This Travel-Smart Garment Rack Pops Out of a Duffel Bag, So You Never Have to Unpack

Updated: Mar. 09, 2023

Never fight for hotel closet or drawer space ever again, thanks to this duffel bag with garment rack.

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Unpacking can be a drag when it’s just a short trip—but then again, so can repacking an overflowing suitcase. Don’t make another packing mistake and let living out of your luggage be more of a hassle than it should be. Whether you’re traveling with a group or packing five costume changes for a show, you need a luggage deal that can handle the task. With Travolution’s duffel bag with garment rack, you can maximize storage and look good doing it.

What is a duffel bag with garment rack?

Travloution Duffel BagVia merchant

The Travolution wonder is part duffel bag, part garment rack. From the outside, it looks like an average travel bag with wheels. It measures 23 inches long and collapses to 6 inches when not in use. The inner pocket has 2.4 cubic feet of space, complete with a mesh pocket for other travel accessories. The bag has a maximum capacity of 10 pounds.

What makes it special is an attachable garment rack that fits four to six outfits. Performers and dancers love the bag because it provides a place to store clothing without physical access to a closet. Plus, it provides easy access to costume changes and helps avoid chaotic dressing rooms. Frequent travelers also rave about it because it replaces the need to unpack or compete for closet and drawer space while on the go.

Unpacking on a one- or two-day trip can be more time-consuming than it’s worth. The garment rack duffel keeps everything organized and mess-free. Transporting a capsule wardrobe has never been easier!


  • Has its own garment rack
  • Stores compact when not in use
  • Can fit up to six outfits on the rack
  • Wheels allow it to be transported quickly


  • Can be difficult to assemble without an extra pair of hands
  • Pricier than an average garment rack or duffel bag, but worth it for two-in-one

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How to use a duffel bag with garment rack

Perhaps you’re sharing a hotel room with friends or competing in a dance competition. How will the closet space be divided? Will there be time to steam or iron beforehand? With the duffel bag with garment rack, you can spend less time fighting over the closet and more time maximizing the itinerary.

To set up the rack, attach the poles to their designated slots in the duffel bag. Some users note that it can be tricky at first, but with patience and elbow grease, the rack should be fully extendable. Once assembled, the bag provides a portable closet space for costumes, formal wear and more. Just don’t forget to pack a couple of space-saving hangers

Once the rack is in place, easily grab outfits from your new mini closet or store pieces in the lower compartment. Since garments are already hanging, it reduces the need for ironing and steaming. Without taking up too much space, you can change with ease. Just tuck the garment rack duffel in a corner of the room to keep everything in one place.

The best Amazon user reviews

No need to lug a heavy duffel bag on your travels. Roll in with the Travolution bag and you’ll always have a personal closet at your feet. Here’s why these real-life users love their duffel bag with garment rack.  

Emily Ortiz, a dancer, had no issues with setting up the bag for competitions. “I love this item! A 13-year-old can do it herself without any help,” she writes. “I’m one of two kids on my dance team that has this bag, and it works for people with two numbers and it works for someone that has seven numbers. It has so many pockets, it’s great. So good!”

Five-star reviewer, Kaia, and her partner weren’t fans of sharing storage space with friends during trips. Then, she found this duffel. “With this,” she writes, “we bring our own closet space with us, and pair it with a set of hanging organizers to have our own collapsible wardrobe that we can easily pack up and take with us on the go.”

Where to buy a duffel bag with garment rack

Travolution 23 Inch Garment RackVIA MERCHANT

The Travolution duffel bag with garment rack is available on Amazon for $160. You can choose the black and pink or black and gray combination. Grab this closet on wheels and consider yourself a travel pro!

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