, piercings and more. See why side sleepers love it:

This product is giving me my much-needed sleep back, so I want to share with everyone!” writes, C Grimes, a five-star reviewer who needs to sleep with earbuds and white noise. “I have tried so many pillows that claimed to be the best, but I always ended up tossing and turning and adjusting my pillow to accommodate my earbuds…My usual sleep time before this pillow was around 5.5 hours. Last night I slept 7.5 hours, which is amazing and much needed!”

“I have been struggling for years to find a good pillow for my ear pain and sensitivity due to my trigeminal neuralgia, and this has been the best I’ve found so far…I love the softness of the pillowcase it comes with, because the skin on my face can be incredibly sensitive and that causes a lot of fabrics to feel like sandpaper on my face, so I usually use silk, but this is a really smooth texture,” shares verified purchaser, Jordan.

Another five-star reviewer, Betsy, writes,My husband had a very sore spot on the top of his ear and it’s almost gone within a very short time after sleeping on his new pillow. He was actually amazed and very relieved. He had no problem adjusting to this new pillow even though he’s used to sleeping on a softer one.”

Where to buy the Blissbury ear pillow

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The Blissbury ear pillow is available on Amazon. It’s a bit of a splurge at $50, but we’d say it’s a worthwhile investment to maintain your favorite sleeping position, pain-free.

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